How Strong Is Omni-Man? Compared to Other Comic & Anime Characters


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One of the most common troupes in comic book universes is the powerhouse character with strength and durability feats that are beyond the limits of normal human physiology. We’ve seen this many times in Marvel and DC. But Image Comics’ Invincible also has its powerhouse in the form of Omni-Man, who is basically a Superman expy in terms of his superhuman capabilities. So, just how strong is Omni-Man?

Omni-Man is so strong that he can easily lift objects in excess of a thousand tons without showing any visible strain or effort. He is the strongest superhero on Earth in Invincible and is able to singlehandedly kill all of the Guardians of the Globe members, the strongest superhero group on Earth.

The thing about Omni-Man is that he is as close to Superman as any other Superman expy can get due to how incredibly strong he is. As such, he is one of the strongest comic book and animated characters we’ve seen in a while, as he is so strong that he can easily destroy an entire planet and cause the extinction of an entire race. That said, let’s look at just how strong Omni-Man is.

How Strong Is Omni-Man?

The world of Invincible is one of the most intriguing comic book worlds that have been animated. Of course, the character that stands out the most in Invincible is the complex superhero/villain/anti-hero named Omni-Man, who we know as Nolan Grayson by day. He is a Viltrumite from a planet inhabited by people with superhuman capabilities and known to conquer planets. In that regard, Nolan was sent to Earth to weaken the planet before the other Viltrumites arrived to conquer it.

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Of course, throughout the entire storyline of Invincible, Nolan is said to be the strongest person on Earth and far stronger than any other superhero. That makes him a powerhouse all on his own due to his Viltrumite physiology. But just how strong is Omni-Man?

Omni-Man possesses a physiology that far surpasses the limits of normal human beings. In fact, he is so strong that he can do things that are exponentially beyond superhuman. Of course, it all starts with his insane superhuman physical capabilities.

Nilan can overpower just about anyone in the world of Invincible. He has superhuman strength that’s so incredible that he can lift entire mountains without exerting effort. Omni-Man’s strength allows him to throw a baseball that could circle the entire planet in mere seconds and create a huge avalanche with a single punch.

One of his greatest feats of strength was when he singlehandedly destroyed the entire Flaxian species, which had strong characters to take on Mark Grayson (Invincible). Omni-Man effortlessly lifted a planet-destroying mountain that flattened the entire Flaxian civilization and was enough for him to destroy an entire race in just hours.


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Another amazing feat of strength was his completely decapitating the Immortal with a single chop. Out of all of the Guardians of the Globe members, the Immortal was the closest to Omni-Man in terms of strength and durability.

On top of his incredible physical strength, Omni-Man is also so durable that he is basically invulnerable and can withstand a barrage of attacks from the strongest superheroes on Earth. When he massacred the Guardians of the Globe, he was able to take on multiple punches from both War Woman and the Immortal, who were the two strongest members of that group. He also withstood countless punches from Red Rush and was also able to survive the many different superhero-killing weapons that Cecil used against him.

Omni-Man’s ability to fly and move at incredible speeds makes him very dangerous. He has shown the ability to fly from one continent to another in just minutes and fly from one solar system to another quicker than any human spaceship. Whenever he flies, he can create sonic booms that are so destructive that they can level entire cities and buildings and leave a destructive trail of explosions that could easily kill thousands or even millions of people.

In that regard, Omni-Man is one of the strongest and most dangerous comic book characters because he doesn’t allow his morals to limit his actions in a fight. He is stronger than any other superhero in the Invincible universe and can level entire cities or planets in just moments.

How Does Omni-Man Compare to Other Comic Book and Anime Characters?

To truly see just how strong Omni-Man is, it should be interesting to compare him to some of the strongest Superman expys in comic book and animation history.


superman gunfire

Superman is the OG himself and is the one who started the entire superhuman strength, speed, and durability troupe in the world of comic books. His Kryptonian physiology allows him to lift millions or even billions of tons at his peak. On top of that, he has the ability to fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, and use his breath to create whirlwinds that are powerful enough to freeze or destroy.

In that regard, Omni-Man is similar to Superman except that he doesn’t have the Man of Steel’s heat vision and superhuman breath. Superman should be able to win this fight against Omni-Man. But because Omni-Man often fights without limiting himself with his morals, he should be able to give Superman an incredibly tough fight.


The Boys Homelander

Homelander is another Superman expy we’ve seen in the comic book and live-action version of The Boys. He has all of Superman’s powers and abilities except that he is exponentially weaker than Superman. Homelander also doesn’t have Superman’s experience as a true hero who has fought some of the universe’s strongest supervillains. In most cases, Homelander only fought characters that were weaker than him.


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While Homelander has impressive strength and speed feats, there are a lot of different limits to his powers, such as the inability to lift heavy objects whenever he is in flight. Homelander’s strength and durability feats don’t match what Omni-Man has accomplished. As such, Homelander is a lot weaker than Omni-Man, who is closer to Superman than Homelander is close Omni-Man.

All Might

all might muscular form

In anime and My Hero Academia, All Might is a character inspired by Superman because he has all of the Man of Steel’s strength, speed, and durability feats. Of course, he doesn’t have the Man of Steel’s ability to fly, but he is shown to move faster than a bullet and can create whirlwinds with his punches.

As strong as All Might is, he doesn’t stand a chance against Omni-Man, who can effortlessly carry entire planets and level cities with his superhuman speed. All Might’s experience might give him a chance, but he won’t defeat a character that is just as strong or even stronger than him but doesn’t have morals and can fly.

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