Why Does Gojo Cover His Eyes in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Why Does Gojo Cover His Eyes in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Although he is not the protagonist of the show, Satoru Gojo is undoubtedly one of the most prominent characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is quirky, yet extremely likable and that is why he is adored by so many fans around the world. We have already introduced Gojo in an earlier article and in this one you are going to find out why Gojo covers his eyes in Jujutsu Kaisen.

The reason behind Gojo wearing a blindfold is his Six Eyes technique. Six Eyes is a special ability appearing in some members of the Gojo Clan and manifesting through the user’s eyes. It grants the user extraordinary perception and the ability to use the Limitless to its full potential. Due to the immense power it grants the user, this technique is extremely tiring on the user’s eyes, so Gojo has to wear something to cover his eyes.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Satoru Gojo and his special technique, which is the reason for him wearing a blindfold over his eye. You’re going to find out why Gojo has to wear something to cover his eyes, but also some additional answers related to this issue. Satoru Gojo is such a charismatic individual that he absolutely deserved a standalone article explaining his trademark.

Why does Gojo cover his eyes in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Satoru Gojo is a tall man, standing over 6 feet tall, and is apparently considered by many women to be attractive. He has white hair that is often on end, but he lets it down when he is in more casual attire. While working, Satoru wears an all-black high-necked jacket with matching pants and shoes. He has several different casual clothes which usually include long-sleeved shirts and pants. He even wears long-sleeved hoodies to the beach with a black swimsuit.

Satoru has glowing blue eyes, but they are normally covered by a black blindfold or a pair of dark sunglasses. He used to cover them with white bandages.

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As you can see, Gojo’s always covering his eyes with something, which is one of his trademarks (along with his quirky nature and the fact that he is the strongest character in Jujutsu Kaisen). So, what is the reason behind that? It is Gojo’s special technique, known as Six Eyes.

The Six Eyes is a special ability appearing in certain members of the Gojo Clan that grants Satoru extraordinary perception and the ability to use the Power of Infinity to its full potential. He is also the first person to possess this eye and the Power of Infinity at the same time for 400 years. Thanks to this eye, the amount of Dark Energy Satoru loses is practically nil. We are going to give you more details on this a bit later, but here, we are going to explain why this is relevant.

Namely, if you consider the fact that Gojo is so enormously powerful and that the Six Eyes is such an incredibly powerful technique, you’ll understand that it is very exhausting for him to use it constantly. His eyes simply get tired, because this technique is not something he can actually control – it is inherent to his eyes and he cannot simply shut it off. This is why he chooses to cover his eyes, as otherwise, he would get tired very quickly.

How does Gojo see? Can Gojo see through his mask?

Gojo is able to see normally; his vision is intact. Throughout the history of the franchise, he has used a variety of ways to cover his eyes – sunglasses, bandages, a blindfold. In each situation, he was able to see normally. The sunglasses don’t need to be explained, and the blindfold is probably seethrough to a certain degree, but the bandages are a bit strange.

But, if you consider the fact that Gojo is so powerful that he has extraordinary perception even while his eyes are covered, you’ll understand how he can see and that he can see through any form of cover, regardless of whether it’s a bandage or a pair of sunglasses. So, yes, Gojo can see without any problems and even with the covers; in the next section, we’ll explain the Six Eyes technique in more detail so this section will, hopefully, become clearer.

What does Gojo’s Six Eyes technique do?

Unlike the Infinity technique, the Six Eyes is an extremely rare ability; Satoru is the first member of the Gojo clan to be born with this power in 400 years, as we have explained. Also, the Six Eyes technique is a unique ability because, for some unknown reason, there cannot be two Six Eyes wielders at the same time.

The Six Eyes grants the user vast perception and immense cerebral processing power, allowing them to precisely manipulate the sophisticated powers of the Infinity technique, one of the most powerful and complex Jujutsu techniques. Each of the known Infinity techniques requires a complex type of occult energy manipulation, making Six Eyes pairing crucial to using the Infinity techniques to their maximum potential.

Thanks to this ability, the amount of cursed energy the possessor loses when using a technique is practically nil. For this reason, a suitable Six Eyes user will never run out of black energy. The Six Eyes’ mental prowess appears to cause the user’s brain to process one minute faster. Complementing his heightened perception, his analysis and localization capabilities are almost instantaneous.


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A possessor of the Six Eyes can see things several miles away and is easily able to distinguish different figures within a vast range. The Six Eyes also has the power to “read” spells and understand how they work the first time he sees them. Additionally, the Six Eyes can distinguish between different types of dark energy, and thus help the possessor identify a person based on it.

In order to utilize the positive occult energy needed for the Red spell, the Six Eyes can also help the possessor correctly understand the complex nature of the occult energy needed to perform a reversal spell. However, this processing power is not unlimited and can take its toll on the user’s psyche, driving them mad and delirious if overused.

To curtail the aforementioned drawbacks, the possessor of the Six Eyes can cover their eyes using a blindfold, sunglasses, or bandages, among other things. Even with eyes covered, the possessor is still able to see. However, it seems that to use techniques such as the Sphere of Infinite Space or the Violet spell without limits, the possessor must probably decompress his eyes to use all the power conferred by the Six Eyes.