All 11 Characters Darth Maul Killed, Ranked by Importance

maul kills

As one of the strongest Sith Lords and users of the dark side of the Force during the time of the Clone Wars and the reign of the Empire, Darth Maul was an exceptionally skilled and angry man that craved power and vengeance more than anything in his life. As such, he honed his talents in the dark side of the Force and used his power to kill a lot of different people during the events of the Star Wars Skywalker Saga. And that means that his kill count is actually too many to count.

Then again, Maul was known to have killed some important people during his time as a Sith Lord and a renegade user of the dark side of the Force. Some of these characters were quite important, while others were simply people that the former Sith Lord needed to kill to get what he wanted. So, with that said, let’s look at the most important characters that Darth Maul killed.

11. Finn Ertray


During the earlier part of his time in Star Wars: Clone Wars, Darth Maul was rescued by Savage Opress, his brother, after the Dathomirians learned that the former Sith Lord could still be alive. In that regard, they traveled together to wreak havoc and find a way to get back at Darth Sidious for what he did to Darth Maul. They ended up in the Outer Rim Territories during one of their travels.


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At that time, Maul and Opress encountered Finn Ertray, a Twi’lek female Jedi Knight that served the Galactic Republic. She and Nikto Jedi engaged Maul and Opress in a duel, only for them to lose. The Nikto Jedi was in deep trouble, and that was when Ertray tried to save her comrade. However, while attempting to do so, Finn Ertray was impaled by Maul’s lightsaber and died shortly after.

10. “Dirty” Calgriz 


A Darth Maul comic book series was released in 2017, as this series allowed us to see Maul learning about a Jedi Padawan that a few slave traders captured. There will be more about that Jedi Padawan on this list. Of course, Maul eventually tracked down the slave traders to get to the Padawan.

Maul, who was hungry to face a Jedi in a fight for the first time, traveled to Nar Shaddaa to gain more information. That was when he ended up in a bar brawl with a Quarren gangster named “Dirty” Calgriz. It is needless to say that he killed his gangster without any effort on his part.

9. Zek Peiro


We first met Darth Maul during the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The first time he was in action was when he fought Qui-Gon Jinn on the sands of Tatooine before the Jedi Master could escape with his allies. Maul eventually returned to Coruscant to reunite with his master after failing to kill Jinn on Tatooine. In the Age of the Republic – Darth Maul 1 comic book, he hired a master thief named Zek Peiro.

However, Maul quickly sensed that Peiro could be sensitive to the Force. After learning that the thief was indeed capable of using the Force, Maul was quick to kill him so that he could satisfy his lust for Jedi blood after failing to kill the Jedi that were on Tatooine.

8. Seventh Sister

seventh sister death

Darth Maul eventually returned to the Star Wars universe more than a decade since we last saw him in his escape from Order 66 during the events of Star Wars: Clone Wars. He returned to Star Wars: Rebels as a mysterious and somewhat older man who mentored Ezra Bridger. At that time, Maul had already fallen from his high position as a criminal warlord and was simply looking to take revenge on the people that wronged him.

As such, the crew of the Ghost ended up working with Darth Maul, who brought them to Malachor, where Darth Vader and a few Inquisitors chased them. One of the Inquisitors that Darth Maul killed was the Seventh Sister, who was nowhere near a match to the former Sith Lords, even though she was also a user of the dark side.

7. Fifth Brother

fifth brother

The Inquisitors were former Jedi that Darth Vader threatened to turn to the dark side because he needed their help to kill the remaining Jedi that were still hiding in different systems all over the galaxy. One of the Inquisitors was the Fifth Brother, who was first introduced in Rebels but made his first chronological appearance in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series.


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While the Fifth Brother survived the events of the Kenobi series, he ended up appearing in the Rebels series, where he was one of the Inquisitors that Darth Vader brought to Malachor V to hunt down the crew of the Ghost. The Fifth Brother was killed by Maul in a duel just after the former Sith Lord killed the Seventh Sister.

6. Sabo

sabo death

Darth Maul eventually realized during the Clone Wars that the best way for him to oppose his old master was to build a powerful group in the underworld. That was when he steadily started to rise in the criminal underworld of the Republic, as this was the best way for him to create an army that he could use to eventually take his revenge on Sidious. And Honda Ohnaka’s pirates were some of the first people he won over to his side.

