Fans Divided Over New Superman Suit Reveal: “The Downgrade is INSANE”

Fans Divided Over New Superman Suit Reveal The Downgrade is INSANE

Yesterday marked a significant day for fans eagerly awaiting the upcoming ‘DCU,’ as we were treated to the first glimpse of Corenswet’s Superman suit. The photo captures Superman donning his vibrant red boots, against a backdrop hinting at an impending alien attack in the sky.

The costume received mixed reviews, with some notable complaints arising. Many of these criticisms seemed unfounded, largely stemming from a reluctance among certain segments of the fandom to bid farewell to the Snyderverse.

The suit drew frequent criticism for being perceived as a step down from Cavill’s attire. Many fans noted that it lacked the appearance of being crafted by an advanced civilization.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that in many Superman narratives, his suit is typically crafted by Martha Kent, using the fabric he was discovered with.

Furthermore, there have been comparisons made to lower-budget projects, like ‘Superman & Lois,’ a CW series that was canceled after four seasons. It’s been rumored that Gunn didn’t want competing Superman adaptations.

I’m not sure why this is meant to be taken as an insult, especially considering that Tyler Hoechlin’s suit is quite well-done, in my opinion. Additionally, there are also plenty of compliments.

And it’s undeniable that everything, from the pose to the suit, makes Superman more relatable, bringing him closer to viewers.

The new suit clearly draws influences from the New 52 and Kingdom Come. Previously, Gunn clarified that his main inspiration for the suit’s appearance would be Alex Ross’ artwork, which is most evident in the logo. The unveiling of the logo a few months ago caused the most controversy, as it deviates from the traditional “S” symbol.

What are your thoughts on the suit? Share with us in the comments below!

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