Who Was Helen Pierce On Ozark & How Did She Die?

Who Was Helen Pierce On Ozark & How Did She Die?

Ozark is one of the most popular shows on Netflix because of how it is able to capture the life of someone entangled in a money-laundering scam and the threat of a drug cartel. That said, one of the most well-known antagonists on Ozark is Helen Pierce, who was introduced as an antagonist in seasons 2 and 3. But who exactly is Helen Pierce on Ozark, and how did she die?

Helen Pierce is a Chicago lawyer representing the Navarro Drug Cartel in the story. She was a major antagonist in seasons 2 and 3 when she targeted the Byrdes and made them look disposable to the eyes of the drug cartel. She was ultimately killed when Omar Navarro realized she was more disposable.

One of the things that make Helen Pierce such a good character is the fact that she is a cold and calculating person who tries to manipulate the things around her to her advantage. While this worked to some extent, what eventually happened was that things backfired on her. This ultimately led to her death at the hands of the people she worked for.

Who Was Helen Pierce On Ozark?

Who Was Helen Pierce On Ozark & How Did She Die?

Ozark is a series that is full of different characters that are reflections of real-life characters who work in the underground society of the world. While we already know more about the Byrde family, with Marty and Wendy running things and working out a deal with the Mexican drug cartel in a money laundering scheme worth $50 million, one of the characters that had a vested interest in the way the Byrde family handled their business was Helen Pierce.

But who exactly is Helen Pierce on Ozark?

Helen Pierce is a Chicago-based lawyer who was introduced as a secondary antagonist in season 2 and eventually became the main antagonist in season 3 of Ozark. She works as a lawyer for the Navarro Drug Cartel, but in secret, because not even her daughter Erin knows what she does as a lawyer.

As a lawyer, Helen Pierce is basically the person who works to find a way for the Mexican drug cartel to escape the authorities, all while working behind the scenes when it comes to some of the deals that Omar Navarro entered into. This included the deal that the Byrdes had with Navarro regarding the 50-million money laundering agreement.

Helen Pierce moved to the Ozarks to keep an eye on Marty and Wendy. She does so by befriending Wendy herself and by allowing her daughter Erin to befriend the Byrde kids and even Wendy’s brother Ben.

As the Byrdes came under immense pressure to carry out their end of the agreement with Navarro, Helen Pierce tries to get her hands in the situation to try to discredit Marty and Wendy in the eyes of the drug cartel, all while making her look better.

What Did Helen Do In Ozark?

Who Was Helen Pierce On Ozark & How Did She Die?

After relocating to the Ozarks, Helen Pierce decided to keep her eye on the Byrde family and what they were doing in relation to the deal that they made with the Navarro Drug Cartel, all while she was hatching a plan to discredit them in the eyes of Omar Navarro himself.

Considering that she is a cold and calculating person who is quite ambitious herself, Helen wanted to scam Marty and Wendy out of the money laundering operation so that they would look disposable to the eyes of the Navarro Drug Cartel. However, what she didn’t know was that the Byrdes also kept their eyes on her. This ultimately backfired on Helen.

Basically, Helen’s motives were to make herself look better because she was also under suspicion from Navarro himself. No one in Helen’s family knows about her shady dealings, but the fact of the matter was that the drug cartel was still suspicious about her. As such, to get to make Navarro trust her more, she decided to find a way to bump the Byrde’s off and take over their plan.

Why Did Helen Move To The Ozarks?

The reason why Helen Pierce decided to move to the Ozarks with her daughter, Erin, was that she wanted to keep a closer eye on the money laundering husband and wife duo of Marty and Wendy Byrde. Her goal was to monitor what they were doing so that she would know whether or not their actions were in line with the deal they made with Omar.

However, another reason why she left Chicago to move to the Ozarks was so that she could discredit the Byrdes while making herself look good in front of Omar. There had to be a reason why she and the Byrdes could never coexist, and this was the reason that the writers thought of when they were thinking about how to put Helen Pierce and the Byrdes at odds with one another.

How Did Helen Pierce Die In Ozark?

Who Was Helen Pierce On Ozark & How Did She Die?

While Helen Pierce might have done her best to scam Marty and Wendy out of the operation and make them look disposable to Navarro, the Byrdes were good enough to undercut her plans. They caught wind of what Helen was trying to do so that the lawyer could remove them from the operation. And this led to a plan that allowed the Byrdes to look more trustworthy to Navarro.

After hatching their counterplan to Helen’s plan, the trio of Helen, Marty, and Wendy went to confront Omar Navarro. That was when it was revealed that Navarro saw the Byrdes as more trustworthy to the expense of the former Chicago lawyer. This led to Navarro’s decision to execute Helen, who she found to be disposable.

Who Killed Helen

The hitman that killed Helen Pierce was Nelson Bonilla. However, because it was Omar Navarro who ordered the hitman to kill the lawyer, it was ultimately the drug lord that killed her. The hitman may have been the one that pulled the trigger, but it was Omar’s decision to kill her that mattered. That is why Navarro is the man who killed Helen.

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