Alexander Skarsgård To Lead ‘Murderbot’ Series on Apple TV+

Murderbot Diaries

Alexander Skarsgård, known for his roles in “True Blood” and “Succession,” is set to star in a new Apple TV+ series. This show is based on the ‘Murderbot Diaries,’ a science fiction series by Martha Wells. The series has gained a lot of attention for its unique story and has even won the Hugo award.

‘The Murderbot Diaries’ are about a security android that has overridden its control module. This android, played by Skarsgård, finds itself both horrified and fascinated by human emotions. It longs for solitude but gets entangled in human affairs. The main character wants nothing more than to watch soap operas and find its place in the universe.

Apple TV+ has been planning this series for a while. They acquired the rights about a year ago but had to delay due to industry strikes. Now, the project is moving forward. Skarsgård isn’t just the lead actor; he’s also an executive producer. The Weitz brothers, Chris and Paul, known for “About A Boy,” are handling the writing and directing. Other big names involved include Andrew Miano, Keith Levine, and David S. Goyer, the showrunner for “Foundation.” Martha Wells, the author of the books, is also on board as a consulting producer.


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The show is gearing up for production early in 2024. All 10 episodes have been written, according to This is exciting news for fans of the Murderbot Diaries and science fiction in general.

The series has a compelling narrative, following a character that is part robot, part human. This character, known as a SecUnit, develops independence and starts forming emotional connections, which it finds rather troublesome.

The first book, “All Systems Red,” came out in May 2017, followed by several sequels like “Artificial Condition” and “Rogue Protocol.” There’s even a full-length novel titled “Network Effect.” The latest in the series is “System Collapse,” released in November 2023.

This series looks promising, especially with Skarsgård at the helm. It’s not just another sci-fi show; it’s a story about finding one’s identity and dealing with the complexities of emotion. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing how Apple TV+ brings Murderbot to life.

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