Why Did Ahsoka Tano Leave the Jedi Order in Clone Wars?

Why did Ahsoka Tano Leave the Jedi Order in Clone Wars

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Ahsoka Tano, one of the most interesting characters, loved or hated by the fans, has a very special history with the Jedis. She left the Order in Clone Wars. Why? 

She was wrongfully accused of being involved in the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar. Even when the name was cleared, and it has been discovered that the Padawan, Barris Offee was behind the crimes, she decided not to come back even though she was able to.

Keep reading to find out the whole story behind her leaving. Will she come back?

Why did Ahsoka Tano leave the Jedi order When did Ahsoka leave the Jedi Order? 

Ahsoka Tano left the Jedi in Star Wars: The Clone Wars after simply not believing in the Order and their practice. This character’s story continued through different animated shows from Lucasfilm.

Her decision stemmed from how the Jedi Council handled the situation, at least according to her own opinion. Knowing that it was that easy for them to turn on her, despite her proven commitment, she became angry and upset. It was only logical to escape.

She wanted the Jedi Order to treat everyone equally, with equal rights and punishments. However, she felt like this was not the case.

Before the rise of the monarchy, the Jedi were respected members of the people and worked with the Republic to ensure peace among all the stars. They are committed to their work and are committed to their goals. 

The first part of the series emphasizes how Anakin tried to make peace with the group and very few of those selected were accepted by the Jedi Order. Leaving Jedi Order is a dramatic event in the current history of Star Wars, making Ahsoka’s fate all the more interesting. 

During Season 5 of the Clone War, Ahsoka was accused of the crimes she never committed. She was accused of dishonesty and involvement in the bombing and other murders at the Jedi Temple. 

Once it was revealed who was behind the crimes, Ahsoka was supposed to be free and take her place in the Order once more. She did not. Instead, she left while being offended and probably scared.

Before the rise of the Empire, the Jedi were esteemed members of the society, working together with the Republic to ensure peace and stop wars in the whole universe. They were committed to their work and dedication to the cause. Ahsoka did not see it that way.

She was so upset that she was left alone after being a loyal member and decided to leave the Order because of the gravity of her frustration for being rejected by the order of the Jedi. So she decided to reject them back. 

Where did Ahsoka go after leaving the Jedi Order? 

Why did Ahsoka Tano Leave the Jedi Order in Clone Wars

While some think she was right, others would disagree. They followed the procedure, gave her an equally fair amount of treatment as the other suspects. Some think she was too safe and comfortable.

Maybe she was not supposed to be forgiven and treated differently simply due to being a part of the Order. Some fans claim it was her entitlement that made her walk away, not the Order’s mistakes.

She didn’t understand the Order’s fear it could be someone they all knew and they were most likely faced with situations like this before. 

When her innocence was proven and it was discovered the guilty one was her long-time friend, she even thought something was wrong and to her, this was a clear sign of the Order corruption since they all simply followed procedure.

We can find out some of her adventures on Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki that says Ahsoka married a Jedi by the name of Kol Kerz-Tak who, a Jedi of great importance to the Order.

But before they got married Ahsoka joined forces with Kol and Assada Zadira and survived Order 66. after that, she became a member of the Jedi high council in the new Jedi order and Kol became a grand Jedi master alongside Luke Skywalker.

She fled to the isolated moon of Raada after Order 66, where she stayed and worked on as “Ashla” until an inquisitor was called to exterminate her She took the crystals from his lightsaber after she defeated him, and that’s how she got her white blades. Now, how did this happen?

She eventually returned to the Jedi to help find and capture Darth Maul on Mandalore with her own army of clones to assist her. But shortly after Order 66 started working, she helped Rex escape. She barely survived.

She buried Captain Rex’s armor and her original lightsabers to make it seem like they had both died. She then went into hiding.

She started looking for parts for some sort of device and thought of them as so important she kept them on her the entire time. She also met with an imperial inquisitor (what used to be Jedi) and she was dragged into a duel.

When she won she took the red lightsaber and got rid of the darkness from it by using the Force. With the parts she has collected, she also built two of her lightsabers that were white. These are the ones we can all see in the TV series Star Wars: Rebels.

Later we also find out she was involved in a duel yet again and used her lightsabers but decided to spare her opponents (7th sister and 5th brother).

Does Ahsoka return to the Jedi Order?

Why did Ahsoka Tano Leave the Jedi Order in Clone Wars

Ahsoka did not return to her faithful fans until the end of Star Wars Rebel Season 1. Ahsoka as an individual has changed quite a bit. She looked so different, and you can love it or hate it!

She did not have the brown colors on her that she was mostly known for. Instead, she had a blue jumpsuit, likely to blend in on the lower levels. 

Her physical characteristics even changed, but it is important to show how her life influenced her appearance. Her face became more matured, which showed the aspect of the elapsed time since she was last seen. Her montrals and head-tails, typical of the Togruta species, have also grown noticeably. She appears much older, no longer the kid she was when her Jedi exile began.

Her leaving had an impact on Anakin as well. If she had stayed, that event would leave a more positive effect on Anakin’s mind. Then, she would have been knighted, making Anakin a Jedi Master.

Ahsoka was Anakin’s padawan for most of the Clone Wars. She was as involved with Anakin as Obi-wan was. Also, Ahsoka’s trial generally was one thing that showed Anakin, moreover as to all of us, the hypocrisy of the Jedi Order. With no real proof, the Jedi Council, like Ki-Adi-Mundi, Mace Windu, and even Yoda, voted to kick her out of the Order. 

This even helped fuel Anakin’s anger toward the Jedi Order and his mistrust in the Order just kept on growing as well. All that occurred around the trial. Even once the Jedi offered to knight Ahsoka, she turned him down, giving Anakin feelings of abandonment and betrayal.

You can follow other parts of her story that take place farther down the timeline in the Ahsoka novel and Star Wars Rebels.

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