Baki Hanma vs. Ohma Tokita: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?

baki vs ohma

We know that only a few martial arts manga and anime series tend to be up to par with the fans’ standards. Two of the most popular are Baki and Kengan Ashura because they have main characters that are quite strong. We are talking about Baki Hanma, the star of Baki, and Ohma Tokita, the main character of Kengan Ashura. So, who is stronger, Baki Hanma and Ohma Tokita?

Baki Hanma should be able to win a fight against Ohma Tokita. While Ohma is strong and skilled, Baki showcases abilities that are superhuman because he far exceeds the limits of human abilities. While he doesn’t have superpowers, Baki has abilities beyond what Ohma can.

The thing about the world of the Baki manga and anime is that the characters in this world tend to have feats that are so incredible that no normal human being should be able to do what they can do regularly. While the Kengan Ashura characters are close to superhuman levels, they aren’t as exaggerated as the Baki characters. Now, let’s look at this fight in greater detail.


Baki Hanma’s strength has been steadily increasing throughout the storyline of Baki, as he could easily bench press 320 pounds when he was just a very young teenager. At his current level, he is at the level of characters like Yuujirou Hanma and Biscuit Oliva in terms of pure strength because he can easily lift things that no normal human being is capable of. On top of that, he is at the level of characters capable of stopping natural disasters, such as earthquakes, with a punch.

baki vs oliva

Ohma Tokita has strength levels beyond what the average human being can. As such, he can break incredibly hard objects with his fists and carry incredibly heavy weights. However, the thing about Ohma is that he was never portrayed as a character with the highest strength levels out of all of the different characters of Kengan Ashura. While he may be incredibly strong, his strength seems to be at the level of a peak athlete.


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While Ohma’s strength is still exaggerated, Kengan Ashura doesn’t exaggerate physical feats as much as the Baki storyline. That’s why Baki Hanma is stronger than Ohma, especially when using his demon back.

Baki 1, Ohma 0


Throughout the storyline of Baki, Baki’s speed has steadily increased due to his training and experience. However, at his peak, he became so fast that he could easily dodge attacks that move at speeds of 100 miles per hour. He can also move at speeds that are imperceptible to most human beings. And he was so fast that he could take a knife from the hand of a thug that could also move at incredible speeds without the thug noticing what he did.

Ohma Tokita has speed stats at the level of some of the fastest characters in the Kengan Ashura storyline. He is quick to react to the movements of his enemies and is quite skilled at dishing out attacks that tend to be too fast for most enemies to react to. Ohma can also overclock his heart to increase his speed and acceleration because of his inability to use some of his techniques.

Even though Ohma’s speed is on par with a peak-level athlete, the thing is that Baki is capable of superhuman speeds and is able to keep up with his father, who can be quite fast that he can strike at the speed of light.

Baki 2, Ohma 0


Baki Hanma is one of the most durable characters in the entire storyline of Baki, as he can survive getting hit by some of the strongest characters. Even when he was just 13 years old, he could tank a hit from his father, who was strong enough to kill other fighters with a single punch. Baki could also tank hits from Biscuit Oliva, who is said to be the most muscular man in the entire world. And there was a point in the storyline where he fought for 12 straight hours and called it a warm-up.

baki hanma fighting

Ohma Tokita has the endurance of an athlete at the prime of his life and is a lot more durable than any regular human being. He can take hits that can easily knock out any ordinary person and perform a technique that lets him completely replenish his stamina. This allows him to fight past his normal limits even after he has already burned through his stamina reserves in a fight.

Calling a 12-hour fight with an incredibly skilled fighter warm-up is a good reason to believe that Baki’s stamina reserves are nearly unlimited. On top of that, he can take hits from characters that can destroy entire buildings with their fists.

Baki 3, Ohma 0

Fighting Skills

Baki Hanma has no clear fighting style because he uses a good mixture of boxing, kicking, and grappling techniques. As such, he is a master of mixed martial arts and is skilled enough to use different forms of martial arts, just like his father, who is said to be a master of all forms of combat. Baki is also skilled at adapting on the fly, such as when he uses the same dinosaur techniques that Pickle used in their fight and resorts to an all-out brawl against Biscuit Oliva.

Ohma Tokita is known as a prodigy in the form of fighting as he is a master of image training, allowing him to train using his imagination while sleeping. He has done over 40,000 imaginary fights that improved his fighting skills for 14 years. Ohma also possesses kinetic vision, allowing him to see the power flow within his opponents. However, his Niko fighting style is his bread and butter, as this style relies on four different forms he has mastered.


Regarding fighting skills, Baki and Ohma are just as skilled as one another as they have abilities that allow them to adjust on the fly and fight opponents that use different martial arts. As such, we can’t tell who is the more skilled fighter between them.

Baki 3, Ohma 0


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Aside from his father, Baki has the greatest feats in the storyline of Baki because he accomplished things that other adults and veteran fighters weren’t able to accomplish. Baki defeated Biscuit Oliva, an opponent his father never defeated decisively. He also put fear into the heart of Pickle, an eight-foot-tall caveman that fought dinosaurs millions of years ago. And in his battle with Yuujirou Hanma, Baki made his father admit that he was already at his level even though the younger Hanma lost that fight due to fatigue.

baki vs biscuit

Ohma Tokita’s feats during the Kengan Tournament were very impressive because he defeated some of the strongest fighters that the different Japanese companies could field in that tournament. Of course, Ohma could get to the finals without facing Fang, who the Devil Lance defeated in the semis. But Ohma defeated some of the most decorated fighters on his way to the finals, where he lost to the Devil Lance. Despite losing, he still impressed many people in the tournament.


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Baki fought the strongest fighters in the world and defeated America’s strongest man while making the most powerful creature on the planet admit that they were already on the same level. Of course, Ohma also defeated Japan’s strongest fighters, but none were at the level of guys like Biscuit Oliva or Yuujirou Hanma.

Baki 4, Ohma 0

Baki Hanma vs. Ohma Tokita: The Bottom Line

Even though Ohma Tokita is often portrayed as a genius prodigy in the world of martial arts, the thing that needs to be considered is that Kengan Ashura is a lot more realistic than the Baki storyline, which is incredibly exaggerated. As such, the fact that Baki Hanma is stronger than Ohma is a product of the world that he lives in, as his universe has characters with exaggerated superhuman physical capabilities. That is why Baki is so much stronger than Ohma.

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