Aggretsuko Watch Order: Including the Special

Aggretsuko Watch Order: The Complete Guide Including the Special (2022 Update)

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Aggretsuko is actually short for Aggressive Retsuko, is an ongoing Japanese ONA series focused on anthropomorphic animals. It is one of the better and more prominent examples of a modern-day anime trend, where anthropomorphic characters take the main roles in the series (another decent example is Odd Taxi). And while Aggretsuko never became a global hit, it still has a solid fandom, and that is why we have decided to tell you something about the show’s structure and how you should watch it. In this article, you’re going to get the complete watch order for the Aggretsuko series.

Aggretsuko watch order by release date

In this section, we are going to bring you an overview of Aggretsuko works in the proper release order:

  1. Aggretsuko (anime, 2016-2018)
  2. Aggretsuko, Season 1 (ONA, 2018)
  3. “We Wish You a Metal Christmas” (special, 2018)
  4. Aggretsuko, Season 2 (ONA, 2019)
  5. Aggretsuko, Season 3 (ONA, 2020)
  6. Aggretsuko, Season 4 (ONA, 2021)
  7. Aggretsuko, Season 5 (ONA,2023)

In the next part of this article, we are going to tell you how you should watch the series in chronological order.

How many Aggretsuko seasons & episodes are there?

The structure of Aggretsuko is different than what you’d expect because the series actually had a different evolution than most other manga and anime titles. Namely, Aggretsuko began in 2016 as a TV series consisting of anime shorts that were aired on Japanese television. A total of 100 shorts were aired before the show ended in 2018.


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But Netflix then picked up the idea, and the series was adapted in ONA format, starting in 2018. So far, there have been five seasons of the Aggretsuko ONA, with each having 10 episodes, bringing the total to 50. A Christmas Special episode was also released in 2018. This means that the ONA series has a total of 51 episodes spread through five seasons and a special, which means that the whole franchise had 151 episodes in total, 100 of which are shorts.

In what order should you watch Aggretsuko?

The overall structure of the Aggretsuko series is somewhat different than that of other anime titles; well, most of them. Namely, fans who want to enjoy the full story should start with the anime series that aired between 2016 and 2018, which has one season and 100 episodes, but all of which are shorts. Then, they need to move on to the Netflix ONA series, watch the first season, then the Christmas Special, and then continue with the seasons that came later.

Aggretsuko chronological watch order

1. Aggretsuko (2016-2018) – 100 episodes

Between April 2, 2016, and March 31, 2018, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television broadcast a collection of 100 anime shorts, each lasting one minute, all of which were directed by Rarecho by Fanworks. From January 18, 2017, Pony Canyon started releasing the shorts on DVD.

2. Aggretsuko (ONA Season 1, 2018) – 10 episodes

Retsuko, an office worker who has spent five years at the same employer, has to put up with numerous daily irritants. She unintentionally wears sandals to work and has to cope with coworkers who either ignore the task or kiss their boss’ behind. Ton, her boss, makes her perform mundane tasks like fetching tea and dusting his desk. Her desk is piled high with work, keeping her occupied well into the night. She then vents her anger at a karaoke bar while singing death metal. Retsuko unexpectedly runs into her free-spirited friend Puko while shopping at a clothing store.

Puko tells Retsuko that she intends to launch her own company while the two of them are having dinner at a restaurant, and she enquires about her interest in joining her. Due to her inability to quit her employment, Retsuko hesitates. However, she is prepared to leave her job after becoming even more frustrated at work—Tsunode gives her more paperwork while she observes Ton and Komiya daydreaming about playing golf.

Walking around Shibuya, Retsuko vented her annoyance with her supervisor on television. Retsuko tries to keep her coworkers from learning about her plans to quit her job and work in Puko’s shop, and she feels more tempted to retaliate.

But her plan to leave the job backfires when she realizes it’s not her dream career after all. To make matters worse, Ton, the Director, and Komiya find out that Retsuko has been considering how to leave the company and are aware of her plans; as a result, Director Ton refers to her as a “short-time worker” and abuses her authority by assigning her additional tasks.

Retsuko and her companion attend a wedding celebration and remark on the compatibility of the couple. Retsuko also offers the couple a large portion of her wealth as a wedding gift. She is miffed that she handed away the money when she soon gets a call from her friend.

Retsuko considers getting married, but she later muses that she could finally leave her job if she did so. With this strategy, she starts going to yoga lessons, where she meets and befriends her classmates, Washimi and Gori. Retsuko gets a call from her friend telling her that the couple is back together and that the money they received wasn’t wasted while they were apart.


