Deadpool vs. Kingpin: Who Would Win in a Fight?

One is a “Merc With a Mouth,” and the other is the Undertaker of the criminal underworld. Deadpool is one of the most popular antiheroes Marvel ever had, and Wilson Fisk is the most notable crime boss in the Marvel Universe. In this article, we will face off these two comic book juggernauts and rate who will win in a fight – Deadpool or Kingpin.

Deadpool wins most fights against Kingpin. The Merc With a Mouth has healing abilities, enhanced strength, agility, and cool weapons. Wilson Fisk has Kevlar armor, peak human strength and durability, great combat skill, and a tremendous tactical mind. Still, Deadpool has too many tricks on his sleeve to defeat the Kingpin. Regardless, the fight would still be close. Kingpin’s intelligence might prevail in some fights.

We will discuss this topic further and mention all the aspects of the fight, from the psychological aspect of the fight to the greatest feats of each fighter, talk about weapons and skills, and ultimately decide on this fight with few ending words. We will group up the scoring this time, and after rating important categories, we will decide. If you are interested in this epic fight, stay with us until the end of the article.

Psychology and intelligence

Deadpool VS Kingpin: Who Would Win In a Fight?
Kingpin is truly a criminal mastermind.

Psychology was always an important part of every fight – the state of an individual’s mind, common sense, and overall mental strength. Let’s start with Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool. Wade Wilson had a really interesting backstory – the hero himself told us that his origin story depends on the writer.

There is a reason why Deadpool is considered the most chaotic and witty Marvel superhero. His mind is “fried” because of the enhanced cell regeneration, which affects his neurons. Deadpool’s personality depends on the day; even his co-creator Fabian Nicieza confirmed that no one could ever predict Deadpool’s state of mind, and he does whatever he wants.

He is mostly an unstable, unhinged individual; however, even the most chaotic character in the Marvel comics can sometimes be serious. Deadpool had quite serious and traumatic experiences in his life. We all know his hero is Spider-Man, and in Spider-Man/Deadpool comic book story from 2016, Deadpool was hired to kill Peter Parker, and he did it.

The whole comic book story revolves around Deadpool’s psyche and ability to feel deeply.

On the other side, we have Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin who runs the biggest criminal organization in the New York’s underground. Kingpin is the biggest crime boss in New York, and one needs to have a stable and clear mind to be at the top of the food chain. By the age 15, Wilson Fisk already got a nickname, Kingpin of Crime.

Kingpin is an ice-cold killer and a crime boss, which is why he needs to take the point in this category – he is too good to lose to an unstable individual like Deadpool.

Intelligence is another category that should be considered pretty important in every fight. Wade Wilson’s intelligence is underrated because his opponents do not expect him to think during fights – most of the time, he is too unpredictable and “scatterbrain” already to be able to do that.

Deadpool is one of the most skilled fighters in the Marvel Universe that only a few can beat when he is focused. Still, to beat someone like Kingpin, one needs to be alert all the time – Deadpool is not consistent enough with his analysis of tactical thinking during fights. Yes, Deadpool can break the Fourth Wall and read through the past comic book issues to study his opponents, but how consistently does he do it?

On the other side, Kingpin is considered one of the most capable tacticians and villains in the Marvel Universe, and his combat thrives on tactics, strategy, and mostly flawless plans. The mental part of the combat goes to Kingpin – he is just too smart and stable for Deadpool, so he gets both points in this section.

This section was close but let’s continue to more skill-based combat.

Deadpool 0 : (2) Kingpin

Weapons and combat

Deadpool VS Kingpin: Who Would Win In a Fight?

Let’s look into Deadpool. His weapons of choice are katanas, guns, grenades, and knives. He also got numerous teleportation devices. In the comic book issues where he first appeared, Deadpool had a holographic device that allowed him to conceal his identity and go undercover.

