Will Kurama Be Revived in Boruto? Can He Get Back to Life?

Will Kurama Be Revived in Boruto? Can He Get Back to Life?

Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox, was one of the principal characters from Naruto until its death in Boruto. Kurama defined Naruto’s story and being intrinsically tied to Naruto, it made a lasting impact on the show and the characters. Kurama wasn’t always the good guy, but it did help Naruto overcome a lot of obstacles over the years. In this article, we are going to focus on Kurama’s death as we are going to tell you what happened to the Nine-Tailed Fox and whether there is a chance that Kurama will return in Boruto.

Sadly, Kurama probably won’t come back in the series. Namely, Kurama’s chakra has been consumed, and it, therefore, disappeared completely. From that perspective, it is not just dead; it doesn’t even exist in any form anymore, which means that the chances for Kurama’s return are next to none. Kishimoto would have to invent something completely new to make Kurama’s return plausible, and that doesn’t seem likely at the moment.

As you might have deduced, this article is going to be focused on Kurama. You’re going to find out what exactly happened to the Nine-Tailed Beast and whether the aforementioned death scene is permanent or just a temporary thing. You’ll also find out how Kurama’s death influenced Naruto and his future. If you’re not fully up-to-date with everything that’s been going on in Naruto and Boruto, we have to warn you that this article is definitely going to contain spoilers.

Will Kurama be revived in Boruto?

We must first explain how Kurama passed away in Boruto before we can tell you if he will be resurrected. The story begins after Isshiki, in Jigen’s body, travels to Naruto’s home via his link to Kawaki’s Kama with the goal of rescuing him. Instead, he rapidly overwhelmed the Hokage and imprisoned him with black bars. When Kurama reprimanded him for degrading the rank of Hokage, Naruto retaliated by launching Kurama Mode and Six Paths Sage Mode to liberate himself and face the foe.

Later, Isshiki tried to leave Naruto stuck in another realm by sending him there, but Sasuke arrived and prevented him. Naruto manifested Kurama, who used his tail to attack as the fight continued. But despite their best attempts, Naruto and Sasuke were overwhelmed and conquered. The black bars restrained them, and Naruto was forcibly removed by an Isshiki who had unleashed his power with Kama. With the help of Shadow Clones, Naruto was able to divert Isshiki from his plan to kill Sasuke long enough for him to flee with the Rinnegan. Isshiki was made fun of by Naruto for what had occurred. Isshiki never wanted to kill Kurama, so he shouldn’t offer him a pretext for doing so, Kurama commanded.


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Isshiki thanked Kurama for his remarks before enclosing them in a massive coffin. Later, Team 7 and Kawaki traveled to that world in an effort to save Naruto by combining the strength of Boruto and Kawaki’s Kama. Boruto and Kawaki used their Kama to break through a gateway in the seal and release an unconscious Naruto after an out-of-control battle with Boro.

Momoshiki absorbed Naruto’s chakra when he took over Boruto’s body. After losing against Boro, the group headed back to Konoha with Naruto. Naruto quickly recovered after being sent to the hospital for treatment. The Ōtsutsuki was clearly superior during the battle between the revived Isshiki and Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto; Kurama saw that the Ōtsutsuki was able to block Naruto’s sensory skills through the cubes he emitted.

Kurama advised employing a last-ditch measure that would endanger his life after observing Naruto’s resolve to stop him, even if it meant losing his life. Kurama warned him not to make superfluous movements or move based on worthless ideas as that would be the key to keeping Baryon Mode active, comparing it to nuclear fusion and utilizing both of their chakras to develop a new sort of energy.

Additionally, Kurama warned him that this mode would shorten his life expectancy, and because all chakra were interconnected, it would deplete Isshiki’s life expectancy. Naruto was instructed to continue attacking him until he had devoured all of his life before killing Isshiki. Naruto consented to utilize it after having it planted in front of Isshiki and saying that he was prepared to die the minute he decided to become Hokage.

Then Kurama switched Naruto into Baryon Mode. Naruto put Isshiki under duress with this new style, evading and retaliating to his blows. Naruto eventually started to experience the impacts of Baryon Mode. He was able to significantly shorten Isshiki’s life expectancy, nevertheless. After Isshiki struck Naruto with a strong blow, Baryon Mode was subsequently turned off.


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Following Isshiki’s passing, Naruto lost consciousness due to Baryon Mode. Kurama mentally prepared for his last exchange with Naruto, who assured him that he felt no remorse for killing his parents and that he was glad that he was always by his side. Naruto was on the verge of passing out when Kurama comforted him that his fainting was only a shock from losing the Tailed Beast chakra from within him, showing him that the true cost of Baryon Mode was simply his life.

Since Kurama knew that Naruto would not put his life in danger for the sake of gaining power, he claimed that he never actually told him the truth, just withheld it from him. Before vanishing, Kurama cautioned Naruto to use caution because he would no longer be able to use his powers and advised him to look out for himself. After that, Kurama vanishes, appearing to have passed away.

Can Kurama even get back to life?

As we have said, Kurama’s death in Boruto was a truly shocking and heartbreaking moment. The Nine-Tailed Fox, despite all of its issues with Naruto and the trouble the two of them had, was a true and loyal friend to the current Hokage, and he was one of the most important and beloved characters in the whole series. Fans never imagined that Kurama could actually die, and when it happened, everyone was shocked.


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Since that moment, fans have been searching for a theoretical way for Kurama to come back at one point, not because of Naruto, who is still powerful enough even without Kurama, but because of Kurama itself. The fans love Kurama so much that bringing him back would seem like a priority for Kishimoto, but it’s been years since Kurama died. Sadly, we might have to reconcile with the fact that Kurama will never come back to the series (save for several flashbacks).

Namely, as we have seen and explained, Kurama disappeared completely. He did not simply change his form or enter another world, his chakra was completely absorbed, and he disappeared. As far as things stand now, Kurama disappeared, and it is as if he’d never been there in the first place. The Nine-Tailed Beast is gone, and as much as it destroys us to tell that, we have to reconcile with the fact that there is no known mechanism in the Naruto lore that could bring Kurama back to life. Kishimoto would actually have to come up with something completely new, and that doesn’t seem likely at this point, which is why we probably won’t be seeing more of Kurama in the future.

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