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3. Aggretsuko Chrismas Special – “We Wish You a Metal Christmas” (2018)

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Retsuko neglects to plan anything for Christmas Eve because she is so fixated on obtaining likes on Instagram. Haida fears asking Retsuko out since he frequently dreams that she will reject him. Retsuko misses the Christmas Eve festivities because Principal Ton has her work too long at night. In a last-minute act of desperation, she prepares a straightforward supper at work and publishes it on Instagram on Christmas Eve.

Haida rushes to find her since she thinks she might be by herself. Due to the failure of their own plans, Gori and Washimi hang out with Retsuko in the meantime. On Christmas Eve, the three of them eat ramen. Retsuko meets Haida after the meal, and the two of them travel home together.

4. Aggretsuko (ONA Season 2, 2019) – 10 episodes

Retsuko grows more and more irritated with her mother’s intrusive behavior. Her mother first gives her an uncomfortable phone conversation, then she buys her a cosplay outfit, and ultimately, her mother pays a covert visit, and Retsuko thinks she’s a thief. When Retsuko’s mother urges her to go to a meeting with a suitor that she had organized, Retsuko freaks out because her mother had done it against her will. Anai is a new hire for the organization. At first impression, she appears kind and eager. Retsuko is tasked by Director Ton with properly educating Anai.

Retsuko meets the potential suitor at her mother’s suggestion; he is kind but not the right fit for her. Retsuko shows Anai how to complete the task while he is at work, but he is quite uneasy and continues messing up. Anai interprets Retsuko’s criticism of his performance as personal jabs at him. He starts sending Retsuko passive-aggressive emails on a regular basis where he accuses her of being abusive and wants a quick response.

5. Aggretsuko (ONA Season 3, 2020) – 10 episodes

Retsuko fills the emptiness left by their breakup with Seiya the unicorn, a virtual buddy, but she also indulges in careless in-game spending. She is surviving on bread crusts because her savings are almost gone. Meanwhile, Haida discovers Anai has a girlfriend and soon develops an existential crisis regarding his romantic situation.

Retsuko receives a substantial sum of cash from her mother as gas money after she and her mother later travel to a spa, and she plans to use it to treat herself to takeaway. But when she unintentionally backs into a minivan that is parked in the restaurant’s parking lot, everything goes wrong. Retsuko’s data is collected by the cheetah who drives the minivan, but he departs before giving Retsuko his own.

6. Aggretsuko (ONA Season 4, 2021) – 10 episodes

Retsuko relocates to a new place after leaving the OTM Girls, and Haida drives her there every day to ensure that she is safe. As Haida tries to make their friendship deeper and better, the business suffers severe losses as a result of a botched amusement park proposal that both the new director Himuro and Washimi rejected. Retsuko is tasked with purchasing a present for Ton, whose 30th anniversary as the head of the accounting division is coming up soon.

While pretending that she wants to help her, Fenneko tries to match-make Haida and Retsuko, but feeling frightened by Retsuko’s friendships with Tadano and Manaka, he invents an excuse to depart. Haida, who was on her way home, came across the company’s president collapsed close to the river and assisted him to the hospital.


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Retsuko is disappointed when she learns through this encounter the following morning that Haida lied the previous evening. In the middle of the night, Haida confides in Fenneko that he feels he is too commonplace and unworthy to date Retsuko, citing her connection with Tadano and her time spent as an idol as examples.

The following morning, Retsuko and Haida find out that Himuro has been chosen to take over as the company’s CEO after the current President. Despite Fenneko’s best attempts, the bond between Retsuko and Haida is still challenging. Himuro informs Ton that the corporation is reducing expenses and requests that the accounting division is shrunk.

7. Aggretsuko (ONA Season 5, 2023) – 10 episodes

Haida has been spending all his time and money on microtransactions in online video games and has become addicted to them. Retsuko puts an ultimatum on him to find a job before they can see each other. Haida’s brother kicks him out of the apartment, and he ends up at a net café where he meets a girl named Shikanabe and other people living in desperate situations. Retsuko finds out about his situation and rescues him, and they decide to live together and meet each other’s parents.

Retsuko and Haida start living together, but after a month, Retsuko becomes frustrated with Haida’s constant presence. Haida decides to pursue his passion for coding and becomes an IT engineer after speaking with his former boss and friends. They visit each other’s parents, and while Retsuko’s parents are understanding, Haida’s father and younger brother are revealed to be awful people, causing tension between the couple.


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The leader of the Rage Party, Mr. Ikari, seeks out Retsuko and convinces her to run as their candidate in the upcoming election, stating that her death speech could give a voice to the voiceless. With the help of her friends, Retsuko gains immense popularity but is ultimately defeated by Jiro’s campaign, which promises to remove older politicians from government positions. Despite her loss, Retsuko finds solace in support of her followers and enjoys a karaoke night with her friend Shikanabe.

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