Antony Starr Reacts to Jack Quaid’s Comment That Superman Can Defeat Homelander: “Oh Really?”

atony starr comments on superman being able to defeat Homelander

Superman stands as a pinnacle among superheroes, renowned for his unmatched strength, resilience, and array of powers. Many have been pitted against him, often falling short.

However, comparisons become complex when his counterpart, Homelander, enters the discussion. Homelander, a clone of Superman in ‘The Boys’ universe, possesses similar powers but is characterized by darker, more twisted tendencies.

Numerous theoretical battles between Superman and Homelander have been debated, typically with Superman emerging victorious. Recently, Jack Quaid, the voice actor for Superman in ‘My Adventures With Superman,’ expressed confidence in Superman’s ability to defeat Homelander while promoting the show’s second season.

Antony Starr caught wind of the claim and delivered a perfectly hilarious yet fittingly true response, staying completely in line with Homelander’s character.

Antony Starr: Oh, really? Is that what he thinks? Here’s why Homelander would kick Superman’s ass. There’s no Kryptonite factor, and Homie would fight so dirty. He’s the [type to go], “Oh, you got me!” as he goes down and then comes up and throws sand in your eyes. He’s a dirty dude, man. Whereas Superman is always like, “Oh, I wouldn’t do that. Oh, there’s innocent children that might get hurt.” Homie’s going to human shield himself with the kids.

Homelander could potentially gain the upper hand in this battle by resorting to using children as human shields or exploiting Superman’s vulnerability to Kryptonite. However, it’s worth noting that Homelander’s impulsive nature and tendency to make reckless decisions when angered may work against him. In contrast, Superman typically maintains a rational and composed demeanor.

Nevertheless, it’s entertaining to hear Homelander’s perspective on this debate, and we anticipate the lively discussions it will spark online. Oh, and by the way, Superman would likely emerge victorious.

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