Of course, the pirates hesitated to join Maul before he promised them that he could give them a greater cut than Ohnaka could ever give them. Three captains pledged their loyalty to Maul. However, to show his authority, Maul executed one of the three captains that promised to serve him. This was one of the earliest steps he took to build a large criminal network known as the Crimson Dawn.

5. Eldra Kaitis


During the earlier part of Maul’s life, he faced a few Jedi he needed to kill before the Sith eventually revealed themselves to the Jedi Order. One such character that Maul ended up encountering was a Jedi Padawan named Eldra Kaitis. When Maul and Kaitis temporarily allied with one another to defeat a few bounty hunters, it was only a matter of time before the Sith Lord would betray the Padawan.

Eventually, Maul craved Jedi blood as he dueled with the Padawan after they defeated the bounty hunters that were after them. He impaled Kaitis with his lightsaber. As such, Eldra Kaitis became the first Jedi that Darth Maul killed. And the Padawan would not be the first Jedi to succumb to Maul’s wrath.

4. Xev Xrexus


After Darth Maul killed Eldra Kaitis in the Darth Maul comic book, he parted ways with the bounty hunters he and the Padawan fought with. But Maul tracked down Xev Xrexus, the crime lord responsible for capturing the Padawan and causing Maul a bit of trouble. Of course, the Sith Lord wanted revenge.

Xev Xrexus thought Maul was a Jedi who wanted revenge for Kaitis’ death. However, after Maul corrected her, the crime lord realized who he was. As such, Maul quickly killed Xev to take revenge and ensure that not even the criminal underworld would know that the Sith Order was still alive.

3. Pre Vizsla

pre vizsla.jpeg

After Darth Maul successfully established his crime syndicate called the Crimson Dawn, he worked with Death Watch, a terrorist organization that wanted to bring back the warrior culture of Mandalore. As such, Maul worked together with Pre Vizsla to bring down the New Mandalorian government.

Maul and Vizsla successfully defeated Duchess Satine Kryze and the New Mandalorians. However, he craved more power. That was when he challenged Pre Vizsla to a duel to see who truly had the right to rule Mandalore. Maul quickly defeated Vizsla and decapitated him to become the new leader of Mandalore, as whoever won the Darksaber in combat was the rightful leader of the Mandalorians.

2. Duchess Satine Kryze

Shortly after Darth Maul killed Vizsla and took over the entire planet of Mandalore to become its new leader, he captured Duchess Satine Kryze. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Satine used to be a thing. But Kenobi chose the path of a Jedi. Still, Obi-Wan had feelings for Satine and truly cared for her to the point that he once said that, at one point in time, he was willing to turn his back on the life of a Jedi to be with her.

Maul knew how important Satine was to Kenobi, who was the one who bisected him years ago and forced him to suffer for more than a decade. Because Maul also wanted Obi-Wan to suffer, he executed Satine right before the Jedi Master. This was an important death in Star Wars because we saw how Obi-Wan was able to restrain his anger despite the death of a loved one. Of course, Satine’s death also contributed to the eventual collapse of Mandalore.

1. Qui-Gon Jinn

Qui Gon Jinn d89416e8

The most important kill in Darth Maul’s list of kills is Qui-Gon Jinn, who also happened to be the strongest character that he killed. Jinn and Maul first met in Tatooine when the Sith Lord attacked the Jedi Master while he and Anakin were on their way to board the ship to leave the planet. Qui-Gon clearly struggled against the mysterious Sith Lord, who he could quickly sense was incredibly well-trained. Near the end of The Phantom Menace, Maul went to Naboo on the orders of Palpatine to stop Queen Amidala from successfully liberating her planet from the Trade Federation. 


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Maul dueled with both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, only for him to find a way to isolate the Jedi Master from the Padawan. The Sith Lord found an opening in Qui-Gon Jinn’s defense and impaled him with his lightsaber. This paved the way for Obi-Wan to eventually defeat him by bisecting. The encounter with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan changed Maul’s life forever because that was when Darth Sidious replaced him, and he was forced to live a life of anger and pain for more than a decade after surviving his duel with Kenobi.

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