Zoe Saldaña Comments on Her Return as Gamora to the MCU:”It Would Be a Huge Loss for Marvel”

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The third installment of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ hit theaters on May 5th, 2023, marking a significant success for the studio following the disappointing reception of ‘Quantumania’. Gunn initially proposed ideas for this final film in November 2014, later confirming his return as writer and director in April 2017.

However, Disney dismissed him from the project in July 2018 due to controversial Twitter posts, only to reinstate him by October of the same year. His comeback was announced publicly in March 2019, and production resumed once he completed his work on DC’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ and ‘Peacemaker’ series. Despite the movie’s success, Gunn had no plans to remain in the MCU, as he had already been appointed co-chairman and co-CEO of DC Studios, gearing up to lead a new and revamped DC Universe, replacing the existing DCEU.

In the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, by the movie’s conclusion, most of the team embarked on their own paths. Drax and Nebula remained at Knowhere to care for rescued children, while Mantis sought self-discovery apart from the group. Gamora rejoined the Ravagers, and Peter Quill returned to Earth to reconnect with his human heritage. The only remaining active members from the original team are Groot and Rocket.

In a recent interview with Deadline, Zoe Saldana discussed the possibility of reprising her role as Gamora in the franchise and the broader MCU.

I mean, so far, I think that she is [gone for good] for me, but I don’t think Gamora has gone for good.

Zoe is optimistic about the chance for Gamora to make a comeback, possibly portrayed by a different actress.

I would think it would be a huge loss for Marvel if they didn’t find a way to bring back The Guardians of the Galaxy .“It’s just such a fan-favorite group of misfits, you know? And then at the helm, they had a voice like James Gunn’s writing—which is just so marvelous for and very specific for this genre. And it’s so great for this genre as well. So, I would be the first one in the first row to sort of celebrate when the Guardians of the Galaxy come back.

Saldana’s character, Gamora, was previously written out of the MCU when Thanos sacrificed her on Vormir to obtain the Soul Stone. However, an alternate version of Gamora from a different timeline has since returned and remains part of the Guardians team.

Saldana isn’t the only actor considering leaving the MCU; Bautista also expressed his intention to move on from the role of Drax, seeking more serious roles in the future. Recently, Gunn has been asking fans to suggest roles for him in the DCU, suggesting a trend of casting former colleagues in minor roles across his upcoming projects.

Additionally, Gunn has recently cast his brother, Sean Gunn, as Maxwell Lord.

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