Why Does Sarada Wear Glasses? Can Sharingan Fix Her Eyesight?

Why Does Sarada Wear Glasses Can Sharingan Fix Her Eyesight

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Many fans have been wondering what are some of the traits the next generation of Konoha in Boruto will inherit from their parents. In Sarada’s case, that has been questioned with her discovery of an old photo of Sasuke and his team. In the picture, she saw a red-haired woman who looked very similar to her. The two of them even had the same type of glasses. Whenever she would ask Sakura about her heritage, and her father, she never got any concrete answers. This built a lot of resentment in Sarada, so when she saw the photograph, she questioned whether Sakura was her biological mother. Later, when Sarada met Suigetsu, she asked if he could test her DNA with Karin’s. Returning to the traits the children have inherited from their parents would explain why Sarada wears glasses if Karin was her biological mother. Although this was not the case, it was revealed that Sakura was Sarada’s biological mother in the end. So why does Sarada wear glasses, and can her  Sharingan potentially fix her eyesight?

Sarada had a lot of health issues as a child, she would get really high fevers, and while Sakura did everything she could to take care of her, the sickness impacted her vision. Kishimoto confirmed that Sarada wears glasses because of the difficult health situation she had as a child. Unfortunately, even though she inherited the Sharingan, and while it does hold some amazing powers, it can’t fix the user’s vision. Only when she’s using the Sharingan does her vision improve, but its powers are very draining, and she can’t use it for a very long time.

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Why does Sarada wear glasses?

The reason why Sarada wears glasses is related to her childhood. When she was younger, she had a lot of health issues. One time she developed a really high fever, and Sakura was trying to help her recover while this was going on. Eventually, Sarada started to feel better again, but the fever left her with some long-lasting effects.

Kishimoto confirmed that her sight was affected because of this difficult fight with illness. Her vision was blurred, and she needed to wear glasses. Karin, Sasuke’s ex-team member, sent Sarada her first glasses. Ever since she helped Sakura during her birth, she has become attached to Sarada.

Sarada 3
Sarada Uchiha

She sees herself as her aunt and always wants to take care of her or help her when needed. Since Sakura didn’t really talk much about her and Sasuke’s past, Sarada wanted to know more. She left alone and found Karin since she believed Sakura was not her biological mother.

When Sarada saw an old photograph of her father where Karin was standing next to him, she believed Sakura was lying to her about her heritage. This did not turn out to be true, and when her DNA was tested, Karin revealed that it was a perfect match because it was Sarada’s own DNA, or rather Sakura’s umbilical cord.

Karin still checks in with Sarada occasionally and sends her a new pair of glasses, which Sarada appreciates. In the next part of the article, we will look into how Sarada’s vision changes after activating her Sharingan powers.


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Can Sharingan fix the user’s eyesight?

Sarada is the only known Uchiha that has to wear glasses, which is very interesting. We haven’t seen an Uchiha so far, not in the Naruto universe, that wore prescription glasses. What we have seen, and what was initially suggested, was that Sarada was wearing the glasses to protect her eyes for when she activates her Sharingan.

This is something that young Obito Uchiha did; he would wear goggles so that nothing could damage his eyes. It turns out that this was not the case for Sarada; we will see how this develops further into the story. From what we know, the Sharingan eye is very powerful; it’s one of the most powerful eyes in the Naruto universe.

Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha

With that said, it still can’t heal the user’s eyes, Sarada’s vision definitely improves when she’s using the Sharingan, but it didn’t heal her eyesight. She would have to constantly use the Sharingan to completely stop wearing glasses. This is very difficult since she is still learning to control its power. Even when she masters the techniques, as we’ve seen so far with the Mangekyo Sharingan, unless she obtains the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, her eyesight will get worse every time she uses its powers.

How did Sarada get her eyes?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Sarada didn’t know much about her father, and Sakura never really talked about him. Whenever Sarada would ask questions, Sakura would give a really vague answer, which left Sarada very confused and angry. Eventually, she decided to take matters into her own hands and find a way to contact Sasuke.

She managed to follow Naruto on his way to meet Sasuke. Naruto was surprised when Sarada explained to him why she was on this journey; he realized then that she had never met Sasuke since he was constantly away from home. Naruto understood where she was coming from, so he decided to take her to meet her father.


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From what we have seen so far in the Naruto universe, regarding awakening the Sharingan, the user had to go through a really emotionally impactful event for it to be awakened. This would always come in the form of some kind of negative emotional trauma, and these negative events would be the trigger for the power to activate.

Sarada has so far been an exception, and her Sharingan awakening was no different. The moment she had awakened her Sharingan was out of love and excitement to finally meet her father. We have never seen someone awaken the Sharingan out of love, and this could potentially be a very interesting shift in the story.

We don’t know yet how this will affect the story in the future and what it means for the Uchiha going forward. There is a lot that we don’t know about all of the different eyes Kekke Genkai’s and Sarada’s case represents an anomaly, but we will keep an eye out since more is still to come with the Boruto series.

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