Will Boruto Be the Next Jinchūriki? How Does Kurama’s Death Influence This?

Will Boruto Be the Next Jinchūriki? How Does Kurama's Death Influence This?

Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox, was one of the principal characters from Naruto until its death in Boruto. Kurama defined Naruto’s story and being intrinsically tied to Naruto, it made a lasting impact on the show and the characters. Now, with Naruto losing his status of Jinchūriki, many characters wonder whether Boruto could succeed his father as the next Jinchūriki in the series, and in this article, we are going to explain whether that is possible and how Kurama’s death influenced that.

By all means, Boruto will probably not become a Jinchūriki in the future. Before Kurama’s death, Naruto and Killer B were the only two remaining Jinchūriki, and now, Killer B is the only one. Based on what happened after the Fourth Shinobi World War, the likelihood of a new Jinchūriki appearing in the series has basically been reduced to zero, which is why Boruto will probably not become one unless Kishimoto changes something drastically.

As you might have deduced, this article is going to be focused on the Tailed Beasts and their relationship to Boruto as a potential Jinchūriki. You’re going to find out what exactly happened to the nine Tailed Beasts and whether Boruto could, at one point, become a new Jinchūriki. You’ll also find out how Kurama’s death influenced this fact.

What is a Jinchūriki in Naruto?

Tailed Beasts are feared because of the potential for destruction that each of them represents, but they are also sought after for the same reasons. Several Tailed Beasts have for several generations been the property of groups of ninjas who, thanks to techniques based on seals, lock them up in human beings whose lives are sacrificed to become living weapons. These hosts are called Jinchūriki.

They are often feared or hated just as much as the beasts whose powers and souls they collect and are excluded from normal social life. Many end up becoming inward-looking misanthropes. However, by learning to use it correctly and to channel this power, it is possible to become extremely powerful. If a Tailed Beast is extracted from its host, the host dies. Only members of the Uzumaki clan have bodies tough enough not to succumb.

In fact, the Jinchūriki becomes the Tailed Beast’s new body. When the human and his Bijū are united, it happens that the Tailed Beast inside perishes if the Jincūhriki does (although the beast revives again shortly after). Additionally, the Tailed Beast and Jincūhriki must co-exist because if the Tailed Beast is taken from its owner, that person dies.


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But not all people can handle the power of these chakra beasts; in these cases, the beasts must be released or forced from the Jinchūriki’s body, which ends in his demise. This is because not all humans can handle the Tailed Beasts. This was the situation with a number of Kumogakure residents who lacked the strength to withstand Hachibi’s amazing power.

However, it appears that the emotional aspect of the Jinchūriki interferes with the Tailed Beast’s control. However, it does happen that sometimes the Tailed Beasts do not like to be inside humans, and for that reason, when they have the opportunity, they try to take over the body and mind of their vessel, allowing them to be free again. This is done to ensure the survival of the Bijus, and they typically grant them special powers or abilities. However, there are certain exceptions, like the Eight-Tails, who gets along well with his present host, B, and even gives him advice while they are engaged in combat.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto freed all of the Biju during the war, and they all became part of him to help him fight. Naruto was able to modify his chakra significantly and became extremely powerful thanks to the nine Biju. But, after the fights, Naruto actually released all of the beasts, save for Kurama, his own Tailed Beast. He actually kept half of their chakra inside him so he could use it in future battles, but the Beasts themselves were freed. The only two beasts that were left with a Jinchūriki were Naruto (Kurama) and Killer B (Gyūki). And then… Kurama died.


During the battle against Isshiki in Boruto, Kurama advised employing a last-ditch measure that would endanger his life after observing Naruto’s resolve to stop him, even if it meant losing his life. Kurama warned him not to make superfluous movements or move based on worthless ideas as that would be the key to keeping Baryon Mode active, comparing it to nuclear fusion and utilizing both of their chakras to develop a new sort of energy.

Additionally, Kurama warned him that this mode would shorten his life expectancy, and because all chakra were interconnected, it would deplete Isshiki’s life expectancy. Naruto was instructed to continue attacking him until he had devoured all of his life before killing Isshiki. Naruto consented to utilize it after having it planted in front of Isshiki and saying that he was prepared to die the minute he decided to become Hokage.

Then Kurama switched Naruto into Baryon Mode. Naruto put Isshiki under duress with this new style, evading and retaliating to his blows. Naruto eventually started to experience the impacts of Baryon Mode. He was able to significantly shorten Isshiki’s life expectancy, nevertheless. After Isshiki struck Naruto with a strong blow, Baryon Mode was subsequently turned off.

Following Isshiki’s passing, Naruto lost consciousness due to Baryon Mode. Kurama mentally prepared for his last exchange with Naruto, who assured him that he felt no remorse for killing his parents and that he was glad that he was always by his side. Naruto was on the verge of passing out when Kurama comforted him that his fainting was only a shock from losing the Tailed Beast chakra from within him, showing him that the true cost of Baryon Mode was simply his life.

Since Kurama knew that Naruto would not put his life in danger for the sake of gaining power, he claimed that he never actually told him the truth, just withheld it from him. Before vanishing, Kurama cautioned Naruto to use caution because he would no longer be able to use his powers and advised him to look out for himself. After that, Kurama vanishes, appearing to have passed away. This left Killer B as the only active Jinchūriki in the series.


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Will Boruto become a new Jinchūriki?

After Naruto lost his status as a Jinchūriki, many fans began wondering whether Boruto would take over the role, but by all probability – not. Namely, it is known that Naruto freed all the Tailed Beasts during the Fourth Shinobi World War. It is also known that the Tailed Beasts don’t actually like being tied to a Jinchūriki, with Kurama and Killer B’s Biju being notable exceptions. Knowing that Boruto definitely has the skills to be a Jinchūriki, but with Kurama completely gone and the other Beasts being freed, the prospect of Boruto becoming a Jinchūriki is basically zero.

Masashi Kishimoto would have to come up with something completely new for this to make any sense at all, as it wouldn’t really make sense for the Biju to simply change their minds, and with Kurama gone, bringing him back would require something completely new. And with Boruto nearing its ending, such a Deus ex machina solution doesn’t seem likely from our point of view.

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