Yakamoz S-245 Ending Explained & Will There Be More?


One of the more intriguing shows that you can watch on Netflix is Yakamoz S-245, which adds to the roster of post-apocalyptic shows that you can stream on the streaming giant’s massive library. The story of Yakamoz S-245 happens concurrently with another Netflix show called Into the Night, which premiered in 2020. Considering that they both have stories that happen at the same time, it is interesting to look at the ending of Yakamoz S-245. So, what happened at the end of Yakamoz S-245, and will there be more?

Yakamoz S-245 ended with Arman revealing to the crew that Umut had gone mad with power and that he had committed acts that were too heinous to the point that he had to be relieved of his command. Meanwhile, they also discovered that Arman’s father was still alive and was already aware of the catastrophe beforehand.

The chances of there being a second season of Yakamoz S-245 is pretty high, considering that the characters of the show were briefly featured in the final episode of Into the Night. Of course, the two shows are set to converge with one another. As such, let’s look at what happened at the ending of Yakamoz S-245 so that we’ll understand the future of the series.

What Happened At The Ending Of Yakamoz S-245?

Yakamoz S-245 is the newest international series that made its way to Netflix as it tells a story that happens in the same universe as Into the Night, which premiered on Netflix in 2020. That said, this series is a spin-off of Into the Night because it follows a story that is also affected by the events of the lethal effects of the sunlight.


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In Yakamoz, we follow the story of Arman Kaya, who lived in Turkey so that he could be far from the shadow of his father, Asil Kaya, one of the most powerful persons in the world because of his wealth. However, Arman was contacted by an ex-lover named Defne Eren, who offered him a chance to work with her to explore the Erebus Trench. The project was funded by Arman’s father, and that made him hesitate. Still, he agreed to take on the job together with the rest of the crew composed of Cem, Rana, and Felix.

Meanwhile, over at Adana, an intelligence officer named Hatice Celik discovered that the sun’s polarity has changed and is releasing deadly gamma rays that will kill people on contact. However, her discovery was put on hold so that she couldn’t reveal the information to the public.

Arman and company went on their mission and took a dive early in the morning while the sun was yet to surface. However, when they came back on board their boat, they discovered that everyone on their vessel had deserted it. Onboard the ship, they discovered a video left by Defne’s fiancé that the sun was causing the deaths of everyone on the planet and that they needed to head to a shelter so that they could stay safe from it.

Yakamoz S 245 But Why Tho.jpg 1

The crew decided to look for the shelter but stumbled upon the Yakamoz S-245 submarine, which took them on board and helped them out on their mission to look for the shelter after they revealed to the commander and the crew that the sunlight was killing everyone. Onboard the submarine, they were safe from the harmful effects of the sun, and that prompted them to stay inside the vessel during the daytime.

While they did find the aforementioned shelter, they also found that not even the shelter was enough to keep the sun’s rays from killing those that tried to save themselves, as Defne’s fiancé perished while in the shelter. They soon returned to the submarine only to realize that the crew of the vessel did not welcome them well enough due to how the mission to find the shelter caused the deaths of some of their crewmen. On top of that, commander Erenay died when he tried to prevent one of the crewmen from blowing the sub up due to a mental breakdown.

As such, Umut, who didn’t necessarily see eye to eye with Arman, took command of the ship and started issuing orders regarding where they needed to go. Their original plan was to go to Spain after they received word that there was food and shelter there. However, Umut changed the plans so that they could head to Norway because there’s a vault that housed the seeds of every crop on the planet. He wanted Arman and his crew of scientists to cultivate those seeds so that they could grow food, as the sun’s rays had also damaged all of the available food they could find wherever they went.

While on the ship, the crew found a stowaway in the form of Hatice Celik, who was one of the first persons to know about the change in the sun’s polarity. She said that she fled the base when her superiors tried to arrest her after she discovered the catastrophe. After that, she hid in the lower levels of the submarine undetected before they found her. Celiz also revealed some of the secrets of the former commander of the sub, Erenay, as he was actually contacting someone in the outside world.

