‘Ahsoka’: Morgan Elsbeth Wasn’t Loyal to the Empire. Here’s Why She Helped Them.


Ever since we met Morgan Elsbeth in ‘The Mandalorian’ season 2, the popular thought was that she was an Imperial loyalist who was looking to bring Grand Admiral Thrawn back to the known galaxy so that he could unite the Imperial remnants. Of course, as the storyline of ‘Ahsoka’ progressed, it was becoming clear that this wasn’t the case. The season 1 finale proved that her loyalties were not in the Empire but in other things. So, why did Morgan Elsbeth help the Empire?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Morgan Elsbeth wanted to bring Thrawn back because this was the only way for her to see the return of her people, the Nightsisters of Dathomir.
  • Thrawn and the Great Mothers likely struck a bargain that involved taking sleeping Nightsisters to Dathomir so that the Dathomiri could finally have a home to call their own.

Morgan lost all of her people during the Clone Wars

Back in the events of ‘The Mandalorian’ season 2, Morgan Elsbeth was dismissed by most people as nothing more than just an Imperial remnant who was looking to see the Empire rising once more. Of course, she was the one who was responsible for searching for a way to get Grand Admiral Thrawn back, as some fans thought that she simply wanted to do so because she was loyal to both Thrawn and the Empire.


Then again, more things about Morgan were revealed. She told Baylan and Shin that she was part of a group of people called the Nightsisters of Dathomir. And while she may have been a witch, Morgan was a survivor of a people that became nearly extinct.

Back in the Clone Wars, Mother Talzin and the Nightsisters were allied with Count Dooku and the Separatists. However, after Talzin learned that Asajj Ventress, who was one of their own, was betrayed by Dooku, they decided to betray the Sith Lord as well by attempting to kill him. This did not sit well with Dooku as he sent General Grievous and a large army of droids to destroy the Nightsisters.

Grievous succeeded in doing so, as only a few Nightsisters could escape the onslaught. This included Merrin from the ‘Star Wars Jedi’ video game series and Morgan Elsbeth, who probably wasn’t on Dathomir when the attack took place.


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We also learned that Peridea, the very same planet where the Purrgil had banished to Thrawn, was actually the ancient homeworld of the Dathomiri before they left this galaxy to travel to the known galaxy and reside on Dathomir. And while the Nightsisters in the known galaxy were all but extinct, some were still left on Peridea, as we saw when the Great Mothers were revealed.

Morgan was loyal to Dathomir alone

Morgan Elsbeth successfully reached Peridea, where she rendezvoused with the Great Mothers and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Throughout the entire time, she was seemingly loyal and obedient to Thrawn and his authority. But something was clearly happening behind the scenes, especially when we factor in Morgan’s Nightsister heritage.

In the season 1 finale, there was a moment wherein Morgan told Thrawn that she was loyal to him, only for the Grand Admiral to correct her by telling her that she should be loyal to the Empire.  Then, moments later, Thrawn was seemingly able to sense that Elsbeth’s loyalties lay elsewhere, and that was when he asked her to be the one to be left behind to slow down Ahsoka and her allies while they were on their way to stop Thrawn from leaving Peridea.

elsbeth blade

Before leaving, Thrawn said the words “for the Empire.” But after Thrawn left, Morgan said the words “for Dathomir.” This means that she was always loyal to Dathomir instead of Thrawn or the Empire. Her actions in ‘The Mandalorian’ and in ‘Ahsoka’ were all for the sake of Dathomir. And this kind of makes sense because she hardly ever talked about the Empire.

Of course, it would make sense for Morgan to be loyal to Dathomir if we factor in our theory regarding what’s inside the coffins that Thrawn loaded into the Chimaera and brought back to Dathomir after escaping Peridea.

The Great Mothers made a deal with Thrawn

From what we’ve seen in ‘Ahsoka,’ the Great Mothers were loyal to Thrawn and were willing to do whatever he asked them to do. But there’s a good reason why that is so, and we can actually connect the dots one by one after Ezra told Ahsoka and Sabine that Thrawn found the Nightsister fortress and woke up the Great Mothers.


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As we all know, Peridea was the ancient homeworld of the Nightsisters before they made their way to the known galaxy, where they settled in Dathomir. That means that they came from Peridea, which used to be the site of the great kingdom of the Dathomiri before its fall. And there was a reason why the kingdom fell and why the Dathomiri left Peridea.

But it is more than possible that a few other Nightsisters failed to leave Peridea and were stuck there. So, if that’s the case, the coffins could contain the sleeping or dead bodies of the Nightsisters. They have likely been asleep for a very long time, as we could get this from Ezra’s statement regarding how Thrawn woke up the Great Mothers. It is possible that the Great Mothers and the other Nightsisters decided to enter a long sleep while preserving their bodies using Magick after they realized that they could no longer leave Peridea.

coffins 1

So, when Thrawn woke the Great Mothers up, the trio of Nightsisters struck a deal with Thrawn so that they could all leave Peridea. The Great Mothers contacted Morgan Elsbeth across time and space to tell her how to get to Peridea so that she could bring Thrawn and the other Nightsisters to the known galaxy. This was a win-win situation for both sides because they benefitted from the arrangement.

Of course, in Morgan’s case, she was more than willing to be the most important instrument in the plan because she wanted to see her people rise again. As such, the coffins containing the Nightsisters were likely brought to Dathomir so that the Dathomiri could once again rise up after the Nightsisters nearly went extinct during the Clone Wars. That was why Morgan was more than willing to give her life up to the cause, as she simply wanted to see the return of the Nightsisters.

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