The Mandalorian: Why Is Din Djarin’s Armor Silver? Is It Stronger Than Others?

Din Djarin

The Mandalorian’s Din Djarin is currently the most iconic Star Wars Mandalorian due to the popularity of his series. Of course, we’ve seen a lot of Mandalorians throughout the storyline of Star Wars, but Din seems to be the most unique in terms of his armor. That’s because Din Djarin has Mandalorian armor that’s plain silver, unlike other Mandalorian suits of armor that have their colors. So, why is it that Din Djarin’s armor is silver?

Din Djarin wears silver armor because it is newer than other armor suits and is made of pure Beskar Steel. Of course, there’s also the fact that Din doesn’t belong to any Mandalorian family or house. As such, he didn’t have his armor painted to have the colors of a particular Mandalorian family.

The thing that allows Din Djarin to stand out the most compared to the other Mandalorians is the “plainness” of his armor, as most Mandalorians have suits that tend to be more ornate. But this simplicity allows Din to have a more iconic look than the other Mandalorians. So, with that said, let’s look at why Din Djarin has silver armor.

Reasons Why Din Djarin’s Armor Is Silver

When we met Din Djarin in season 1 of The Mandalorian, we noticed how different his full set of Mandalorian armor is compared to the others. Of course, we know that there are a lot of other Mandalorians in the galaxy. Still, Din’s armor was always different from theirs because it was plain silver and didn’t come with any special colors or decorations. So, for those wondering why Din Djarin has silver armor, here are some of the best reasons.

It’s Newer

In case you may have forgotten, Din Djarin only became a more prominent Mandalorian during the events of the series itself, as he ended up taking on missions that allowed him to earn plenty of money and even Beskar Steel. But he initially had worn down and bad armor, as it was clear that some of the armor pieces he wore were made of Durasteel instead of Beskar.


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However, during the first season, we saw that he steadily increased his status as a Mandalorian by earning new armor pieces that the Armorer personally forged. It was the different missions that he undertook that allowed him to rise in his Mandalorian tribe as he ended up earning more pieces of armor that were freshly forged until he completed the silver armor set that he wore.

As such, his complete armor set no longer resembles the one he started in the first episode. And because his armor is newer, it comes with the natural silver color that steel usually comes with.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that other Mandalorians don’t get their armor pieces forged personally for them, as some of them have armor that gets passed down from one generation to another. That is why some of the sets of armor that we see in The Mandalorian and other Star Wars movies and shows tend to look older and have lost the silver color that steel naturally comes with.

One good example is the armor that Boba Fett wears. This Beskar Steel armor was one that he inherited from his father, Jango Fett. However, he had his armor painted to reflect his own identity. Despite that, it is clear that Jango’s armor was newer and shinier than when Boba inherited it.

fett armor

As such, because Din’s entire set is newer compared to other armor sets, it goes without saying that it still retained its silver color. Of course, his armor’s color will eventually fade the older it gets and the more hits it endures. After all, whenever we see Beskar Steel armor getting hit by blaster bolts, small burn marks are left on the armor’s surface. 

It Is Pure Beskar

Beskar Steel isn’t easy to come by because it has to be mined in Mandalore. Other Mandalorians may not have the resources for actual Beskar Steel armor pieces, especially now that Beskar is extremely rare because the Mandalorians no longer reside in Mandalore, which is the only place where Beskar can be mined.

As such, some Mandalorians wear pieces made from durasteel instead of Beskar Steel. Durasteel itself is quite durable and can handle blaster bolts. But it doesn’t have the overall durability of Beskar, so Mandalorians would want to replace durasteel with Beskar as soon as possible.

original armor

In Din Djarin’s case, he initially started with armor pieces made from durasteel. But as he elevated his status among the people of his tribe, he eventually earned more pure Beskar Steel parts. And because pure Beskar Steel is silver, as seen from the Beskar Steel ingots we saw in season 1 of The Mandalorian, it is only natural for Din’s armor to be silver.

It Symbolizes His Lack of Mandalorian Roots

We mentioned that some Mandalorians have armor sets that have different colors and designs. The different colors and designs of some Mandalorian armor sets represent the house or the Mandalorian group to which a certain Mandalorian belongs. For example, Bo-Katan Kryze’s armor is designed to fit her status as the leader of the Nite Owls. And the Nite Owls also have armor pieces that have similar colors and designs.


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But the fact that Din Djarin’s armor is plain silver says a lot about who he is and what kind of a Mandalorian he is. Din was made a Mandalorian when he was rescued as a foundling. As such, he doesn’t belong to any particular Mandalorian family, although he does belong to the tribe of the Children of the Watch.

However, Din has never been a Mandalorian in terms of his roots because he wasn’t born to a Mandalorian family. So, in a way, the fact that his armor is silver represents that he doesn’t have any drop of Mandalorian blood. His armor is plain because he doesn’t belong to a Mandalorian house that has its colors and sigil.


Then again, the fact that Din has a suit of armor that is plain also says a lot about him being a true Mandalorian as well. Instead of being loyal to his house or tribe, he is more loyal to the Mandalorian creed and the Way of the Mandalore. And the fact that his armor doesn’t have the color or the crest of a certain family or tribe symbolizes how he is the type of Mandalorian that all Mandalorians should strive to be in the sense that he doesn’t care about power struggles between families or tribes but is more concerned with the survival of his people.

Bo-Katan once said infighting among the Mandalorians led to their civilization’s fall. So, while every Mandalorian family, tribe, or group has a unique color or crest, the differences in their appearances also represented how divided the Mandalorians were. But Din Djarin having plain silver armor represents what Mandalorians should be as he isn’t loyal to the colors of his family or tribe but is loyal to his entire people.

Is Din Djarin’s Armor Stronger Than Others?

While Din Djarin may have plain silver armor that’s shinier than others, it isn’t necessarily stronger t of the other Mandalorians’ armor sets. Din has tanked attacks from different enemies using his armor, but that doesn’t make his armor any stronger than others because the other Mandalorians also have Beskar armor.

din djarin tanking

In episode 7 of season 3, we also saw Bo-Katan and Paz Vizsla tanking attacks from Moff Gideon’s troopers. That means there isn’t anything special about Din’s armor because other Mandalorians have just as durable suits, especially if their pieces are made from pure Beskar.

Then again, we did see how the Imperials were not capable of completely tanking some of the blaster bolts from the Mandalorians. It is possible that, while they do wear Beskar armor, the alloy of their armor wasn’t pure Beskar. As such, Din’s armor may be stronger than other suits that weren’t made using pure Beskar.

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