‘Who Were We Running From?” Ending Explained: What Happens With Mother and Bambi in the End?

Who Were We Running For

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Who Were We Running From? A new Netflix mystery show that arrives on the streaming service this weekend. The series comes directly from Turkey, cementing that country as one of the best at delivering quality content to the streaming service. The show tells the story of a mother and daughter running from mysterious people who are out to get them. The show finds itself to be an intriguing story filled with very good actors and plenty of atmosphere.

However, the show also stumbles when it comes to delivering a satisfying ending, and it takes too much time to tell a story that could very well have been told in the shape of a movie. As the episodes go forward, the revelations are not enough to sustain, the fact that the series becomes redundant, and the characters’ arcs are all but incomplete by the end of it. There are some tribulations here and there, but for the most part, everything points out that it could have been better structured.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Who Were We Running From? Read at your own risk.

Does Mother Meet Once Again With Her Father?

If there is one clear villain in the show, it is the Father of Mother. This is a man who has become so powerful that he believes he can basically do everything he wants and face no consequences. He has the money to throw around and make things disappear. So far, we know that the source of all the trauma mother carries is her father. The nature of the trauma has multiple variations, including some very hard ones, but the story basically forces the mother and Bambi to confront this evil man.

They do it under cover of the night, and we get another glimpse of mother and Bambi’s ability to basically become thieves. They manage to get inside the mansion, and there she finally comes face to face with her father. Mother has come to end things, but she doesn’t do it. The mother explains that Bambi is the entire reason for her being. She knows that while her father is around, she won’t be able to leave in peace as the old man becomes obsessed with getting his hands on Bambi.

Who Were We Running For 3

It begs the question of why the mother doesn’t kill her father. Her father even admits that he and his wife made a mistake raising their mother. He says that she was raised without love. This is the opposite of Bambi, who has grown up receiving love from her mother daily. The series doesn’t answer the question, and the father just simply offers them money so that they can get away to a safe place. Mother receives a briefcase filled with money.

However, she knows the briefcase is a trap. She throws the money on a passing truck, and his father’s men manage to follow the money to an empty destination. Mother and Bambi escape, but now they don’t have money to keep traveling. Mother promises everything will be fine, but it is hard to believe her.


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What Happens With Mother And Bambi In The End?

Throughout the story, we see that while loving, the mother has also been quite overprotective of Bambi. That name doesn’t come for free. It is a very on-the-nose reference to the story of Bambi and how that story will paint the events in this story. Mother explains that many people only remember the Bambi story because his mother dies. Mother explains that Bambi’s mother’s death comes in the middle of the story, not at the end. After that death, Bambi grows up, falls in love, and has friends. Mother hopes Bambi can mirror her deer counterpart in the story.

Who Were We Running For 2

Bambi has a plan in mind to get the money. She believes she can go and meet his mother’s old lover, her father. Where is this man? We don’t know, but this is the plan so far. On the other hand, the mother knows that that is not an alternative, so she becomes a thief to get the money they need. She is caught in her attempt and gets shot. She comes back, and Bambi goes out to buy medicine to dress the wound. They cannot afford to go to a hospital.

Mother knows this is the end, and just like in the Bambi story, it is her time to go and let her daughter go free. Her father’s men are getting closer to them, so she decides to stay behind and begs Bambi to leave. The daughter does it, and we see how one of his father’s men grabs a rifle and shoots her where she stands. Mother looks at the sky while Bambi mixes herself with the crow, leaving her dying mother behind. Bambi’s fate is unknown.

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