Kingpin has his toys on his own, and one of them is the infamous Kevlar armor that enforces his durability even more. Obliterator cane is also part of the Kingpin’s arsenal, and at a glance, a regular cane has a laser gun that can vaporize a person’s head or part of the body from close range.

Of course, the famous diamond stick pin is also there, concealing Fisk’s sleeping gas against his opponents. Moreover, the recent Kingpin is more of Daredevil’s villain – he is more animalistic and uses more raw strength in his combat, which we will discuss later.

Deadpool takes a point in the weaponry section of this fight for the simple reason – he has more of them and uses them all efficiently.

Deadpool VS Kingpin: Who Would Win In a Fight?
Kingpin’s Bear Hug is his signature move.

Now, combat is a bit closer since both fighters are freaking good at what they do. Deadpool is a master in multiple martial arts but mostly uses Savate, a French kickboxing style that mostly uses kicks and leg attacks. He is an exceptional athlete, swordsman, and marksman.

Wilson Fisk is in great shape. His overwhelming stature does not stop him from kicking opponents with his hand-to-hand combat. Kingpin is at the peaks of his powers – almost perfect body shape and proficiency in martial arts, especially sumo wrestling, make him a formidable opponent.

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Bear Hug is a devastating move that scares any opponent, and he kept up with Captain America in hand-to-hand combat, making Kingpin really dangerous.

However, once again, Deadpool takes the point in this section – his vast weapons knowledge and usage, combined with tremendous martial arts skill, overwhelms Kingpin.

Deadpool is back in the game after this one.

Deadpool (2) : 2 Kingpin

Strength and durability

Deadpool VS Kingpin: Who Would Win In a Fight?
Deadpool’s durability is matched with very few individuals.

Strength and durability are both really important aspects of combat. In this section, strength means raw power and how much each individual can lift, and durability means how much one can endure during fights. Deadpool is durable, to say the least. In the comics, Wade Wilson’s Weapon X treatment gave him healing powers that regenerated his cells from a fatal cancer disease and gave him superhuman strength and durability.

However, the comic book writers changed that part of the superhero multiple times – that is probably the most inconsistent part of the Deadpool character, his superhuman strength. Ultimately, all writers agree that Wade Wilson has at least enhanced strength that surpasses the human body.

He can lift at least 500 lbs or 227 kilograms which makes him quite strong. However, if we look into Kingpin, his peak human strength allowed him to lift to 800 lbs in one comic book story which some fans found unbelievable. Writers are undecided on this topic, so we must decide how to quantify this section.

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Let’s look at the facts – Kingpin is at the peak of human strength and essentially has a perfect body shape. However, despite Deadpool’s strength, even though he has been “nerfed” multiple times over the years, he is still stronger than Kingpin.

Deadpool takes the point from this section.

Now, we can see the durability of these juggernauts. Wilson Fisk has great durability considering he is “only” a human. His Kevlar suit and muscle mass give him great durability, but Deadpool has the upper hand – the healing factor. Wade Wilson got shot in the head multiple times and had died in the comics but always pulled through.

Deadpool takes another point from this section and ultimately wins this fight.

Deadpool (4) : 2 Kingpin

Deadpool vs. Kingpin: Who wins?

Deadpool VS Kingpin: Who Would Win In a Fight?

After evaluating these two iconic characters, Deadpool takes this fight with both hands. Do not get us wrong; Wilson Fisk is a criminal mastermind that can crush and outsmart his opponents. Still, even his superior psychology and intelligence cannot compensate for the lack of weaponry, skills, and raw strength.

Deadpool is a “scatterbrain” most of the time and only wants to create chaos for his entertainment and his opponents, but when he focuses, Deadpool can win most of the fights. Kingpin has taken points in the mental state department and showed that he could tactically outsmart most of his opponents, but his true strength comes from his allies like Bullseye, Aaron Davis, and more.

Deadpool wins this fight, and Kingpin of the Crime would need more men power and better circumstances to beat the notable Merc With a Mouth.

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