All 10 Naruto Tailed Beasts Ranked from Weakest to Strongest

All 10 Naruto Tailed Beasts Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

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Among a plethora of extremely powerful characters in the Naruto universe, the tailed beasts stand out as the most powerful being out there. However, who is the most powerful one out of these otherwise most powerful characters? Here is a list of tailed beasts ranked from weakest to strongest!

10. One-Tails – Shukaku

All 10 Naruto Tailed Beasts Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

Shukaku is a sandy-brown tanuki with cursed seal marks all over its face, body, and tail in black, dark blue in the anime. It has a jagged, concave mouth with no tongue, and its eyes have black sclerae with yellow irides and pupils shaped like a black four-pointed star with four black spots surrounding it. 

Shukaku in its youth, during the final days of the Sage of Six Paths, appeared much the same as it does now, albeit considerably smaller, with shorter ears and more spread out markings.

Shukaku has a lot of chakras and can execute the Tailed Beast Ball because he’s a tailed beast. Because of the potential of mass casualties, if its jinchriki lost control and fully turned into Shukaku inside of Suna, the people were advised to either leave or seek refuge ahead of time. 

Shukaku has the power to influence its jinchriki when they sleep, causing sleeplessness in its host. Shukaku possesses incredible physical power while utilizing its tail, as seen by its ability to break and even annihilate a senjutsu-enhanced humanoid Susanoo by overlapping it with the other tailed creatures.

Shukaku’s most noteworthy talent is his ability to manipulate sand and use it as a weapon and shield. Because the tanuki’s whole body is comprised of sand, it can disregard most injuries that would normally be fatal, as seen by its ability to battle after having one of its arms cut off by Gamabunta. 

9. Two-Tails – Matatabi

All 10 Naruto Tailed Beasts Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

Matatabi, like a bakeneko, has two tails and is entirely enveloped in flames which are a cobalt blue and black color in the anime, making it immediately recognizable. 

It also possesses heterochromatic eyes, with yellow on the right and green on the left, comparable to an odd-eyed cat with no pupils. Matatabi grew in size when Tobi forced it to change, compared to when Yugito unleashed it. 

Matatabi was a tiny flame kitten during the latter days of the Sage of Six Paths’ life, much smaller than it is now, but still considerably larger than the Sage.

Matatabi, being a tailed beast, has an abundance of chakra that it may transfer to others and use to construct the Tailed Beast Ball. 

It can utilize Fire Release, which it may lend to its jinchriki to produce fireballs, as its look suggests. Matatabi’s muscles are very flexible, allowing it to move quickly despite its bulk. 

Matatabi’s sheer power allows it to effortlessly smash or send an opponent flying with a single sweep of its paw. It could fracture and totally demolish a senjutsu-enhanced complete Susanoo when coupled with the tails of the other tailed creatures.

8. Three-Tails – Isobu

All 10 Naruto Tailed Beasts Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

Isobu has a huge turtle-like shell, spikes all over its body, and three shrimp-like tails. It contains a red, muscle-like substance under its shell. 

It possesses human-like arms and hands but no back legs. His face is hidden behind a big forehead and a lower jaw with spikes on both sides. It has red eyes with crimson pupils. The eyes in the anime are red, with yellow pupils.

Isobu, like the Akimichi clan’s Spiked Human Bullet Tank, can roll into a ball to move about swiftly and strike its opponents, making full use of the protrusions on its shell. Isobu’s thick skin and shell provide extra protection, allowing it to survive almost any attack. 

It can also hit its opponents with any of its three spiky tails, breaking through most defenses. Isobu’s sole known physical weakness is its eye; despite its strong skin and shell, it is unable to harden its eyes and thus seems to keep one closed at all times in the anime.

Isobu’s powers can build enormous tidal waves around it and create shockwaves to resist assaults, allowing it to overpower Guren’s Crystal Release multiple times during their combat.

 When Isobu ate, hundreds of microscopic copies of himself attacked the food in its stomach, apparently to speed up the digestive process.

 It was also proven to be capable of Space-Time Ninjutsu, manifesting an entrance to a distant realm where it could disguise its existence until it was ready to return to its original location.

Isobu likes Water Release since he is a turtle. It has been depicted in the anime to launch massive water blasts capable of demolishing an entire rock face demonstrating the ability of natural transformation.

7. Four-Tails – Son Goku

All 10 Naruto Tailed Beasts Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

Son Gok is a gorilla-like red-furred and green-skinned monkey with a gorilla-like physique. It features yellow irises and white pupils in its eyes, spike-like protrusions down the length of its tails, enlarged blunt teeth, and two long horns arching upwards like a crown on its forehead and both its fangs and horns are dark-tipped. 

Son’s mouth lacks a tongue, instead of having an entrance shaped like a dome volcano. Son was considerably smaller and thinner with lesser fangs during the Sage of Six Paths’ last days.