On top of that, it was also revealed that Defne was also using her laptop to contact someone in the outside world as well. Nevertheless, it was never revealed who she was communicating with because she died when the crew went to Spain.

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Umut, who knew some of the secrets regarding Defne and was trying to keep his men alive, tried to convince the crew of the Yakamoz S-245 that she and their former commander were harboring secrets. Meanwhile, an angry Arman tried to assault Umut, and that led to him getting confined without food.

Arman asked to speak to Umut in private while he was confined, but he used the opportunity to reveal to the rest of the crew that their commander was also hiding his own secrets and that he had done things that were corrupt and violent. As such, the crew of the Yakamoz lost faith in their commander and arrested him. Second-in-command Yonca Yilmaz took over as the new commander of the Yakamoz S-245.

After Umut’s arrest, Celik deciphered a NATO message that was sent to Erenay as they found out that the Yakamoz was originally instructed to pick up Arman’s team before the events of the catastrophe even began. The commander was also instructed to take the team of scientists to an island in India. They also recovered a number that they tried contacting.


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To his surprise, the one at the end of the line was Arman’s father, Asil Kaya, who was safe at Diego Garcia airfield. He wanted Arman to join him there, and that’s where season 1 of Yakamoz S-245 was about to end as Arman and Yonca were talking about the next step in their plans.

The ending scenes of Yakamoz S-245 suggest that both Erenay and Defne were aware of the catastrophe all along and that they were in on the plan to bring Arman to his father to Diego Garcia. That’s because Arman wasn’t really going to listen to his father if he had been the one to tell him about what was going to happen, and it might be possible that Asil himself used his money and influence to come up with a plan that would bring his son over to his location so that he could stay safe from the deadly effects of the sun.

Considering that Arman wasn’t too keen on joining his father in the new world that he was talking about, he suggested to Yonca that they should route the submarine to Norway so that they could start over on their own without relying on his father’s money and influence to stay alive. This leads us to the events that happened at the end of season 2 of Into the Night, where Arman was seen in the seed vault in Norway.

In Norway, the trio of Arman, Rana, and Felix were seen coming out of the submarine to run towards the vault, where they found the survivors of Bulgaria near the entrance. This is where the events of season 2 of Into the Night and Yakamoz S-245 converge as we get to see the scene wherein Ayaz is pointing a gun at Markus to take revenge for the death of Ines, his lover.

Into the Night submarine guy

Arman pleaded with Ayaz to put the gun down, but he ultimately got shot. Nevertheless, he didn’t die at the end of Yakamoz S-245, and this leads us to believe that there are more things in store for this series.

Will There Be More Of Yakamoz S-245?

It can be inferred that the events of Yakamoz S-245 happen concurrently with season 1 of Into the Night. This means that season 2 of Into the Night happens concurrently with Yakamoz’s latter events. Of course, there are also plenty of things that can still happen in Yakamoz.

As mentioned, the ending of Yakamoz reveals that Arman was shot while in the seed vault in Norway, as this is the event that happened at the end of Into the Night season 2. This means that the two series will now converge.


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Also, there is the fact that Umut is still somewhat a threat to them. At the end of Yakamoz S-245, Celiz inquired about Arman’s father from Umut, who was still locked up. Umut convinced her to unlock him so that he could help the crew regarding the entire issue surrounding Arman and his father, as it is quite possible that Celiz and some of the crew members were more interested in joining Asil’s new world instead of growing their own food.

This is where it could get interesting for both Into the Night and Yakamoz S-245 because the two stories are now locked in with one another and that we are now looking at the possibility of Umut making things more confusing for the cast of Into the Night and the crew members of the Yakamoz submarine. As such, it is quite possible that season 3 of Into the Night or season 2 of Yakamoz S-245 will tell one and the same story.

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