Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” Collaborator Criticizes Superman Costume Reveal: “Who Thought This Was The Best Option?”

Fans Divided Over New Superman Suit Reveal The Downgrade is INSANE

Recently, we got our first glimpse of Corenswet’s Superman suit. The photo shows Superman donning his vibrant red boots, with background imagery hinting at an alien attack in the sky.

The costume received mixed reviews, with several notable criticisms, some more valid than others.

While fan discord and debate about the suit were prevalent, now industry professionals are also weighing in. Clay Staub, a writer, director, and unit director who collaborated with Zack Snyder on “Man of Steel” and other significant projects, both within and outside the DCEU, recently criticized Superman’s costume reveal. Staub claimed that the chosen pose did little to flatter the material and the suit itself.

Staub made it clear he wasn’t kidding and took a jab at Superman’s famous red trunks, which many people didn’t like in the costume (though some fans appreciated the nod to the old Donner movie).

People had mixed feelings about the suit. Most fans didn’t like the New 52 nods and thought the suit looked “cheap” and “fake.” They also noticed it seemed too loose on Corenswet, even though he worked hard to bulk up for the role.

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The new suit clearly draws from the styles of New 52 and Kingdom Come. Gunn previously mentioned that he’s mainly inspired by Alex Ross’ artwork, which is evident in the logo design. The logo, unveiled a few months ago, caused quite a stir as it didn’t resemble a typical “S.”What are your thoughts on the suit? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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