10 Best Anime Characters That Start with an X [with Images]

10 Best Anime Characters That Start with an X [with Images]

Anime characters appear in all shapes and sizes. They also appear under a variety of names. Some anime characters have first and last names, some have nicknames, some have… well, they are always known as something. In that aspect, it is important to remember all of these names and that is why we have decided to bring you this list. This list is going to contain a list of anime characters that start with the letter X. They will be sorted alphabetically by the names they are known best, whether it is their first name, last name, or their nicknames.

X Drake (One Piece)

X Drake, a native of the North Sea, is a rear admiral of the Navy and commander of the secret division SWORD: as such he acts undercover in the world of pirates and, as captain of the Drake pirates, is nicknamed “Red Flag”; at the first appearance of him he has a bounty of 222 million Berrys. His primary weapon is a long saber, while in his second hand he wields a four-bladed ax.

He ate the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Allosaurus, that allows him to transform into an allosaurus. His father Diez Barrels was a Navy officer: Drake greatly admired him and wished to become like him, but later became a pirate and began to mistreat his son.

Thirteen years before the beginning of the story he went with his father’s crew to the island of Minion to prepare for the exchange with the Navy of the Ope Ope fruit: after the landing of Donquixote Doflamingo on the island and the subsequent imprisonment of part of the same by means of the “bird cage”, Drake found himself outside the wire fence and decided to flee rather than help his companions; during his escape he was taken into custody by the Navy and later enlisted and reached the rank of rear admiral, only to apparently give himself up to piracy. He first appears at the Sabaody Archipelago, where he is defeated by Kizaru.

After entering the New World, he comes into contact with the pirates of the Hundred Beasts, infiltrating the ranks of Kaido and also reaching a prominent position among the Six Flying Companions: as such, during the mini-adventures of Caribou, he defeats him, making him then imprison in Udon.

During the battle of Onigashima, his double game is finally discovered by Queen and he is forced to side with Monkey D. Luffy and all of his allies; during the clashes, he faces the CP0 to prevent them from intruding in the fight between Luffy and Kaido, but he comes out defeated. His name derives from the famous privateer Francis Drake.

X.S. Cash / Gyosan Money (Dragon Ball)

Gyosan Money organizes a World Martial Arts Tournament, what they call “the Intergalactic Tournament”, as a birthday present for their only son Dollar, and which is supposed to feature aliens, the aliens (in reality, the four combatants were the disciples of Mr. Satan, made up to look like aliens). The winner of the said tournament would win a prize of 100,000,000 zenis and would have the opportunity to fight with Mr. Satan. However, this tournament is interrupted by the arrival of Boujack and his henchmen, who kill all the “aliens” and wreak havoc in the tournament. They are finally stopped by Son Gohan.

Xaver, Tom (Attack on Titan)

Tom Xaver is an Eldian warrior loyal to Marley, former holder of the Giant Beast. Considered unsuitable for battles, Tom devoted himself to research and study on the origin of giants, joining the special scientific research group. Noting the possible successors that would inherit the giant from him, he particularly struck him as Zeke Jeager, who always remained last in the military exercises of the recruits. Knowing him, the two eventually became friends, playing catch ball together and establishing a sort of father-son bond.

Having studied the nature of giants, Tom admits that most of Marley’s stories are inventive, stating, enigmatically, that he is not sorry he shortened his life to thirteen. This was due to a personal tragedy: as a young man he had married a Marleyana and had a child, without revealing that he was an Eldian; when his wife found out, she killed their baby and then herself, leading Xaver to become an Eldian Warrior in order to commit suicide in style. It was he who induced Zeke to report his parents to the authorities in Marley, in order to ingratiate himself with the government and save himself and his grandparents.

Xerx Lugner (Black Clover)

Xerx Lugner is the deputy commander of the Purple Orca. Although considered by many to be a virtuous man, he is actually a corrupt Magical Knight who shows himself abusive towards ordinary citizens. While usually stationed on the edge of the kingdom, he returns to the capital to take part in the Royal Knight’s selection exam, before being brutally beaten by Zora for his treatment of an elderly woman. He is then possessed by the spirit of an elf following Patry’s ritual, and is subsequently defeated and purified by Asta. He uses ice-based magic.

Xerxes Break (Pandora Hearts)

Known to everyone only as Break, he is a member of Pandora, serving for the Rainsworth house in the employ of Sharon, whom he cares a lot, even though he behaves more like an overprotective father than an older brother. He says that his appearance on him in Oz’s ten years in the Abyss hasn’t changed because he has entered into a legal contract with the Chain Mad Hatter.

Break always carries a doll named Emily on his left shoulder and loves sweets and cakes. He likes to appear as a sunny, cheerful and carefree person but if necessary he reveals his dark side. Reim reveals to Oz that Break was not always like this, after losing his left eye he was a sad and angry person with everyone and who never laughed, but, thanks to the sweetness of Shelly, Sharon’s mother, slowly reopened his heart; that’s why his loyalty to Shelly is absolute.

Break is missing his left eye, removed by the Will of the Abyss, and given to Cheshire. His real purpose is to find out what happened to Sablier a hundred years earlier. He hates Vincent from the bottom of his heart. In chapter 29, Rufus Barma reveals that Break’s real name is Kevin Regnard, originally a knight in the service of the Sinclair family until the moment they were all massacred for political reasons, only he and the lord’s daughter were saved by not being at home.

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Kevin blamed himself for his negligence and became an illegal contractor in order to change the past. When the clock on his chest made a complete turn he was thrown into the lower level of the Abyss where he met The Will of the Abyss and a young Vincent. The will of the Abyss thus changed the past for him and in return asked him for a favor, which currently has not yet been revealed.

