Is Levi Dead in Attack on Titan? (& What Happens to Him)

Does Levi Die in Attack on Titan?

Squad Captain Levi is the Tactical Squad Leader of the Survey Corps and is widely known as the most powerful soldier in the Wall Army. He is in charge of the surveillance of Sieg after that capture but the latter transforms into a Titan and takes Levi with him. After that, he will find his head cracked by three marks and lose two fingers: middle and ring finger. But in the end, he manages to satisfy his desire to eliminate Sieg by chopping off his head. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Levi, as one of the protagonists, dies in Attack on Titan.

Levi Ackerman does not tie in Attack on Titan. He participates in the final War for Paradis story arc, after which he is so heavily injured that he is wheelchair-bound, but he ultimately survives the events of the manga.

The rest of this article is going to explain what happened to Levi in the final chapters of Isayama’s story. We now know that Levi survived the events, but this article will further elaborate on that and reveal exactly what happened to the character in the manga.

Did Levi die in Attack on Titan?

Although not one of the main protagonists of the show, Levi Ackerman was an extremely important character in Attack of Titan. His overall development arc was on a very high level of quality, and that made Levi stand out among a lot of other characters in the franchise. Now, in light of that, it is understandable why people are concerned about the end of his character arc.

Is Levi Dead

This hasn’t been shown in the anime yet, so we have to warn the readers who have not read the manga that a lot of spoilers lie ahead, so if you don’t want to know all the circumstances surrounding Levi’s fate in the manga, don’t read the text that follows.

In this section, we are just going to confirm that Levi Ackerman does not die Attack on Titan, as we could see in the manga’s final arc, and as we are going to see in the anime’s final season. The sections that follow are going to explain the circumstances of his fate in more detail.

What happened to Levi in Attack on Titan?

When thinking of how to approach this article, we have decided to give you a short introduction to the events that happened before the final War for Paradis arc; we’re going to give you a more detailed look into Levi’s role in the final arc, since it is necessary to explain the whole context (especially if you haven’t read the manga) of his story for you to understand why things played out as they did.

Levi Ackermann is the captain of the Research Corps and is admired and regarded by all as humanity’s strongest soldier. Of very humble origins, he was soon made an orphan, as his mother died of illness; he was therefore raised by his uncle, Kenny Ackermann, brother of Kuchel and distant relative of Mikasa, a serial killer who taught him the use of weapons and to be self-sufficient.


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It is revealed that Levi later became a criminal in the Underground District of the capital, along with his two friends Isabel Magnolia and Farlan Church; initially the three joined the Research Corps to kill Erwin Smith on the commission of a corrupt noble, but after his friends were devoured by a Titan, Levi first destroyed him piece by piece, awakening his Ackermann powers, then he decided to fully join the Research Corps, also to avenge their deaths, also establishing since then a strong bond of friendship and respect with Erwin.

Levi bids farewell to Hange 1

Now, as for the story of the War for Paradis arc, here is what happened to Levi and how he ultimately ended up. Levi places Zeke in captivity in a dense forest, accompanied by a large number of men, and explains to him that it will be difficult for him to escape in such an environment. Zeke just asks if he could bring Gabi and Falco, to show them the trees, but Levi replies that it will depend on his actions and behavior.

Reluctant at first, Levi refuses to let his subordinates drink from the wine imported from Marley, but eventually gives in, telling them only to take it easy and not end up drunk. A few days later, Zeke explains to Levi around a campfire his methods to transform the villagers of Ragako into Titans. Once the explanation is completed, Levi replies that he is disgusted with Zeke’s lack of guilt, and that visibly for him human life is worthless.


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Zeke taunts him, and replies that, by dint of trying to guess the states of the souls of others, he will never find a loving woman. Zeke then changes the subject, and asks if he will be able to speak with Eren soon, to which Levi replies that it is not of his call, and that he does not know anything about it. Both end up agreeing that it would be a mistake to have the two brothers reunited too late.

After another lapse of time, a messenger from the Scout Corps arrives at the encampment, and informs Levi of Darius Zackly’s assassination. He then explains Commander Pixis’s plan to him, aiming to put an end to the movement of the Pro-Yeagers (Yeagerists). Levi then remembers the death of all these men, all these army soldiers who had sacrificed themselves to save Eren, whose first transformation he relives.

Boiling with rage at the idea that all these deaths have come to nothing, and that Eren betrays him, he orders to change the tail, and to feed Zeke to a Yeagerist, while waiting for Historia to give birth. According to her idea, once the queen had given birth to her child, the Yeagerist host of the Beast Titan would be devoured by her, and Historia would then possess the Titan of Zeke. Levi ends up sending the message to return to Pixis and tell him about his plan.

Levi kills Zeke

In the end, Levi and the others return to Salta, while Armin transforms on Eren’s Titan. From the fortress, they are relieved that Reiner survived, but dismayed that both Eren and the Source of All Living Matter survived. Connie suggests killing the Source, but Levi insists that they have no other option but to kill Eren. Before they can attack Eren again, the Source begins to emit smoke, which pours into the fortress.

Realizing that the smoke will turn the Eldians present into Titans, Levi orders Mikasa and Pieck to leave the fortress with him on Falco, lest they be put in danger by the Titans. Pieck heads off to help Reiner fight the centipede, while Falco takes Levi and Mikasa straight to Eren. Mikasa concludes that Eren is in the mouth of his Titan, and Levi uses a thunder spear to make a way to get in and kill him.


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As the Titans’ power is broken and the Eldian families begin to reunite, Levi rests against a rock. He sees a vision of his fallen comrades watching him and asks if they could see the result of their work. The soldiers greet him in response, and Levi returns the greeting.

In the three years following the Battle of Salta, Levi settles in Marley. Because of his injuries, he is permanently confined to a wheelchair and is cared for by Gabi and Falco.

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