Who Are the Great Mothers in ‘Ahsoka’? Meet Nightsister Trio

the Great Mothers

In the expansive Star Wars universe, ‘Ahsoka‘ introduces us to the enigmatic Great Mothers, a trio of powerful Nightsisters. Delving into their mystique helps us unravel some fascinating threads about these otherworldly witches.

Article breakdown:
+ The Great Mothers are a powerful trio of Nightsisters introduced in ‘Ahsoka’, possessing unique and unparalleled abilities in the Dark Magicks.
+ The Great Mothers’ ability to foresee events draws a significant parallel to the Fates from Greek mythology, emphasizing destiny and foresight.
+ While the trio possesses extensive powers, they have limitations, evident from their oversight of Sabine Wren’s presence.

Meet the Great Mothers: The pinnacle of Nightsister power

In ‘Ahsoka,’ the Great Mothers emerge as a formidable power trio. These are Nightsisters unlike any we’ve seen, standing at the zenith of their mystique and might.

Morgan Elsbeth’s journey is deeply intertwined with them. These enigmatic figures cast long shadows as she navigates her path, holding keys to ancient secrets and vast knowledge. Their command over the Dark Magicks is unparalleled, making them central players in the unfolding saga.

Their presence doesn’t just give depth to the Nightsisters’ lore; it beckons us into a deeper understanding of the Star Wars universe. Encountering them feels like a dive into an ancient legend, now vividly coming to life. Their story is one waiting to be unraveled, and their power is a testament to the endless possibilities in this vast cosmos.

Unraveling the power of the Great Mothers

There’s something truly mesmerizing about the Great Mothers. These Nightsisters, distinct from others, radiate an aura that’s captivating and mysterious. Their unique connection to the Force gives them abilities that even seasoned Jedi and Sith find hard to comprehend.

In the ‘Ahsoka’ series, their might becomes palpable. They can precisely sense connections to the Force, even picking out the faintest echoes like Sabine Wren’s. It’s a gift, or perhaps a well-honed skill, that sets them apart.


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I’ve always been drawn to characters with depth, and the Great Mothers fit that bill perfectly. Their blend of ancient knowledge and unparalleled power adds a rich layer to the narrative.

While they’re shrouded in mystery, one can’t help but feel a mix of awe and curiosity. To me, they epitomize the essence of Star Wars – a universe filled with infinite wonders waiting to be discovered.

Their ancient home: Peridea’s secrets

Peridea isn’t just another planet in the Star Wars lore. It’s the ancient homeworld of the Nightsisters and, specifically, the Great Mothers’ sanctuary. As Morgan Elsbeth landed on this enigmatic world, the air was thick with both history and mysticism.

The planet holds clues to the Nightsisters’ past. Its significance is underscored when Baylan Skoll mentioned it as the ancient graveyard of the Purrgil, creatures that journey to Peridea at the end of their lifespans. This connection to the end of life cycles adds another intrigue to the planet’s rich tapestry.

What’s particularly fascinating is why the Great Mothers, beings of such immense power, would choose to stay on Peridea for so long and, even more puzzling, why they might wish to leave. Such questions highlight the planet’s duality – a place of both ancestral power and unresolved mysteries.

Every corner of Peridea feels like a page from a history book waiting to be read. As the story of ‘Ahsoka’ unfolds, the secrets of this ancient home promise deeper insights into the Great Mothers and the Nightsister legacy.

The Greek connection: Inspiration behind the trio

Delving into the Star Wars universe, one can often spot reflections of our own world’s myths and legends. With the Great Mothers, there’s a compelling parallel to Greek mythology’s renowned figures: the Fates.

The Fates, three powerful goddesses in Greek tales, are known for weaving the threads of destiny. They possess the unique ability to see past, present, and future, dictating the courses of mortal and godly lives alike. This concept resembles the Great Mothers’ role in ‘Ahsoka,’ as they also work together to peer into the future.

While the Fates possess an omniscient view of events, the Great Mothers have their limitations. For instance, their inability to detect Sabine Wren’s arrival suggests that, unlike the omnipotent Fates, they have blind spots. Still, the underlying theme of destiny and foresight is hard to ignore.


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Drawing from such rich, classical inspiration, the creators of ‘Ahsoka’ have artfully interwoven ancient tales into the fabric of the Star Wars narrative. It’s a testament to how stories, no matter how old, continue to inspire and resonate across galaxies and epochs.

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