Who Is Zoa in Welcome to Eden? Meet the Character and the Real Person Behind It

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Welcome to Eden is the newest survival-thriller drama series that you can watch on Netflix, and it promises to deliver some of the best combinations of suspense and drama throughout the entire show that includes a lot of different colorful characters. One such character that the series focuses heavily on is Zoa, who is one of the main characters of the series. So, who is Zoa in Welcome to Eden?

Zoa is one of the main characters of the series and was one of the young women who were asked to join the Eden Foundation after she spent a good part of her teen years running away from home. She is a second-year biology student from Barcelona. Zoa is portrayed by actress Amaia Aberasturi

A good part of Welcome to Eden focuses on Zoa’s life because she is one of the main characters of the series. In that regard, getting to know the character would be a good way for any fan of the series to understand why she was chosen to join the Eden Foundation and what motivates her as a person.

Who Is Zoa In Welcome To Eden?

For those who enjoy watching shows that are all about suspense and survival, Welcome to Eden is a good choice for you, as this Netflix series promises to be one of the more exciting shows to watch for fans of thrillers. And another reason why Welcome to Eden can be a good experience for audiences out there is the colorful cast of characters that all have their own individual personalities and histories.

One of the main characters of the series is a teenager named Zoa Rey Gómez-Fajardo. She is 19 years old and has a slender appearance and wavy brown hair with blonde tips. Zoa is one of the most important characters in the series, considering that a good part of Welcome to Eden revolves around her story.

Before she went to the island of the Eden Foundation, Zoa was a biology student in her second year. She lived in Barcelona with your younger sister and father. But she was almost always left to take care of her sister because her father was always away for work. Meanwhile, her mother was a heroin addict that forced the family to break apart due to the fact that she was always in and out of rehab and was constantly borrowing money from her.


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As a teenager, Zoa was always running away from home because of the problems she faced at home. In most cases, she would stay with her best friend Judith, who was welcome enough to allow her to live with her for as long as possible.

During the beginning of the series, Zoa received a random text from Astrid. The message asked her if she was happy, and it also invited her to an exclusive party that was run by Eden on a secluded island. The purpose of the party was to supposedly ask the younger partygoers, socialites, and social media personalities to promote their energy drink called Blue Eden. However, despite signing a contract that forbade her from bringing friends along, Zoa broke the rule and brought Judith with her.

At the party, Zoa was one of the people who drank Blue Eden, and this drink caused her to become hazy to the point that she almost fell off a cliff before Nico saved her. The next morning, she, Aldo, Ibón, África, and Charly woke up on an empty beach while all of the other partygoers were already gone. They followed a drone that led them to an area where Astrid and all of the other people of the Eden Foundation were waiting for them.

From there, Zoa and the others were given a tour of the Eden Foundation as she once again met Nico, who she became close with during her stay there. It was also Nico who urged her to stay with them on the island while telling her that her sister, Gaby, would be okay even when she was not around.

When Zoa told the people of the Eden Foundation her life story, Astrid convinced her that her mother didn’t love her, as she was asked to say “my mother hates me” repeatedly. That was all part of the plan that would’ve kept Zoa on the island as the people of the Eden Foundation were convincing her that she no longer had any reason to return to her family on the mainland.

While Zoa was seemingly becoming more comfortable on the island, especially after finding love in Nico, she ended up discovering Judith’s dead body in an underground cave. This led her to develop some sort of resentment towards Astrid, who later told her that it was her fault that Judith was dead because she was the reason why her best friend was on the island at all.

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As Astrid was seemingly about to kill Zoa after she had told her that she was the reason why Judith died, the young lady told Astrid that she would dedicate her entire life to the Eden Foundation. Of course, that was a lie that she needed to tell so that she could survive and find a way off the island.


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Due to the resentment that she had towards Astrid and the rest of the Eden Foundation, she was one of the persons suspected of sending a death threat to Astrid during her anniversary party. However, the committee members voted against her as the scapegoat.

Who Plays Zoa In Welcome To Eden?

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The actress that plays Zoa in Welcome to Eden is named Amaia Aberasturi, who is 25 years old as of this writing. Amaia is a Spanish actress that has been around the industry for a while, considering that she started acting as early as 2010 when she was still in her early teens.

Amaia Aberasturi is no stranger to acting because of the fact that she has been around for a while already. She has notable appearances in productions, such as the 2020 drama film Coven and the television series 45 rpm.