Will There Be ‘The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2’? Here’s Everything We Know About the Sequel

Will There be 'The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2'?

Directed by Jeff Wadlow, known for truth, dare fantasy island, and Are You Afraid of The Dark?, and released on the 14th of October 2022. The Curse of Bridge Hollow is a fictional story about a small suburban town that has strong ties with Halloween. It follows a family (Howard, Emily, and their daughter, Sydney) and their move into Bridge Hollow. 

After finding a box containing a lantern in the attic of their new house. Sydney lights it, mistakenly releasing the curse of Stingy Jack, a curse that brings Halloween decorations to life. Howard, played by Marlon Wayans, and Sydney, played by Stranger Things Priah Ferguson, would have to survive zombies, spiders, clowns with axes, and a bunch of reanimated Halloween decorations to save their town from destruction in the hands of Stingy Jack.

Although the movie was made to add quantity to the spooky catalog, it contains really good special effects. So good that it made me wonder what audience it was targeted at. A family-friendly movie that has a horrific clown chasing kids with an axe is not the way to go. Despite its flaws, the movie delivers fun and predictable wholesomeness. You can read our review of the movie here.

Who is Stingy Jack? 

According to Irish Legend, Jack was a wicked man who lived in Bridge Hallow. The villagers, being fed up with Jack and his wicked ways, killed him. While in hell, the devil made him a lamp, a pumpkin carved out with the flames from hell. With this lamp, Jack is able to return to earth every Halloween but isn’t able to stay past midnight. 

Every time he came to earth, he would terrorize the villagers. This went on for hundreds of years. In 1927, Mrs. Hawthorn gathered a coven of powerful witches to get rid of the spirit of Stingy Jack once and for all. After he is conjured, Jack finds a loophole that enables him to stay on earth by replacing his soul in hell with another.

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Howard puts his feelings about Halloween aside to cast the spell that would make his wife safe and the entire town from ‘Stingy Jack. Emily decides to use actual sugar and gluten to make her baked goods. The movie ends on a fun and hilarious note after Howard and Sydney find a planked-up room with more boxes. This sets a perfect premise for a sequel. 

Would there be a sequel?

Will There be 'The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2'?

Although there is no news from Netflix surrounding the possibility of a sequel to ‘The Curse of Bridge Hollow,’ the ending of the movie strongly suggests a sequel. Especially putting into account the ambiguity of its target audience.

Despite the fact that Netflix has a history of making sequels and spin-offs of movies, it always depends on the popularity of the movie and the overall response to the movie. With the Halloween season lasting for another two weeks, it’s early to speculate if the movie is a hit or miss. For all we know, “The Curse of Bridge Hollow” might go on to become a cult classic and receive a sequel 20 years later like ‘Hocus Pocus.’

Netflix has a history of making sequels to its holiday-themed movies like Christmas but never a Halloween movie. In spite of the success of ‘Hubie Halloween,’ a Halloween movie that stars Adam Sandler, there has been no announcement of a sequel. One would hope ‘The Curse of Bride Hollow’ will receive a sequel.

What would be the possible plot of the sequel?

‘The Curse of Bride Hollow’ is based on Irish myth, and with all the boxes we see in the boarded-up room at the end of the movie. The writers, John R. Morey and Todd Berger are surely going to double down on Halloween legends and lore as source material. 

From the first movie, we know that the position of Mayor is a volunteer position, and we might see Howard become the Mayor. We might get to see how his scientific beliefs clash with that of a town that takes Halloween too seriously. 

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We got a different account of the Irish urban legend of Stingy Jack which had the origin of the Jack-O-Lantern, synonymous with the Halloween season in the first movie and with the other boxes in the attic. Here are possible plots for the sequel;

  1. A box filled with terrible lunch could be opened, plaguing the whole town with bad luck.
  2. All the boxes might be opened, dooming the whole town, only to be stopped by Sydney and her friends before midnight.
  3. A box might contain the souls of witches burned at the stake in Salem between 1692 and 1693
  4. The storyline could play into the lore of ‘Souling,’ also known as Trick-or-treating. 

In the possibilities listed above, the casting would predominantly be the same, with a few or more additions.

The storyline might also dive more into the Halloween of 1985 when a young Howard is dared by his friends to go into an abandoned building while trick-or-treating. This storyline might involve a whole new cast. It would be a prequel and show the lives of the former residents of the Hawthorn house.

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