Son Gok, being a tailed beast, has a huge amount of chakra and can summon the Tailed Beast Ball. Son also appears to be skilled in taijutsu, displaying surprising nimbleness for his bulk by delivering strong and well-timed kicks to his opponents. Son possesses considerable physical strength, as seen by his ability to lift and hurl Gyki with ease.

Son can utilize both Fire and Earth Release at the same time, allowing it to employ Lava Release. It has the ability to erupt volcanoes and, while never being utilized in the tale, can breathe a torrent of green-colored fire.

6. Five-Tails – Kokuo

All 10 Naruto Tailed Beasts Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

Koku has the appearance of a white horse with a dolphin’s head. It has two pointed longhorns and three lesser horns in front.

It has tan horns, hooves, and tails, with some of the same-colored dots on its horns and hooves before the tan regions. Under its dark blue-green eyes, it also bears crimson markings. 

Koku was considerably smaller than it is now during the latter days of the Sage of Six Paths, and its horns were also shorter.

Koku appears to be a reserved and quiet person. Though it doesn’t say much, Koku refers to itself with the somewhat old-fashioned, which makes it seem quite courteous. 

As a tailed beast, it is likewise displeased at being manipulated and used as Tobi’s puppet during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Koku announced after the conflict that it wishes to seclude itself in the forest, implying that it is a pacifist who no longer desires confrontations.

Koku has a lot of chakras because he’s a tailed beast, and he can utilize it to make a Tailed Beast Ball. Its determination is incredible since it was the only tailed beast to break free from Tobi’s influence and attack the masked man, although briefly. 

Kokuo is also physically strong and utilizes its horns in battle, demonstrating enough ramming force to hurt and knock Gyki a long-distance away.

Koku can raise the temperature of its chakra to its boiling point by mixing water and fire-natured chakra to generate Boil Release. 

This skill is the foundation of steam-based ninjutsu, which grants the user, or jinchriki, overwhelming physical power. This ability enables the jinchriki to expel copious amounts of steam from their body when used.

5. Six-Tails – Saiken

All 10 Naruto Tailed Beasts Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

Saiken is a massive bipedal slug with stubby arms, feet, and six long tails that is white with a mild blueish tinge. It has two large optical tentacles which serve as his eyes and a mouth with hole-like apertures. It has a thick, slimy material covering its entire body.

Saiken was considerably smaller than it is now during the latter days of the Sage of Six Paths’ life, yet it was still far larger than the Sage.

Though nothing is known about Saiken’s mentality, the enormous slug refers to itself as ore. It also has a dialect that is thought to be sakaben in origin. 

In the anime, Saiken appeared to be gentler and less self-serving and evil than most other tailed monsters, since it looked ready to assist Utakata to save Hotaru and subsequently just withdrew back into Utakata without attempting to take him over. 

It was not beyond murdering for self-preservation, as evidenced by Harusame’s death when he sought to free it from its jinchriki. It has a high-pitched voice and looks to be highly active in the anime.

Saiken has an abundance of chakra that it may freely share with others and use to form a Tailed Beast Ball. He has demonstrated the capacity to release corrosive chemicals in the form of liquid or gas that may quickly destroy its target upon contact.

Saiken is considered to have incredible endurance, being able to handle being thrown a long distance by Kurama. 

Water Release is a favorite of Saiken’s. It has the ability to release sticky, adhesive material from its lips that can capture its prey. It can utilize Soap Bubble Ninjutsu in anime.

4. Seven-Tails – Chomei

All 10 Naruto Tailed Beasts Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

Chomei has the appearance of a blue, armored kabutomushi, with six of its seven tails resembling green insect wings and a seventh tail that grows from the end of its belly. 

The tail’s stem is green, while its wings are orange. Its eyes appear to be hidden behind a helmet-like cranium, which emits an orange glow from within. It also has six legs, three on each side, and spike protrusions on its shoulders, as well as a row of slits on each shoulder.

The blue armor also covers the legs, except for the extreme ends, which are green. It features two pincers on its face, each with three sections, that cover a mouth full of sharp fangs. 

It has a huge two-sectioned horned protrusion on its back behind its skull. Chomei was at its larval stage of development during the Sage of Six Paths’ final days, was totally green except for its tails, which were a lighter shade of green, had seven full tails instead of wings, and had red eyes.

Chomei appears to have a happy-go-lucky personality, which it appears to share with its jinchriki, as evidenced by its introduction to Naruto when it referred to itself as “Lucky Seven Chomei,” which could be an allusion to the fact that it has seven tails and the number seven having long been associated with luck and happiness. It had a propensity of saying lucky in conversation, which reflected its personality.

Chomei, being a tailed beast, has an abundance of chakra that she can share with others and can utilize the Tailed Beast Ball. It has the capacity to fly and can produce blinding powder with its wings. 

