Why Is Kingpin So Strong in the Comics & the Shows?

why is kingpin so strong mcu comics

In the world of comics, several characters stand out for their impressive power despite lacking superhuman abilities. Batman is a prime example on the side of the heroes. However, it’s not only the virtuous characters who exhibit extraordinary feats; some villains, like Marvel’s Kingpin, strive to enhance themselves and showcase almost superhuman levels of durability and strength. Whether in the pages of comics or on screen, Kingpin’s remarkable abilities raise questions about the source of his strength. Let’s explore what makes Kingpin a force to be reckoned with in both mediums.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Devoid of superpowers, Kingpin relies on his above-average human strength, a result of the majority of his body mass being comprised of muscle.
  • His above-average durability can be attributed to the substantial muscle mass, providing an explanation for his survival from Echo’s gunshot wound.
  • In addition to being a master combatant, Kingpin’s muscle mass, though not extensively highlighted in the MCU, is likely faithfully adapted from the comics, implying consistent prowess across both mediums.

While Kingpin lacks superhuman abilities, his body possesses certain unconventional properties

Throughout the comics, Kingpin has faced a myriad of adversaries, relying on his influence, weapons, and a formidable array of guard dogs. Intelligence and strategic acumen have always been associated with him, along with vast resources allowing him to exert influence. However, when the situation demands it, Kingpin doesn’t shy away from breaking bones, a trait observed both in the comics and on screen.

He has demonstrated the ability to break concrete necks and even destroy metal objects. The source of this formidable strength lies in his unique physiology. Despite appearing initially stout, Kingpin’s size is not merely fat; he is a sizable individual with a tall, massive, and wide physique. The majority of his body mass is composed of muscles, making Kingpin naturally predisposed to possess incredible strength—a concept elaborated upon in the comics.

Kingpin vs Captain America

In comic lore, Kingpin showcased his strength by lifting an impressive 1245 lbs at one point. His encounters often pitted him against superhumans like Daredevil and Spider-Man.


Deadpool vs. Kingpin: Who Would Win in a Fight?

What accounts for Kingpin’s strength in the MCU?

Despite Kingpin’s seemingly out-of-shape appearance, fans have observed his remarkable strength, notably in a scene from the ‘Echo’ TV show. In this sequence, Kingpin brutally assaults an Ice Cream salesman who mocks deaf Maya, demonstrating his ability to lethally harm a person using only his bare hands. Moreover, Kingpin not only survived a point-blank gunshot from Maya but also displayed apparent resilience, sporting a substantial scar near his left eye without any apparent lasting damage.

kingpin vs punisher

The source of Kingpin’s “superhuman” strength and durability in the MCU remains unexplored, but it’s reasonable to assume it mirrors the comic explanation—attributed to the substantial muscle mass comprising the majority of his body. Anticipation surrounds the release of ‘Daredevil: Born Again,’ hoping for more insights into Kingpin’s abilities.

So far, we’ve witnessed his extraordinary strength manifest in lifting a grown man with one arm, delivering fatal blows with minimal effort, bench pressing extreme weights, punching through brick, and effortlessly tossing Daredevil around. In a second duel, Kingpin nearly matched Daredevil’s highly-trained skills and overpowered Frank Castle within the constraints of Castle’s limitations at the time.

During an attack on Fisk’s police van, he broke free from FBI handcuffs with sheer strength. In a protracted encounter against Daredevil and Benjamin Poindexter, Fisk held his ground and eventually overcame Poindexter, breaking his back. In 2024, facing Kate Bishop, Fisk exhibited his dominance despite being struck by a limousine, only succumbing to defeat through her cunning use of trick arrowheads in a toy store.

While Kingpin’s most significant threat lies in his influence and sharp intellect, it’s crucial not to overlook his potential as a formidable powerhouse when the situation demands. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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