Minecraft: You can Still Reach Far Lands & Here’s How

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Minecraft holds many mysteries, which were created as an error in the game’s coding. These mysteries wouldn’t be brought to life if it weren’t for the community that witnessed the irregularities and made up the stories that would get the general audience hooked. With the Far Lands, there was no story to get you hooked; it was simply a pure fascination with how a Minecraft world can look when it reaches its limits. The Far Land has a long history behind them, but can you still get to them in Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You could theoretically still reach the Far Lands in Minecraft. Still, since transitioning to 64-bit, they can no longer reach them through traditional means since they are located beyond the world border, which is set at 30 million blocks from spawn point 0,0.
  • The only way to reach them is to either go to previous game versions or to use a mod that removes the world border so you can reach them.

Far Lands are uh, something else

The far lands are a glitch fiesta that created some of the most beautiful sceneries in Minecraft to this day. It was a bug that appeared when infinite world generation was first introduced to Minecraft. It could be found exactly 12,550,84 blocks away from the spawn point 0,0, and it wasn’t easy to get to and go beyond.

It generated beautiful dissolving terrain filled with imperfect holes, making the view imperfect. It was a sight to behold and truly represented how the game disintegrated past it. The Far Lands aren’t just a mark of where it all goes south in Minecraft; it’s a collection of everything beyond that point that makes for an even more interesting view the further you go.

Why were they there?

As was already mentioned, the far lands were there because of a bug that occurred when Infinite World Generation was introduced to Minecraft. This happened because the game couldn’t process or create a number higher than the set value. Let’s make the explanation a bit simpler, though.

Let’s say you are a computer working with numbers, but you can only use two digits to write down a 3-digit number. So, for example, you want to write 100 but can only write up to 99. Computers use binary digits, so 0 and 1, to write down numbers. Modern computers use 64 binary digits to calculate, but older computers use 32 binary digits. The largest number Minecraft could handle was 2,147,483,647, but that’s not where the far lands began.

They came way sooner because of a thing calledPerlinn noise. We had Perlin noise to thank for world generation, and if Perlin noise went beyond the 32 integer limit, it would go crazy. Because one block in Minecraft is equal to 171.131 units of Perlin noise; the number was lowered to 12,550,224. This was fixed in beta 1.8 when they started using fractal noise for world generations that are 64-bit.

What version of Minecraft still has the Far Lands?

The far lands that people can reach only existed in the Minecraft version before beta 1.7.3 when they changed the noise used to generate worlds. The second part of this answer is that the Far Lands exist in all versions of Minecraft but can’t be reached in vanilla. That fractal noise we talked about before is the reason for it.

The Far Land now exists five quadrillion blocks away from the spawn point. This point is unreachable since the world border is located 30 million blocks from the spawn point. You could cross this border and try to make your way through to this point, but you’d have to use mods that break the world border and allow you to go past that 30 million block point.

How to get to the Far Lands in Minecraft

You can access the Far Lands by accessing older versions of the game. To do this, you must go to Minecraft Launcher and access the Installations page. Then you need to click on New and Create A New Installation. From there, it’s just a matter of choosing the game version you want, so in this case, anything before 1.7.3 beta is okay to choose.

There’s no teleport command in these game versions, so getting to the far lands will be daunting. You’ll have to manually walk the 12 million blocks and some more to get there. You might think of using the creative mode to get there, but the creative mode was introduced to Minecraft in 1.8 beta.

You could however go into peaceful difficulty and then use an auto clicker to walk to the Far Lands. This does mean that your PC will be turned on constantly and never exit the game if you want it done as fast as possible. I recommend the peaceful difficulty because this way, mobs won’t bother you and kill you once you set out to the Far Lands.

Modding through to the Far Lands

You also have the option of modding your way through to the Far Lands, so you can finally use any version of Minecraft available to see them. One such mod is the FarLands mod that brings them back and deletes the world border. The mod works with Fabric, so you’ll need to install it first, and it was last updated for the 1.16 version snapshot.

Another mod that works with version 1.17 is the Farlands mod – bring back the Far Lands and the Farther Lands. You can use this mod and enable and disable the Far Lands. You can even set when the Far Lands begin and finally see what lies beyond them, so let’s discuss what you can expect after going beyond the Far Lands.

What lies beyond the Far Lands

Far Lands Article

It’s safe to say that the Far Lands and anything beyond them are a cornucopia of madness and weird glitches. The glitches aren’t like anything else you might have seen, and they are interchangeable, but it should be easy to separate them.

Three sets of the Far Lands

The Far Lands consist of the Sky Far Lands, Vertex Far Lands, and the Depth Noise Far Lands. You wouldn’t be able to differentiate which one is which if you didn’t know how they looked, but you would notice changes in terrain generations.

The Vertex Far Lands come in many shapes and forms and occur when Sky or Void Far Lands meet with the corner of the traditional Far Lands. You can see completely blank, solid, or a mix of the two regarding terrain generation.

Fartherer Lands

The Fartherer Lands generate beyond the three sets of the Far Lands and are virtually impossible to reach without mods. Even if you were to reach them in previous versions of the game, it would get so laggy that it would become unbearable. The Fatherer Lands generate terrain that’s thinner from the Far Lands. The terrain features flat panels and strips of the block, marking the end of the ‘Swiss Cheese’ environment the Far Lands are known for.

Farthest Lands

If the Fartherer Lands are unreachable, you can only imagine where we stand with the Farthest Lands. The Farthest Lands are unstable and can often be generated as simply ocean and bedrock because the world failed to generate past that point.

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