Why Is Yor Forger Called ‘Thorn Princess’ in Spy x Assassin?

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Spy x Family is looking to become one of the greatest anime series of all time, and a good part of what makes both the manga and the anime so good is the fact that it has unique characters. Yor Forger is one of the three central characters of Spy x Family and is secretly an assassin called Thorn Princess working for Ostania. But why is Yor Forger called Thorn Princess in Spy x Family?

Yor Forger is probably called Thorn Princess because the weapons that she uses for her assassination missions resemble thorn-like weapons that are capable of piercing people. Also resembling ice picks or awls, these “thorns” fit Yor’s shtick as an assassin that could kill swiftly and efficiently.

As one of the central characters of the series, Yor Forger contributes to the overall premise of the series in a manner that is quite entertaining and heartwarming at the same time. But the fact that she’s an assassin who married a man who’s secretly a spy is what ultimately allows the series to be as intriguing as it is. With that said, let’s look at Yor’s past and her identity as Thorn Princess.

How Did Yor Forger Become An Assassin?

One of the reasons why Spy x Family is on its way to becoming one of the best anime series of all time is the fact that it has a good premise that focuses on the identity of its wonderful and unique characters. The series has three central characters that were able to come together due to the mission that a spy called Twilight needed to accomplish.


What Is Loid Forger’s Real Name in Spy x Family? (& Why Does He Use a Fake Name)

The premise of Spy x Family revolves around Twilight, who took on the identity of Loid Forger so that he could accomplish a mission that required him to infiltrate a private school and get close to the father of one of the students attending it. As such, he had to form a family that began when he adopted Anya from a shady orphanage. And when the school required him to attend the entrance interview together with his wife, that was when Yor Briar came into the picture.

Spy x Family introduced Yor Briar as a simple, somewhat air-headed, and gullible person working for a government office. She was first seen conversing with her workmates, who were seemingly making fun of her for being single while also telling her that the government was cracking down on single and unmarried women out of the fear that they could be spies. That was when one of her workmates invited her over for a party and told her to bring a date.

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Back home, Yor is in a phone conversation with her younger brother, who is also a civil servant but actually lives a secretive life as well. Yuri, Yor’s younger brother, was telling her that she needed to find a man she could settle down with because that would make him happy. However, Yor lied about having a boyfriend, and that was what led her to search for someone she could take to her workmate’s party.

After the call with Yuri, the phone rang as Yor thought that it was once again her younger brother calling her. But the person over at the other end of the line uttered the name Thorn Princess, which woke up a different side to Yor Briar. The next scene revealed her to be an assassin working for Ostania as she quickly killed her targets as the asset called Thorn Princess. 

It was needless to say that Yor ultimately met Loid, who he entered into a fake marriage with for their own benefits. Loid needed a fake wife for Anya’s interview, as he openly told Yor the truth but lied about the real reason. Meanwhile, Yor told Loid that she wanted to get married to make her brother happy but actually wanted to do so to get herself off of the government’s list of suspicious single women. 


When and Where Does Spy x Family Take Place?

Then again, only Anya, who could read minds, knows that the new Mrs. Forger is an assassin as she gladly got Loid and Yor together because she craved adventure. In that regard, how did Yor become an assassin?

Unlike Loid Forger, who seems to be quite secretive about the past that he had left behind, Yor Forger’s past isn’t something that the series kept a secret. She has a clear past that led her to live a life as an assassin, and it all comes down to the fact that she loves her brother so much.

Yor and Yuri Briar were originally from Eastern Nielsberg, where they grew up as orphans because their parents died early on. Because of the circumstances of their lives as children, Yor and Yuri grew up poor. Yor, as the responsible older sister, didn’t want her brother to live a harsh life. That was when she secretly joined an organization that utilized her as an assassin.

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It was due to the fact that she was an assassin that she was able to provide for her brother’s needs and give him a comfortable life without him knowing what she really did for a living. And because she loved her job and made good money as an assassin, she decided to hold on to it even after Yuri had become independent enough to have a career of his own.

Why Is Yor Forger Called Thorn Princess?

As mentioned, Yor Forger is an assassin with the codename Thorn Princess. Her introduction episode also allowed us to see how she carried out her assassinations, as she did so in a manner that was quick and efficient. But why is Yor called Thorn Princess?

It was never mentioned why Yor Forger is called Thorn Princess, but we can make the assumption that it is due to the fact that she uses an assassination weapon that resembles a thorn. These are golden stiletto-like weapons that look like not only thorns but also ice picks or awls.


In that regard, Yor’s weapons of choice are piercing weapons that she probably uses to kill her targets by piercing them in their vital parts. As such, this allows her to complete her assignments in a manner that’s quick and efficient, especially if she manages to immediately pierce her targets’ vital spots.

On top of the fact that these thorn-like weapons are capable of killing targets efficiently, Yor probably also uses them because they are almost untraceable. These are unconventional weapons that the authorities might not be able to trace if they were to use some of the more common weapons like knives or daggers. As such, using weapons that no other assassin or person uses allows Thorn Princess to kill her targets quickly and efficiently without worrying about getting traced.

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