Break was sent back to the real world thirty years after his disappearance and found by the Rainsworths. But the past wasn’t changed the way Break wanted, and the Sinclair family didn’t escape death. Shelly relates that the eldest daughter of the lord of the Sinclair was murdered and this event led to her younger daughter’s decision to become an illegal contractor and that at the full turn of the clock on her chest she was thrown into the Abyss after her Chain had slaughtered everything. his family.

The politically motivated murder did not happen, and Kevin’s lord lived four more years, unlike the girl who had previously saved herself in the company of Kevin who died instead. Break accused himself of having sentenced another person to death and even came to despise The Will of the Abyss before realizing that the fault of having wanted to change the past belonged only to him and with this action he only wanted to erase the sins of he. On his chest the seal of the watch is still visible, which has already completed a full circle, a trace of his previous contract with the Chain “White Knight”.

Xiangca (Dragon Ball Super)

When Kale launches her Meteor Blast, a bunch of energy spheres are thrown everywhere, one of them almost hits Xiangca, but he manages to dodge it. He is then seen fighting Biarra when the latter tries to launch him into the void, but Xiangca manages to save herself thanks to his thrusters. Quitela orders Xiangca to fight the Universe 7 warriors, so he creates a strange red barrier around them. Fighters from the erased universes appear, claiming to be back for revenge.

Although these are illusions, they are apparently strong enough to attack others, although their own attacks simply pass through their phantom opponents. While ghosts have no sense of ki, Piccolo can still sense two people: one moving, one stationary. Gohan realizes that the one standing still is creating the illusions, while the other uses the illusions to attack them. Piccolo spots Xiangca hiding near him and fires a ki blast at her, knocking her out.

Xiao-Mei (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Xiao Mei is a pet panda and Mei Chang’s traveling companion. Due to a growing disease, Xiao-Mei was abandoned as a puppy. Xiao-Mei met Mei and they bonded like family and thus she has a particularly strong bond with the girl. The two are always together, and Xiao Mei frequently mimics Mei’s actions, whether it be in expression, practicing Alkahestry, or practicing martial arts.

Due to her unfamiliarity with pandas, most Amestrisans mistakenly mistake her for a cat. Despite being cute, Xiao Mei can be quite cruel and fiercely protective of Mei Chang, with her panda jaws snapping at anyone who gets too close to her master’s presence, including Yoki and Edward. She appears to grudgingly accept Scar’s existence, as she has not attacked him (perhaps instinctively accepting her good nature towards Mei). She was abandoned as a child and adopted by Mei Chang.

During the “capture a homunculus” mission devised by the Elrics, Ling Yao and Colonel Roy Mustang, Xiao Mei and Mei Chang come to Scar’s rescue from capture, but Xiao Mei is separated from the others when Scar escapes. . Alphonse Elric mistakes her for a cat and tries to take care of her. Xiao Mei tries to bite in order to establish herself as a predator, but Al’s body-armor is impervious to teeth, leading the panda bear to respect and fear the Elric’s younger brother.

She, along with Alphonse, remains on his shoulder during the battle against Gluttony and the journey to Father’s lair. Meanwhile, Mei (concerned for the safety of her little friend) enlists Scar’s help in searching for her. They discover that she has been “kidnapped” by Alphonse and follow the two to the homunculi’s underground lair. After Xiao-Mei and Mei meet up at Father’s lair, they go to Dr. Knox’s house for safety and medical treatment, but then the two set off to meet up with Scar and head north. She is seen at the bottom of the Elric family picture many years later.

Xiao Long, Taiyang (RWBY)

Taiyang Xiao Long is Ruby and Yang’s father. He helps his eldest daughter train in Volume 4, after she loses her arm. He is still in contact with Raven.

Xiao Long, Yang (RWBY)

Yang Xiao Long (inspired by Goldilocks), is Ruby’s half-sister. She knew Ruby’s mother and always considered her her ideal mother, because she was abandoned by her biological mother as a child. Of a sometimes playful nature, she often tries to reach out to others (unlike Ruby who is more shy). Her Semblance is tied to strength: when she activates it during a fight where she feels she’s struggling, it allows her to hit even harder than usual just by taking the hits she’s given and her eyes amethyst color turn red in an instant.

Her main weapons are metal gloves (Ember Celica) that allow him to send rockets at his enemies. She is considered the best fighter, at least in hand-to-hand combat, of team RWBY. She loses her right arm in the flight. 3 after wanting to protect Blake from Adam, and replaces him with a combat prosthesis given to him by his father (Vol. 4). His partner in the RWBY team is Blake Belladona. She takes the road for the Mistral in the flight. 4 in order to find his little sister by going to see his biological mother.

She frees Weiss and confronts her mother about her abandonment. It is she who recovers the lamp after the confrontation of Cinder and Raven. With Blake, she manages to kill Adam and thus overcomes her trauma since the loss of her arm (Vol. 6). In Atlas, she begins to antagonize her sister or Ironwood by either secretly telling Ironwood’s political opponent Robyn or deciding to protect the people of Mantle with Oscar, Ren, Jaune, and the Happy Huntresses.

After her failure to protect Oscar from the Hound, she travels to Monstra in order to free him and confronts Salem about his mother’s disappearance (but she’s talking about Summer, not Raven). During the confrontation in the Ever After, she is the first to fall into the void having saved Ruby from an attack by Neo.

Xiong, Hei (RWBY)

The manager of a club who seems to have some sort of connection with Torchwick. His weapon is a bazooka which, if necessary, can be transformed into a club for close combat.

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