Achilles vs. Hercules: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Achilles vs. Hercules

Greek mythology is rich with great warriors and some of them are considered to be the greatest ones that have ever lived. One of the most popular ones is Achilles. Achilles was a great warrior who fought in the Trojan War. He was said to be the son of Peleus, king of the Myrmidons, and Thetis, a sea nymph. He was also said to be the greatest warrior of his time. The other one is Hercules. Hercules was the son of Zeus and Alcmene. He was a great hero who performed many great deeds. He is also said to be the strongest man that ever lived. In this article, we get to see who would win between these two great warriors. So, in Achilles vs. Hercules, who would win in a fight?

Hercules would win in a fight against Achilles. The fight between Achilles and Hercules would definitely be close, but ultimately Hercules would probably win. Hercules is much stronger than Achilles and that kind of power would give him an advantage. Achilles might be a better warrior and considered invulnerable except for his heel, but in a fight between these two, Hercules with his brute force would most likely hit that vulnerable Achilles tendon, and after that, it’s game over for Achilles.

However, we can compare these two great warriors from two points of view. From a historic point of view where we consider their combat skills, achievements, and their ‘human’ traits, and from a more mythological and entertainment point of view according to whom they possess some superhuman abilities. So, further on, that is exactly what we are going to do in order to provide an objective ruling.

Anthropological point of view

Up until this day, there are still debates about whether Achilles actually existed or whether it was only a myth. However, there are many different versions of the Achilles myth and story, and, in some, he is a great hero who fights for glory and honor, and in others, he is a vengeful warrior who is driven by rage and anger.

In all of these stories, Achilles is described as a great warrior who was known for his bravery, his strength, and skill in battle. Achilles is considered to be one of the best fighters of his time, had great reflexes with the spear being his most common weapon of choice. He was also an excellent swordsman not many could match in battle.

achilles greatest greek hero

On the other side, we have Hercules. Hercules is known for his strength and courage. He is said to be so strong that he could kill a lion with his bare hands and that he managed to defeat an army all by himself. He is a very skilled fighter with various kinds of weapons and is physically much bigger and stronger than Achilles. Despite being large and robust, Hercules is very fast with great reflexes in battle and is considered to have faster foot movements than Achilles.

So, that being said, if these two had no powers and ended up in a fight one against the other, Hercules would most likely always win. Achilles could maybe use his exceptional skills with a long spear to his advantage and keep Hercules at a distance from himself, but Hercules is much stronger and very fast on his feet so he would most likely find his way to get close to Achilles and then there is not much Achilles could do. So, if these two would be ‘regular’ humans and warriors, Hercules would win.

Achilles 0, Hercules 1.


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Mythology and entertainment

The mythology of Achilles and Hercules is one of the most inspiring and exciting of all ancient Greek tales. Achilles was a great warrior who fought in the Trojan War, and Hercules was a strongman who completed twelve impossible labors. Both Achilles and Hercules were brave, determined, and practically unstoppable.

However, there are some key differences between these two that are relevant for this comparison of their theoretical fight.

Achilles is often used as a symbol of strength and invincibility, but also of the dangers of overconfidence. Since his birth, he was destined for great things and his mother predicted he would be a hero people will remember for centuries. The story goes that Achilles was dipped into the River Styx by his mother in order to make him immortal.

However, she held him by the heel and this part of his body did not touch the water, making it his only vulnerable spot. He was trained from an early age to be a fighter and always demonstrated to be far more advanced than his teachers and friends. He also had an impenetrable armor made of gold that is said to be impervious to any weapon.


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Hercules is one of the most popular and well-known mythological figures in history. He was a demi-god, the son of Zeus and Alcmene, and was famous for his strength and heroism. In myths, he is often portrayed as a powerful warrior who fought against monsters and performed great feats of strength.

Hercules is superhumanly strong with only Zeus and a few others considered to be stronger. He was also superhumanly fast and agile. Apparently, he could outrun monsters and dodge various attacks. He is also very skilled with various weapons like swords and is also an excellent bow user. Hercules managed to finish all of the twelve labor bestowed upon him and those included fighting various beasts like Hydra, Ceryneian Hind, Nemean Lion, and Erymanthian Boar. All of his labors were extremely hard to deal with and not many believed he could do them.


So yes, these two were one of the best that ever lived among warriors, but both of them had their flaws also.

Achilles knew he was a great fighter, but because of that he became overly confident and entered in every battle too sure of himself and his victory. Nevertheless, he was always concentrated and cold-headed.

Hercules is portrayed as an icon of brute strength and power, but with a short temper and rather reckless as he on occasions lost his weapons and became desperate and nervous when the fight didn’t go as he planned.

So, all things considered, my ruling is that Hercules would win here also. Achilles is almost invincible and is a great fighter, but Hercules is superhumanly strong and even faster than Achilles so he would overpower him. Achilles is a more focused fighter so he could use that and distract Hercules who is sometimes reckless and short-tempered, but even then, his brute strength and wrath are even more enhanced.

Achilles 0, Hercules 2.


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Achilles vs. Hercules, Who Would Win In A Fight?

The short answer is that Hercules would almost certainly win in a fight against Achilles. Achilles was a great warrior, to be sure, but Hercules was stronger, tougher, and more skilled.

Of course, the question is a bit more complicated than that. Achilles was known for being almost invulnerable, thanks to his mother’s dipping him in the River Styx as a baby. However, there are several instances in which Achilles was wounded, including by an arrow to the heel, which ultimately led to his death. If Hercules were to land a similar blow on Achilles, it seems likely that he would be able to defeat him.

So, while Achilles was a great warrior, it seems likely that Hercules would win in a fight between the two of them.

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