Who Is Zachary Levi In Thor: Love And Thunder? Is Fandral Still Alive?

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We all know that the Thor movie franchise is full of different characters that have come and gone and have affected the overall flow of Thor’s journey. In fact, there are only a few characters that have survived ever since the first Thor movie. Of course, we do know that Zachary Levi was given the role of Fandral from Dark World as the character was recast. So, is Zachary Levi in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Zachary Levi never shot new scenes in Thor: Love and Thunder. His character, Fandral, was seen in flashback scenes when Korg was retelling the story of Thor all the way from the first movie. Fandral was seen during the part when Hela killed all of the Warriors Three during the events of Thor: Ragnarok.

As popular as Zachary Levi was, he was never given an important role in the MCU as Fandral and the rest of the Warriors Three were merely side characters that didn’t offer much to the story of Thor’s development as a character. In that regard, let’s look at what we know about Zachary Levi’s run with the Thor franchise.

Who Is Zachary Levi In Thor?

One of the most popular actors since the late 2000s is Zachary Levi, who made his name in the hit TV series called Chuck. Since his appearance in Chuck, Levi has only become more popular as an actor and has even gotten leading roles. Of course, we all know Zachary Levi as the star of the DCEU movie Shazam, which became a hit among superhero movie fans. Nevertheless, fans are quick to forget that Zachary Levi was actually in Thor.

Yes, that’s right. There was a time when Zachary Levi was actually an actor for an MCU movie, even though he is now a leading actor in the DCEU. The reason why people often forget that Zachary Levi was ever in Thor is the fact that his character was recast from the first Thor movie. So, who is Zachary Levi in the Thor movie franchise?

Zachary Levi played the role of Fandral in the Thor movie franchise. Not a lot of people remember who Fandral is because of the fact that he never played a huge role in the movie franchise. On top of that, Levi wasn’t the original actor that played Fandral.

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When the first Thor movie came out, the one who played the role of Fandral was Josh Dallas. He was introduced as one of the members of the Warriors Three, a group of Asgardian elite fighters that fight alongside Lady Sif and are usually the companions of Thor whenever he is out on adventures all over the universe.

However, in Thor: The Dark World, the role of Fandral was given to Zachary Levi, who was a more prominent name compared to Josh Dallas. But, for some reason, he never had a really big role in The Dark World. His biggest part in that film was when he was the one who stalled the Asgardian guards pursuing Thor and Loki while they were attempting to escape Asgard to get to the Dark World. And Zachary Levi once again reprised his role as Fandral in Thor: Ragnarök.


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But the thing about Zachary Levi’s role in Thor: Ragnarök was that he only saw a few seconds of screen time in a movie that focused more on Thor and Loki. As such, the only time we ever saw Levi’s Fandral was when Hela was able to get back to Asger when Loki asked Heimdall to summon the Bifrost. The moment Hela got back to Asgard, she killed Fandral in cold blood.

In that regard, Zachary Levi never had a big role in the Thor movie franchise despite the fact that he is actually a well-known actor in the industry. His character was easily and quickly killed off before he could even make something out of his portrayal of Fandral. But that no longer matters because Levi found himself in the leading role of Shazam as the adult portrayal of Billy Batson.

Is Zachary Levi In Thor: Love And Thunder?

Thor: Love and Thunder is the newest installment in the Thor movie franchise as this is the only time that a standalone MCU movie has reached a fourth film. Of course, not a lot of characters from the first film have made their way to the fourth Thor movie. So, was Zachary Levi’s Fandral in Love and Thunder?

Technically, Fandral was in Thor: Love and Thunder. However, the catch here is that almost everyone that played somewhat important parts in the Thor movie franchise made appearances in the newest Thor movie. And all of them appeared in a flashback.


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A good part of the opening portion of Thor: Love and Thunder was dedicated to Korg telling the story of Thor’s adventures all the way from the very first Thor movie. He told the story of how Thor had lost all of the people that meant something to him as he ended up losing his father, mother, and brother. On top of that, he also lost his Asgardian friends in the form of the Warriors Three.

Of course, the Warriors Three that we are talking about includes Zachary Levi’s Fandral. He was shown in a quick flashback scene that allowed us to see how every member of the Warriors Three died at the hands of Hela.

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In that regard, Zachary Levi never shot new scenes for Thor: Love and Thunder. His appearance in the movie was simply taken from the earlier scenes that he shot for Thor: Ragnarök. That said, his character was in the movie, but Levi never shot a scene for Love and Thunder, just like how all of the other members of the Warriors Three were shown in flashbacks but were never on the set.


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Levi’s Fandral appearing in Love and Thunder was simply a way for the audiences to realize just how many people Thor had lost ever since the first movie. Out of all of the Asgardians that were there in the first movie, Sif was the only one that made it all the way to Love and Thunder. Of course, while Jane, Darcy, and Erik were absent during Ragnarök, they were also present in Love and Thunder as, along with Sif, they were some of the characters that were able to make it to the fourth Thor movie all the way from the first one.

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