Zack Snyder Was Surprised by Fans’ Reaction to “Martha Scene” – “That’s Gonna Get Him, That’s Amazing”

batman v superman fight

Zack Snyder is currently promoting his latest movie, ‘The Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scargiver,’ but he’s also talking about his former movies, especially those that were part of the ill-fated DCEU.

Snyder commented a while back that Batman is boring if he is not put in a situation where he has to kill people. More recently, he also commented on Zod’s and Superman’s fight in ‘Man of Steel,’ saying that Superman is also fake if he is not able to kill Zod, as the character has to be put in a situation to kill villains to further cement his humanity.

Now one of the most notable scenes and plot twists in Snyderverse actually came from ‘Batman v Superman.’ Batman and Superman are fighting when they realize their mothers have the same name. In this moment, Batman realizes that Superman is more human than he thought. Fans were shocked by this, with the moment being turned into a meme. It’s not that the scene had an evergreen iconic feel to it; it felt incredibly cheap. Speaking with GQ, Snyder explained the rationale behind the scene:

You know that [Batman and Superman’s] mothers have the same name. Yeah, like imagine that Batman sees Superman as an alien, as a monster, but realizes that his dead mother has the same name as this thing that he considers nonhuman. Like, that’s gonna get him. That is gonna get him, that’s amazing.

The names supported the bond between Superman and Batman that was needed to make them allies. Despite fans savagely mocking the scene, Snyder is glad that fans are still talking about it.

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