Here Is How Gaara Is Alive in Boruto!

Here Is How Gaara Is Alive in Boruto!

Gaara is one of the better and more popular supporting characters from the Naruto franchise. This moody villain-turned-hero was popular even way back when he debuted in Naruto and although he seemingly died in Kishimoto’s original series, he is back in Boruto and the fans are loving it. Now, while we are happy to see him back in the series, we are also wondering how Gaara survived in Naruto, and that is why we have decided to write this article. In it, we are going to reveal how Gaara is alive in Boruto!

Gaara originally died when Shukaku is removed from his body. Naruto and his team were able to retrieve him but not revive him. Chiyo then trades her life for his. As life returned to him, Gaara saw a vision of himself, now friends with Naruto. He woke up to find himself surrounded by not only Naruto and his team, but also his siblings and the dozens of other Suna-nin that have been tirelessly trying to locate and save him.

The rest of this article is going to, of course, focus on Gaara and his story in Naruto and Boruto. We are going to elaborate on how he survived the series, but also give you some additional answers to some related questions concerning Gaara. We have to warn you that there will be a lot of spoilers ahead, so if you’re not fully up-to-date with the story, you should be careful how you approach the text.

Does Gaara appear in Boruto?

If you’ve seen Episode 59 (“Boruto vs. Shikadai”) of the Boruto anime series, you’ll have noticed that Gaara makes an appearance in the episode and that he is, indeed, alive and well. Now, Gaara’s story is quite well known, but for those of you who don’t know how Gaara actually survived the events that led to his appearance in Boruto, here is a quick summary.

Having become the Fifth Kazekage during the time between Parts I and II, Gaara became the target of the Akatsuki who sought to extract Shukaku from him. Gaara was able to hold Deidara back, going so far as to crush an arm, having the upper hand for much of the chase. However, his devotion to Suna Village benefited Deidara who threatened to detonate one of his most devastating bombs.

Gaara avoided any catastrophe by creating a cyclopean sand shield above the village which made him very tired. Deidara took the opportunity to launch a surprise attack forcing Gaara to use the sand with which he had crushed Deidara’s arm to protect himself. But this sand was filled with clay bombs that exploded inside Gaara’s sand cocoon.

He was then at the mercy of his adversary, totally unconscious. He was then brought to the Akatsuki’s hideout, unconscious. Despite Team Kakashi’s best efforts to save Gaara, they failed to stop Shukaku’s extraction causing his death. Naruto Uzumaki then burst into tears over his dead body, regretting that he once again failed to save a friend after Sasuke’s desertion.

He vented his anger against the Suna shinobi for sealing a Demon within him and leaving him in pain for so long. However, Chiyo, with Naruto’s help, managed to bring Gaara back to life through her resurrection spell, sacrificing her own life, hoping it would acquit her of all her past mistakes, and counting on Naruto and Gaara to change the shinobi world together.


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Gaara then woke up, surprised to see so many people surrounding him, and making sure he was okay. Thus, for the first time, Gaara felt true love, erasing his loneliness. He then ordered everyone to pray for Chiyo. Before heading back to Konoha, Naruto, by his own admission, wasn’t proving to be very good at goodbyes. Gaara then used the sand to bring them closer with a first handshake, symbolizing their budding friendship. Even in Shukaku’s absence, Gaara proved able to control the sand and returned to perform his role as Kazekage.

How old is Gaara in Boruto?

Based on the information we have about the ages of the Naruto and Boruto characters over the years, we can confirm that Gaara is 32 or 33 years old in the Boruto series. These are correct numbers based on the known timeline of the whole series.

Is Gaara still a Jinchūriki in Boruto?

A Jinchūriki is a living human with a tailed beast sealed within. This symbiosis gives him extraordinary powers and a colossal amount of chakra. Gaaa has been and, as far as we know, still is a Jinchūriki in Boruto. In desperate situations, Gaara was able to assume the form of Shukaku by covering his body in sand, each time making him much stronger than he was.

Shukaku’s personality grew more and more dominant as he transformed, increasing Gaara’s murderous tendencies. When finished, Gaara appears as a human-sized version of Shukaku. where he relies on his brute strength to destroy everything around him. If necessary, Gaara can almost instantly create a life-sized version of Shukaku, should the human-sized form fail.


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In this form, he remains the perfect copy of Shukaku, immune to injury, though unable to move. When he needed Shukaku’s full power, Gaara used the Tanuki Sleep technique, which forced him to fall asleep and allowed Shukaku to take full control. By doing this, however, Gaara emerged from Shukaku’s copy, exposed to attack for the duration of the technique.

Over time, he began to have better control over Shukaku, so much so that he was able to suppress his personality on his own until the end of the anime’s pre-Shippūden arcs. At the beginning of the second part, Gaara was even able to use Shukaku’s arms several times to attack, without losing control of himself. However, that may just have been what improved his control over the sand in action.

Does Gaara die again in Boruto?

As far as Boruto is concerned, Gaara is – as of this moment – still alive. Now, we don’t know what Kishimoto has in store for him, especially in light of the grim ending foreshadowed in the series’ first episode, but as of this moment – Gaara is alive. The last we saw of him was the Kage meeting after the defeat of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, where he addressed Naruto’s potential actions in case Momoshiki took over his son completely and permanently.

Is Gaara still the Kazekage in Boruto?

After being defeated by Naruto, Gaara was shocked to learn that Naruto knew very well the suffering Gaara had endured his entire life. He was all the more surprised that Naruto had never given up hope of being recognized as a person and finally found friends who actually loved him. Seeing the determination Naruto had to protect his friends made Gaara wonder about the path he had followed in his life.

Realizing that he had given up too easily, Gaara decided to follow Naruto’s path, wishing to become Suna’s Kazekage so he could bond with the people of his village and with the hope that people would recognize his existence as a person. and not like the biju sealed in him. Over the ensuing years, Gaara’s determination to find happiness became clearly apparent in his decision to rely solely on his own power rather than that of his inner demon. Gaara eventually formed a close friendship with Naruto.

Gaara Kazekage

Over the next two years, during the interlude, Gaara became Suna’s Fifth Kazekage. Two reasons encouraged him to accept this position: to show the villagers that he was no longer the formidable weapon he once was and, by protecting the entire village, to acquire the same strength as Naruto. In the anime, Gaara removed several outdated laws, such as the one that prohibited access to the Academy to anyone who did not know how to use ninjutsu or genjutsu. This allowed Shira, who excelled in taijutsu, to become a Suna ninja. Shira then trained Gaara in taijutsu.

As of now, he is still Suna’s Fifth Kazekage.

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