AoT: Here’s Why Annie Wanted To Capture & Kidnap Eren

Heres Why Annie Wanted to Capture Kidnap Eren

Among all the Attack on Titan characters, Annie Leonhart is one of the most intriguing ones, especially since her role in the story is pretty large, even though she was inactive during a big chunk of the narrative. Annie is a character whose actions and words impacted the plot, so we have decided to dedicate this article to her. In it, we will explain why Annie Leonhart wanted to kidnap and capture Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Annie Leonhart was sent to retrieve the Founding Titan from the Eldians.
  • Since Eren was, at one point, the inheritor of the Founding Titan, he was their prime target, despite the fact that they were unsure whether he actually had the powers or not.

Annie & the rest of her team needed the Founding Titan

Annie Leonhardt, a graduate of the 104th Training Corps and former military police officer, stood out with her impressive sword and unarmed combat skills, earning her the fourth rank. Despite her prowess, she struggled with teamwork, being a lone wolf. With the ability to transform into a powerful Female Titan, Annie was trained by her father and selected as one of Marley’s Warriors.

In 845, she and fellow warriors Reiner Braun, Berthold Fubar, and Marcel Galliard embarked on a mission to Paradis to secure the Founding Titan for Marley. As the Female Titan, she served as a powerful antagonist until her eventual defeat. Following her defeat, Annie entered a comatose state, encased in crystal, for an extended period.

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After spending approximately four years in the Scout Regiment’s custody underground, Annie Leonhardt escapes during a battle involving the military, Yeagerists, and Marley forces. She aligns herself with Paradis’ soldiers, the remaining Marleyan warriors, and Theo Magath to thwart Eren Yeager and the Yeagerists, who aim to eradicate humanity outside Paradis. Annie’s connection with the Warrior Unit becomes crucial to the unfolding events.

The Marleyan Warrior Unit operates under the expectation of unquestioningly executing orders from their superiors. Comprising the Subjects of Ymir under Marley’s control, these warriors are bestowed with the power of the Titans. Raised with the belief that their race bears responsibility for the world’s historical wrongs, they are considered monsters capable of transforming into Titans, bringing death and chaos for millennia.

To attain recognition as honorary citizens of Marley, the Marleyan government proposes training Eldian children as warriors, providing families an opportunity to escape confinement in the Liberio internment zone. Warrior cadets exhibiting outstanding battlefield performance are frequently granted the privilege of inheriting one of the seven Titans obtained by Marley during the Great Titan War.


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To safeguard their limited Titans, Marley avoids exposing them to undue risks. Many Marley warriors with Titan powers have been assigned to the Paradis Island operation to obtain the Founding Titan within the walls. After the Battle of Shiganshina District deemed the plan a failure, the remaining warriors focused on land-based assaults during the Marley Middle East War. With suspicions about Eren Yeager’s connection to the Founding Titan, Marley targets him to secure the Titan’s powers, aligning with their primary goal in the war. Eren’s significance has become apparent since his debut in the series.

Why was the Founding Titan so important to Marley?

The main reason why Marley was so interested in the Founding Titan is his powers to control other Titans. By shouting, the Founding Titan grants its wearer the ability to control Titans at will. This was demonstrated by Eren Yeager, who unintentionally ordered nearby Titans to eat Dina Fritz’s Titan and attack the Armored Titan. The ability was also used by Karl Fritz to build the walls.

He ordered many Colossal Titans to harden their bodies and hide in the resulting structures. Over a thousand years earlier, this ability was used by Ymir Fritz – the first Founding Titan and the progenitor of all nine Titans – to give the Eldia great advantages. However, this claim could not be confirmed.

There is no known limit to this ability, but the ability allows for very high influencing as Titans perform actions that threaten their own lives. Rod Reiss stated that he, the Founding Titan, has the power to wipe out all Titans when used to their full potential. The Marley sometimes call this ability the Coordinate

What are the Founding Titan’s powers?

Aside from the above-mentioned one, we are going to list the other powers that the Founding Titan has in order to clarify why Marley was so intent on capturing it. They are:

Titan Creation

The Founding Titan can turn Eldians into Titans, and can even make them as massive as the Colossal Titan. King Karl Fritz used this ability to create many of the 50 meter Titans that make up the Walls. Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan can also transform Eldians into Titans by howling after injecting those he wishes to transform with his cerebrospinal fluid.

Zeke’s Beast Titan is said to have similar abilities to the Beast Titan; therefore, it can be assumed that the method for the Founding Titan is more or less identical.

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Memory Manipulation

Those who possess the Founding Titan are able to erase or alter the memory of one or more Eldians. It was used by Queen Frieda Reiss to seal Historia’s memories of her visits and by King Karl to cause his subjects to forget the history of the world before the Walls were erected, which made him and of his successors the few within the Walls who know the truth about the Outside World.

However, non-Eldian bloodlines of the Walls such as members of Clan Ackerman, and noble families are known to be immune to this mind manipulation since they do not share a common bloodline with the Eldian race of the Walls.

Does Annie capture Eren?

If you remember your story correctly, Eren, as the Attacking Titan, and Annie, as the Female Titan, clashed early in the storyline. After Annie had systematically eliminated every one of her opponents, Eren transformed into the Attacking Titan. The two clash in brutal hand-to-hand combat. Eren was defeated by her special kick. Exhausted from the struggle, Eren was devoured by Annie and held captive in his mouth. As Annie escapes, Mikasa Ackermann gives chase after seeing Eren being devoured by Annie.

Later, Levi and Mikasa teamed up to attack Annie as she escaped. Although Annie fights back, Levi overpowered her. He disables her, which gives him a chance to free Eren from the mouth. When she decides to back down, Levi sees her tears. After the event, Annie retires to Wall Sina and joins the military police. She was later captured by the Eldians and had to crystallize in order to save her life; she was in this form for years before being released by Eren’s doing, but it was then too late to stop Eren’s genocidal plan, which is why she joined the anti-Yeagerists to bring down the fallen hero.

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