Why Does Aegon Love to Watch Children Fight? What Are His Tastes?

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Episode 9 of House of the Dragon focused a lot on the search for Prince Aegon, who the Greens wanted to crown the new king. Basically, the search for Aegon was between Alicent’s men and Otto’s men, as they had their own reasons for wanting to take custody of the prince. Criston and Aemond were told by a whorehouse that Aegon had other tastes, while Erryk and Arryk tried looking for him in a fighting pit for children. So, why does Aegon love to watch children fight, and what are his tastes?

Aegon loves to watch children fight simply because he is a depraved man who has spent his entire life whoring, drinking, and doing some of the most immoral things that any man can do. He simply isn’t king material, as even his sworn shield, Ser Erryk, understands that he isn’t fit for the throne.

The fact that Aegon is one of the most depraved characters we’ve seen in House of the Dragon speaks volumes of just how unfit he is for the Iron Throne but was made to rule it due to a simple misunderstanding on the part of Alicent. This adds a lot more wrinkles to what has already been a series full of issues and problems in relation to the personalities of the different characters involved.

Why Does Aegon Love To Watch Children Fight?

The penultimate episode of season 1 of House of the Dragon revolved more on the side of the Greens, following the death of the sovereign himself, King Viserys Targaryen. Of course, we all knew in episode 8 that Alicent misunderstood the king’s last statements to be in relation to their son, Prince Aegon, even though he was actually talking about Aegon the Conqueror and the Prince that was Promised. As such, episode 9 opened up with the Greens talking about how they could install Prince Aegon on the Iron Throne, to the surprise of Alicent, who didn’t even know that the Small Council had been plotting in secret.

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But the problem was that Prince Aegon was nowhere to be found in the Red Keep. Ser Erryk Cargyll, who is supposed to be his sworn shield, wasn’t even aware of where the prince was because Aegon often used his royal powers against him to make sure that the knight wouldn’t be able to follow him around when he sneaks out at night. That was when Otto Hightower ordered Erryk and his brother, Arryk, to go looking for the prince.


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Meanwhile, Ser Criston Cole found out about Otto sending the twins out to go looking for Prince Aegon. Alicent, who didn’t agree with her father’s methods and did not like the fact that he was plotting to kill Rhaenyra, decided to send out her own search party in the form of Ser Criston Cole and Prince Aemond Targaryen, who understood his brother nearly as much as Ser Erryk did.

Still, Erryk knew the prince better than anyone, and that was when he took Arryk to a fighting pit that involved children. Arryk saw how depraved this practice was and how it was clear that this was an inhumane act that no king-to-be should even allow. But that was when Erryk told his brother that this was the true nature of Aegon. So, why does Aegon love to watch children fight?

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Aegon loves to watch children fight because that is simply who he is. We know for a fact that he has always displayed a certain level of depravity that has been unmatched by almost anyone else in the entire series. He is simply someone who loves to enjoy a life without any responsibilities or duties and would rather spend his days whoring, drinking, and doing any other depraved act that would provide him the pleasure he wants in life.

In that regard, it isn’t too odd for him to want to experience the different offerings that King’s Landing could give him. We already know that he loves whoring and drinking, but there were other things that he could also do in King’s Landing, such as going to the fighting pits to watch children beating each other up in a manner that is inhumane and barbaric. That’s simply the kind of person that he is, and that was the reason why both Erryk and Arryk agreed that he wasn’t fit for the Iron Throne, although only one of the brothers wanted to do something about that.

What Are Aegon’s Tastes?

Ever since he was young, Aegon had already frequented the streets of King’s Landing to enjoy the different pleasures that were in store for him. That’s because he never really thought of himself as someone that could become king, as Viserys never gave him any sort of attention and had always upheld Rhaenyra’s claim to the Iron Throne. As such, Aegon spent most of his life tasting different pleasures without the thought of carrying a huge responsibility on his shoulders one day.


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As such, during the scenes where Criston and Aemond were looking for him in King’s Landing, they went to a brothel on the Street of Silk that Aemond said was once one of the places where Aegon brought him when he was still younger. The patron of the establishment told them that Aegon no longer frequents the different establishments on the Street of Silk because his tastes are now a little more discriminating. But what did she mean by that?

This can be answered by the fact that Aegon now looks for different pleasures in life, including watching children beating each other up in fighting pits. As mentioned, Aegon had spent his entire life enjoying the pleasures of King’s Landing, and that meant that he had probably grown tired of frequenting the same whorehouses over and over again.

Because he had “graduated” from sexual pleasures, he probably decided to indulge himself in other things by watching children fighting for their lives. This probably amused him in a way that only Aegon would understand, as that was the kind of person he always was. He is simply a sick and depraved man that didn’t have the mindset and personality of a true king.

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