Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin Nohara in Naruto?

Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin?

Friends who love and care about all classes of people attract love from anyone in their circle. This is what Kakashi and Obito from Naruto enjoyed from their classmate and teammate Rin Nohara. In this case, why was Rin killed by Kakashi when she was such a kind and compassionate person?

Kakashi’s Chidori took Rin’s life while he was protecting her against the Hidden Mist Shinobi. It was not in his will to kill his comrade. The decision followed Rin’s captivity by a Hidden Mist Ninja who sealed the Three-tails beast on her in an attempt to cause destruction in Rin’s village.

Even though Rin was certain that her fate with the Isobu sealed on her was unchangeable, her death was really painful, considering that they would have sought help from Minato their master. You need to know more about Rin’s death after her confession of love for Kakashi, so stay with me in this course to learn more about her death. 

Why Exactly Did Kakashi Kill Rin?

As anyone can suggest or believe, Rin’s death was more of a suicide than an intentional killing. She has proven her humanity by her behavior in relation to Obito and Kakashi. Additionally, she was willing to die for the entire Hidden Leaf village. 

So there’s no way she would trigger anyone with common sense to hurt her; unless persons driven by inhuman powers like the Isobu and the Mist Ninjas aiming at causing havoc in her village.


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In addition, Rin always looked out for Obito’s lower moments because she was a caring person. He could always count on her for help whenever he needed it. It must have been fun for Kakashi too, whenever Rin surprised him with a party for topping the class. 

A cute girl could not possibly fail to delight any young man with her lavish attention! Besides that, she always resolved misunderstandings amongst her teammates. I am sure if I were in Obito’s shoes today, I would have fallen for such a person regardless of her being a teammate. 

Rin naruto

However, Obito was quite unfortunate in that, despite his likely advances, she had inclined her heart elsewhere. Furthermore, Kakashi’s sharp mind, evident from his excellent grades in class, was an automatic draw for girls. Rin’s romantic feelings for him were sparked as any teenage girl would be, as Rin was no exception. The feelings she had for him were too strong to resist. 

However, Rin’s timely revealing of love for Kakashi after the two witnessed their teammate’s death leaves question marks on whether she was aware of Obito’s interest in her and did not want to hurt him by rejecting him. 

This revelation should have been a confirmation for Kakashi about Rin’s words, but then, he was too busy thinking of his relationship with Obito, and his vow to him of protecting her. Unfortunately, for Rin, despite every green signal about her truthful hearty words, Kakashi had a lot to handle then, including protecting her from their present enemy the Iwagakure Shinobi.

So this made Kakashi turn down any feelings for Rin and his immediate response was “he liked you”, referring to Obito who had died. From this scene, I can tell that Rin did not like Obito and Kakashi’s actions at that moment did no good to her.


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Therefore, Rin sees the looming danger on her village after the Hidden Mist Ninja sealed on her the Three-tails beast, Isobu; making her its Jinchuuriki. She understood the Ninja’s aim to use her to cause havoc upon her return to the Hidden Leaf village. This would be by having the Isobu go wild spreading all over the place, after killing Rin, its host. 

However, her fears that she would not be able to manage the Isobu and her love for her village made her choose to die at the hands of the man she loved. Though, he earlier turned down her death request not knowing what she had in mind. So she jumped in front of Kakashi’s charged Chidori that he aimed at a hiding Mist Ninja and was hit to death.

Why Did Rin Jump in Front of Kakashi’s Chidori?

Upon realization of what was to be her village’s fate through her, Rin’s fast thought of a way to outdo the aim behind the Isobu sealed on her is scary and incredible at the same time. She was fully aware of the beast’s programming that would not allow its victim to kill herself, so she asked Kakashi to kill her because she could not imagine getting her Konoha village destroyed over what she could handle. 

The death request was a result of her beliefs that she would not make it to contain Isobu. But, her reaction is very saddening because the fact that she was a young star still under training meant some situations were definitely out of her abilities or anyone in her team to handle.

So she should have let Kakashi protect her until they get to a zone where Minato together with anyone else with an idea on Ninjutsu, would have a way to unseal her from the beast, without it being rampant in the village.


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But she settled on dying a hero for the short-term safety of her village and the man she crushed on too included. However, I think Rin’s capture by the Mist would have been avoidable because the two were aware that the Ninjas would not easily attack Kakashi because of him being among the reliable and strongest Shinobi in Naruto.

However, they failed to predict any likely danger so Kakashi has to do his best to keep his vow of protecting her, but their most dreaded moment happened when the Hidden Mist Ninja captured her and sealed the beast on her.

So Rin jumped ahead of Kakashi’s charged Chidori aimed at a hiding Kirigakure Ninja timing on her and she died at the spot by his hands. 

In Which Episode Does Kakashi Kill Rin?

Rin’s death at Kakashi’s hands is evident in episode 345, a fact that saddens Obito who sees the whole act as it unveils through his empty eye socket replaced on Kakashi despite their earlier agreement to protect her.

Although Obito is now in spirit form, it is more hurting for him, seeing the woman he liked dying mentioning another man’s name, but either way, they were all his comrades.

Rin’s death did not mean an end of the unrest from the Mist Ninjas and their beasts because; the beast does not die with their host. It instead heads back to its beast world awaiting replacement into another host. So Rin was the only Jinchuuriki to die before the beast’s extraction from her. 


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Mindless of whether Kakashi believed her or not, Rin must have felt the satisfaction of talking out her feelings to someone she crushed on. Furthermore, the fact that she said it after Obito’s death meant she saw him as a friend but did not want to hurt him by showing love to Kakashi.

As if not enough, she must have been happy dying by her lover than some Isobu beast. So Rin gave in her life aware of the safety guaranteed for her village; her alleged lover being part of the villagers too. 

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