How Did Kakashi Get His Sharingan? And How Did He Lose It?

How Did Kakashi Get His Sharingan and Lose It

Kakashi Hatake is a prominent figure throughout the Naruto series, renowned for his exceptional abilities. He quickly rises to the top of his class in his first year, earning the admiration and respect of his peers. But what led to Kakashi obtaining the powerful Sharingan eye technique? And even most importantly, what lead to him losing his Sharingan?

Kakashi got his Sharingan during the Third Shinobi World war from Obito Uchiha, who gifted him to replace his lost eye after getting trapped in the cave. However, he lost it during the Fourth Shinobi World War when Madara snatched it to transport himself to the second Rinnegan from Obito to get his powers.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of Kakashi Hatake’s character and the events that have shaped his life, let’s delve further into his biography and examine his journey.

How did Kakashi get his Sharingan?

How Did Kakashi Get His Sharingan and Lose It?

Kakashi Hatake was paired with his classmates Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara, and together they were led by Minato Namikaze on various successful missions. However, when Kakashi was 12, their village, Konoha, becomes embroiled in the Third Shinobi War, and their team is sent on a mission to destroy a bridge in Kusagakure in order to cut off the supply line of another village, Iwagakure. Before setting out on their journey, Rin and Minato presented Kakashi with gifts to celebrate his promotion to the rank of jōnin, but Obito does not give him anything.

As they ventured deeper into Kusagakure, they encountered two members of another team, Taiseki, and Kakko, who kidnapped Rin in order to gain information about their mission. Kakashi chooses to continue with the mission, but Obito insists on rescuing Rin. Obito reminded Kakashi of his father, Sakumo, who was a hero, and how it’s worse to abandon a friend than to abandon a mission.


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Kakashi was swayed by Obito’s words, and he returns to rescue Rin, but instead, he finds Obito in danger and saves him from Taiseki with his light white chakra sabre, but this results in him losing his left eye. They eventually rescue Rin and escape, but Obito sacrifices himself to save Kakashi from a cave-in. Realizing that he is dying, Obito gifts Kakashi his Sharingan to replace his lost eye. From that point on, Kakashi is known as “Kakashi of the Sharingan” due to the Sharingan being his most recognizable feature.

How did Kakashi get Sharingan in both eyes?

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, a younger version of Obito informs Rin that he wishes to assist Kakashi in battle by gifting him one of his eyes. As a result, Kakashi ends up with the Sharingan in both eyes when Obito transfers one to him. The chakra, an energy that connects the world, gives new life to Obito’s chakra, and in turn, reanimates Kakashi’s eye.

Why is Kakashi Sharingan always on?

Kakashi struggles to turn off his Sharingan as it drains his chakra at a rapid pace, leaving him exhausted for days and resetting his chakra to zero. Additionally, as he is not an Uchiha, he has less control over the eye technique. Furthermore, according to the laws in the Naruto Universe, if the Sharingan does not belong to the person using it, it cannot be deactivated, which means Kakashi cannot deactivate his Sharingan as it originally belonged to Obito.

What episode does Kakashi get his Sharingan?

How Did Kakashi Get His Sharingan and Lose It?

Kakashi gets his Sharingan from Obito as his dying wish in Chapter 242, Episode 120 of Naruto Shippuden. It was a really touching moment that changed the course of Kakashi’s life forever.


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How did Kakashi lose his Sharingan?

During the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Obito intervenes to save Sakura from an attack by Madara Uchiha and sends her to attend to Kakashi’s injury. He also warns her about Madara’s plan to steal Kakashi’s Sharingan to access his Rinnegan. Despite the warning, Madara manages to remove the Sharingan from Kakashi’s left eye socket and places it on his own in order to access his full potential and transport himself to the second Rinnegan in Obito’s dimension.

As Naruto seals Madara’s shadow, Madara realizes that the cursed seal he placed on Kakashi’s heart is gone. Obito reveals that Kakashi destroyed it at his command. Madara then manipulates Obito’s positive energy into hatred by revealing that he was behind Rin’s death.

Naruto uses the power of Yin and Yang to restore Kakashi’s original eye. The team is momentarily disoriented and Madara takes advantage of the opportunity by arriving in a black Zetsu that controls Obito’s body. Sakura attempts to create space for Sasuke and Naruto, but Madara’s shadow stops them.

Madara escapes to the sky and creates multiple Chibaku Tensei. Naruto and Sasuke move to deal with the shadows while Madara recalls a phrase from a stone tablet. He proceeds to remove the covering on his forehead, revealing a third eye. He reflects it to the moon and activates the Infinite Tsukuyomi. He succeeds in regaining his power from the second dimension using the Sharingan.

In what episode does Kakashi lose his Sharingan?

Kakashi loses his Sharingan twice. The first time in episode 424 of the Naruto: Shippuden anime series, where Madara rips the Sharingan from Kakashi’s eye and transplants it on his own.

Next, he loses the Sharingan entirely after Obito died in episode 120 of the Naruto series.

Does Kakashi get his Sharingan back in Boruto?

During a mission with Mighty Guy and Mirai Sarutobi, the former Hokage comes across a tree called “Icha Icha.” Kakashi expresses his excitement at seeing the tree, and his Sharingan briefly returns, showing distinct mangekyou patterns for a few seconds. However, it quickly fades as he no longer possesses the Sharingan, having lost it in the previous Great Ninja War.

How did Kakashi get Mangekyou Sharingan?

After Obito sacrifices his eye to save Kakashi, Kakashi goes to battle with Kakko and manages to defeat him but realizes the presence of Iwa’s reinforcements who are trapped under the rubble where Obito and Rin are. Kakashi safely rescues Rin and agrees to Obito’s dying wish to keep her safe. When they return to Konoha, they mourn the loss of Obito and the Uchiha clan is initially against Kakashi owning the Sharingan due to his lack of blood ties. However, the head of the clan, Fugaku Uchiha, chooses to honor Obito’s wish and allows Kakashi to keep the Sharingan.


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Later, Rin is kidnapped by Kirigakure and Kakashi rescues her but she reveals that she has been sealed with three tails that can destroy the village if she loses control. Rin begs Kakashi to kill her, but he refuses due to his promise to Obito. However, during an attack by Kiri-nin, Rin sacrifices herself to save Kakashi and Konoha. The trauma of her death causes the Sharingan to evolve into a Mangekyo Sharingan. The Mangekyo Sharingan has more powers than the original Sharingan and has a distinct triangle shape. It is believed to be awakened by the trauma of losing a loved one, especially if the person is involved in their death.

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