Yuujirou vs. Pickle: Who Won the Fight & How?

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There are many powerful fighters in the Baki anime and manga storyline, and we all know that Yuujirou stands at the pinnacle of them all due to his title as the strongest creature on the planet. But while Yuujirou is the strongest of his generation, we know that a new character doesn’t belong in Yuujirou’s era. We’re talking about the caveman named Pickle, who actually had the opportunity to meet Yuujirou. So, who won the fight between Yuujirou and Pickle?

Yuujirou and Pickle never fought in a real fight. That’s because their only real meeting with one another was in a test of strength instead of an actual fight. In that test of strength, Pickle surprised Yuujirou because how he was able to withstand his strength without showcasing his true power.

Of course, it is safe to say that Yuujirou is still stronger than Pickle, not only in terms of raw strength but also when it comes to his overall abilities. The fact that they never fought is a real shame because it would have been interesting to see how strong this prehistoric man was. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened in the meeting between Yuujirou and Pickle.

Yuujirou and Pickle Never Actually Fought

One of the things that we know is that the next part of the Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre anime is the Pickle saga, which will allow us to meet the caveman named Pickle, who was thawed out from ice after spending 200 million years frozen. In that regard, Pickle’s prehistoric nature makes him one of the strongest characters in the entire Baki storyline, as he used to hunt dinosaurs to survive the harsh period he lived in.

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The introduction of Pickle changed many things in Baki because of how a caveman could showcase just how far human beings have fallen in terms of their physical capabilities. Of course, we’re talking about regular people because Pickle is far stronger than any other regular person in the Baki storyline. But we also know that there’s a person that’s not entirely normal, and we’re talking about Yuujirou Hanma, who is known as the strongest creature on the planet during his era.

Pickle doesn’t belong in that era because he was frozen in ice for 200 million years. As such, he immediately entered a time period where the alpha male of the human species is none other than the man called the Ogre, Yuujirou Hanma. And Pickle didn’t waste any time displaying just how strong he was when he met the Ogre.


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The thing about the meeting between Yuujirou and Pickle is that they never actually fought. In that meeting, Yuujirou simply wanted to know just how strong this primitive and prehistoric man was. As such, he entered a strength test with Pickle to see how strong the caveman was.

Of course, the first thing people would think is that Pickle is stronger than Yuujirou because he is so much bigger and has a muscle density that rivals Biscuit Oliva, who we know is the most muscular man in the entire Baki storyline. However, we know that Yuujirou has always been one of the strongest characters in Baki regarding raw physical strength and is right up there with Biscuit regarding his strength alone.

Pickle withstood a test of strength with Yuujirou, as it was clear that his raw caveman strength was up to par with the man known as the strongest creature on the planet. That means that Yuujirou and Pickle are just as strong as each other regarding base physical strength. But the catch here is that they weren’t putting their all in that test of strength, as it was clear that they were holding back a bit.

Is Pickle Stronger Than Yuujirou?

As mentioned, there was no clear winner in the test of strength that Yuujirou and Pickle engaged in. That’s because the Ogre was only testing just how strong Pickle is in terms of his physical capabilities. And it was clear that they weren’t putting their all in that test of strength because Yuujirou wasn’t even using his Demon Back, whereas Pickle didn’t even show his true serious mode.

That is why the only way for us to truly know whether or not Pickle is stronger than Yuujirou is to see how well he fared against some of the strongest fighters of that era. And these fighters aren’t close to the Ogre’s level.

In the fight against Retsu and Katsumi, we saw that the two fighters could block some of Pickle’s strongest attacks without sustaining any real damage. We know that Yuujirou is far stronger than both Retsu and Katsumi combined, and it is unlikely that they can block the Ogre’s attacks without sustaining serious damage.


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Hanayama is a huge man at the top regarding raw strength, as he is probably just below the likes of Yuujirou and Biscuit regarding his physical strength. In Hanayama’s fight with Pickle, he could stop a full charge from the caveman without even moving. But it is unlikely that Hanayama would be able to do the same if he had fought Yuujirou, as it is likely that a charging attack from the Ogre is likely to break Hanayama’s defenses.

Then there’s Jack Hanma, who is the closest to Pickle in terms of his physical abilities because experimental drugs enhanced him. Even though Jack is a lot stronger than most other fighters, he is clearly inferior to his father, as we did see Yuujirou easily picking him apart in their fight in the past. But Jack was able to give Pickle some problems before losing.

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Finally, there’s the fight with Baki, who Pickle struggled against the most. Baki’s attacks were strong enough to make Pickle cough up blood, which means he was strong enough to damage Pickle’s body with his attacks. But while Baki may be incredibly strong, his attacks couldn’t cause the same damage to Yuujirou in their fight. And Baki proved to be strong enough to push Pickle to the limit.

With all that said, the consensus is that Yuujirou is still far stronger than Pickle, even if the caveman were to fight him in his strongest state. Regarding physical strength, some people would say that Pickle is stronger than the Ogre. But the fact is that Yuujirou has showcased feats of strength that allowed him to overpower the strongest martial artists and fighters.

So, if Yuujirou were to use his Demon Back against Pickle, the conversation would be a lot different as the Ogre could easily defeat Pickle in both a test of strength and a true fight. That means that Pickle is still levels weaker than Yuujirou, even though he may be much stronger than the other fighters in Baki.

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