It also uses insect-like attacks, like biting or pushing the adversary with its horn. It may also form a Cocoon in the anime, which slows down Chakra Absorption Techniques. It is extremely durable, enough to resist Kurama slamming it on the ground.

3. Eight-Tails – Gyuki

All 10 Naruto Tailed Beasts Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

Gyuki is a kind of ushi-oni with four long horns on its head, like those of a Jacob sheep. It is a gigantic tailed beast that dwarfs whole woods and towers above vast rock formations and structures, equals to the scale of the Giant Squid. 

When battling the Ten-Tails, the lower-left half of its horns was permanently chopped off in a battle with A, and the right horns were destroyed by its own point-blank Tailed Beast Ball. 

It also possesses straight fangs, one of which was blown out during the Tailed Beast Ball’s point-blank conclusion.

Kisame and Kurama considered Gyuki to be the second most powerful among the nine-tailed monsters. Even the Third Raikage, regarded as Kumo’s finest shinobi, established a special squad to subdue and seal it throughout its numerous rampages, with the ushi-oni once battling the Third to a standstill. 

Due to Gyuki’s immense strength, the Fourth Raikage once prohibited B from fully changing into it. Despite a previous injury, Gyki held its own against two other tailed creatures during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Gyuki possesses incredible physical power, being able to hold Kurama, confine its Tailed Beast Ball, and simultaneously overcome two charging-tailed monsters. 

It is deceptively swift, with tentacles that can attack quickly and a fist that can stop Amaterasu. Its razor-sharp horns are capable of readily impaling a human. 

Gyuki is tough enough to withstand its own Tailed Beast Ball. It can spin its tentacles quickly to produce a massive tornado, or it may wrap them around its body to defend itself from hostile strikes. Sharp assaults with adequate force, however, can sever the tentacles.

Gyuki may use the Tailed Beast Ball in a variety of ways, including firing it normally, consecutively, or in a huge wave. It has the power to destroy an entire valley, pass through nine barriers without exploding, and even re-enter the Ten-Tails’ own Tailed Beast Ball. 

Gyuki, unlike other tailed creatures, can supercharge it, resulting in a beast that is several times its original size and considerably more powerful. It may generate ink to blind its opponents or construct ink clones to seal them, in keeping with its octopus motif.

2. Nine-Tails – Kurama

All 10 Naruto Tailed Beasts Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

Kurama is a red-orange kitsune with nine long swiping tails and black hair around its crimson eyes that reaches up to its ears. It also possesses human-like upper body anatomy, including opposable thumbs on its clawed hands. 

Kurama’s size increased to nearly match that of the Hokage Rock over time, but Gamabunta was only the size of Kurama’s midsection. Its pupil alone is the size of a tall person.

Kurama is regarded as the most powerful of the nine-tailed monsters. The fox was too powerful and dangerous to be left running free, according to Hashirama Senju, who could control it. 

Kurama was nevertheless able to beat five other tailed creatures despite having just half of their power. Kurama’s full strength was restored after the Fourth Shinobi World War when its two parts rejoined inside Naruto, allowing him to destroy Toneri’s enormous golem and Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s elemental construct. 

He was able to appear outside of Naruto afterward, letting the two battle separately and apart from each other.

Kurama may produce a Tailed Beast Ball and shoot it as a beam or a fast blast of spheres as a tailed beast. Kurama, unlike other tailed creatures, can supercharge it, multiplying its size for far greater strength, even on wisps of chakra. 

One of them was powerful enough to defeat a Tailed Beast Ball created by five tailed monsters working together. Toneri’s huge golem might be blasted through the moon and into orbit if Kurama’s Tailed Beast Ball was at full strength.

1. The Ten-Tails (Juubi)

All 10 Naruto Tailed Beasts Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

The Ten-Tails is a massive brown beast with a hand that is bigger than any of the tailed creatures. While the beast comes in a variety of shapes, the most frequent features include a single eye that takes up the majority of its head and spiky protrusions coming out of its back in the style of a conch shell. 

He has a hideous bulb-like torso with extended arms and clawed hands, but no visible rear legs, as well as a large mouth with numerous rows of sharp teeth and a single spike on its chin when it was first revived in an unfinished state.

The parent of all that exists in the world is supposed to be the Ten-Tails. It is a deity that can devour seas, split land, and transport mountains. 

Kurama acknowledged that it wouldn’t be able to defeat the Ten-Tails on its alone and that the Sage of Six Paths predicted that its resurrection would bring the world to an end. 

He cannot be detected using conventional methods since he emits the same feelings as the natural energy that circulates throughout the planet. 

He also can control natural energy. When Naruto used Sage Mode to assess his strength, he was overwhelmed by the beast’s immensity, which Kurama stated was unfathomable.

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