Is Darth Maul Alive in ‘The Mandalorian’? Could He Appear in the Series?


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Fans are always speculating about the possibility of different Star Wars characters appearing in the different shows that we have on Disney+. Of course, The Mandalorian is currently the most popular Star Wars show and is looking to shape up with the big revelations in season 3, especially when you consider that Death Watch, a group that Darth Maul once led, was mentioned in passing. So, is Darth Maul still alive in The Mandalorian?

Darth Maul is already dead, so it is unlikely that he will appear in The Mandalorian. He died during the events of Star Wars: Rebels in a final duel against Obi-Wan Kenobi, who laid him to rest as a final act of mercy. However, Maul’s influence may still be felt in The Mandalorian.

Even though Darth Maul is already dead and has never been mentioned in The Mandalorian, we know that there is a good chance that his influence still lives and that he still has a profound effect on the Mandalorians and the events of The Mandalorian, especially with the speculations that someone could be a spy. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Maul and his possible appearance in The Mandalorian.

What Happened to Darth Maul?

Introduced as a mysterious Sith assassin during the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul immediately became one of the most popular villains in the world of Star Wars and is undoubtedly one of the coolest Sith Lords we’ve ever seen in the continuity. It was his popularity that allowed Darth Maul to return.

maul 2

Fans remember how Obi-Wan Kenobi cut Maul into two and presumably died during the events of The Phantom Menace. However, miraculously, he survived getting cut into two and the fall he suffered after losing to Kenobi. In Star Wars: Clone Wars, Maul was revealed to have survived his duel with Obi-Wan but had become an enraged beast with mechanical spider-like legs. He regained his sanity and his body with the help of his mother, Talzin, who used Nightsister magick on him.

Maul survived his duel with Kenobi through the help of his hatred for him. After that, he started the Shadow Collective and teamed up with his brother, Savage Opress, to work with Pre Vizsla’s Death Watch in an attempt to overthrow the New Mandalorians. But he betrayed Vizsla by dueling with him and taking the Darksaber. As such, Maul was now the leader of Death Watch and the new ruler of Mandalore after the New Mandalorians were overthrown.


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For a while, Maul sat on the throne of Mandalore as its leader until Bo-Katan Kryze and Ahsoka Tano worked together to defeat him. During his reign over Mandalore, he started the Mandalorian super commandos, remnants of Death Watch. Maul eventually escaped when Ahsoka released him so that they could work together to escape the clones during the events of Order 66. 

After that, it took a while before Maul reappeared as he understood that the Empire had hunted him down. Maul met Ezra Bridger during the Star Wars: Rebels events and convinced him they needed to work together to defeat Darth Vader, who was too powerful to handle. But Maul betrayed Ezra and his master, Kanan Jarrus, who was blinded in his fight with the former Sith Lord. Maul got what he wanted after discovering that Obi-Wan Kenobi was still alive and on Tatooine.

Maul hunted Kenobi down in Tatooine and traveled to the desert to find him. They eventually met once more just two years before the Battle of Yavin. An elderly man didn’t take time to finish Maul off as he tricked the former Sith into using the same move he used to kill Qui-Gon Jinn. With a quick counterattack, Kenobi defeated Maul.

As Maul was dying in Obi-Wan’s arms, he realized that the boy that Kenobi was protecting on Tatooine was “the chosen one” and that there was a good reason why Obi-Wan was so determined to finish Maul off in a hurry. Maul told Kenobi that he hoped that this boy, Luke, would be the one to avenge both of them as he understood that both he and the Jedi Order were products of Darth Sidious’ manipulations. Kenobi laid Maul to rest on Tatooine as a final act of mercy to his former rival.

Could Darth Maul Appear in The Mandalorian?

Darth Maul is already dead and is unlikely to return to life. We saw him returning from the dead once when he was revealed to have survived his first duel with Obi-Wan. However, it is unlikely that he will ever return to life again because Kenobi had buried him on Tatooine, and he died peacefully and without any regrets in life.

As such, the only chance that Darth Maul would return in the events of The Mandalorian is through a flashback scene involving his days with Death Watch as the leader of Mandalore around three decades before the events of The Mandalorian. But he will never return to life during the actual events of The Mandalorian because he is already dead.


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But while Maul may already be dead, we believe his influence still lives. As mentioned, during his rule over Mandalore, the members of Death Watch were divided. Bo-Katan defected from Death Watch and rebelled against Maul because she didn’t want to recognize him as the leader of Mandalore even though he won the Darksaber in combat. And we know that the Armorer once blamed Bo-Katan for being the one who divided the Mandalorians.

In that case, there’s a good chance that Maul’s influence lives on in the Mandalorians, that still harbor hatred for Bo-Katan and the Nite Owls for sowing the seeds of division nearly three decades ago and contributing to the eventual downfall of Mandalore. It is possible that the Armorer was once a Death Watch member loyal to Maul, as her helmet (and Gideon’s helmet) resembles the same helmet that Maul’s Mandalorian super commandos wore. And we even heard Armorer talking about Death Watch in passing during the events of episode 7 of season 3.

horned helmet

This implies that the Armorer may have been secretly working with Gideon as a spy (hence the title of episode 7 of season 3 of The Mandalorian). She could still secretly harbor hatred towards Bo-Katan and the other Mandalorians that follow her.

This could explain why the Armorer chose Bo-Katan to unite the Mandalorians, as she understood that Kryze would likely succeed. Because the Armorer could be loyal to Death Watch, she must have wanted Gideon to be the one to kill Bo-Katan and the other “non-believing” Mandalorians. And the reason could be due to how she saw Moff Gideon as the rightful leader of Mandalore, just as how Maul once held that title.

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