Here’s How Big Minecraft Is! (Height & Length)

minecraft block dimensions

Just about any Minecraft fan would know that this game relies on blocks for pretty much everything – from homes to landscapes and even the very nature of Minecraft characters. With blocks being such an integral factor of Minecraft’s design, quite a few players are left wondering how big a Minecraft block is in terms of height and length.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Most solid blocks in Minecraft are 1 cubic meter in height and width, or 3.28 feet, although some blocks do have widths that are less than 1 cubic meter.
  • Various blocks also have non-standard dimensions due to different shapes, with recorded heights ranging from 0.0625 to 1.5 cubic meters.

Blocks in Minecraft

Minecraft is certainly unique in terms of its overall aesthetic and style, being a giant within the world of sandbox-inspired games. Blocks in Minecraft are literally the building blocks of everything that the game includes, apart from a specific number of Minecraft items that can only be portrayed in item frames. With that being said, below is everything you need to know about blocks and their dimensions in Minecraft, with images and stats thanks to the Minecraft Wiki.

These blocks are 3-dimensional (3D) objects in Minecraft, covering a grid cell of 1 cubic meter per block. However, some blocks may appear to occupy more than one block per item, while others may only occupy a fraction of a cubic meter cell – such as numerous types of slabs, snow layers, ladders, vines, stairs, and many more.

Blocks come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, featuring textures of 16 x 16 pixels, and they also come in various matter types – such as solid, liquid, and transparent. Various ground blocks (such as dirt, stone, wood, or sandstone) are classified as solid blocks, while blocks such as water and lava as classified as liquid blocks. Liquid blocks can move around depending on how they are placed, such as how water is used to hydrate farms.

block types minecraft

Air is actually considered a block, although it signifies ‘nothing,’ while blocks such as glass are transparent. Other blocks might serve as a source of light (such as sea lanterns or Glowstone) which is important for preventing aggressive mobs from spawning and keeping those weird, creepy Minecraft noises at bay.

In addition, most blocks in Minecraft completely ignore gravity – apart from ‘particle-like’ blocks such as sand, red sand, snow, or gravel, as well as notably ‘heavy’ objects like anvils and scaffolding. Together, these countless solid, transparent, and fluid blocks all make up the general environment irrespective of the player’s biome – from rivers and streams to mountains and detailed valleys and everything that may lie in between.


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Minecraft block dimensions (feet & meters)

Most of the solid blocks in Minecraft are perfectly square, having a height and width of 1 cubic meter – so that they fit snuggly together during building. Although, there are several blocks that have a width that is less than 1 cubic meter, as seen below:

Width (Cubic Meter)Block Type/ Block Parts (Examples)
1full block, grindstone
0.9375chest, ender chest, cactus, dragon egg, cake, honey block
0.875anvil, grindstone, azalea
0.8125chorus plant, wall bell wood, medium-cluster amethyst
0.75skull side, small amethyst, azalea
0.6875conduit, lantern
0.625fence, end rod, gate
0.5625bar, glass pane
0.5skull wall, stair, azalea
0.4375cake, amethyst cluster
0.3125large amethyst
0.25piston, cauldron, medium amethyst
0.1875trapdoor side, door, ladder, small amethyst
0.125cauldron inside, azalea

The average dimension of 1 cubic meter translates to exactly 3.28084… feet or 1250⁄381 feet. But there are a handful of blocks that have non-standard block heights and widths as seen below, while others occupy the same space but have different shapes.

minecraft non solid blocks
Height (Cubic Meter)Block Type/ Block Parts (Examples)
1.5open Shulker boxes, fences, fence gates
0.9375dirt path, farmland, honey block, cactus
0.875soul sand, mud, chest, ender chest, trapped chest
0.8125medium amethyst bud, large amethyst bud, amethyst cluster
0.75enchantment table, cocoa plant, extended (sticky) piston
0.6875conduit, dripstone
0.625end rod, lightning rod
0.59375sideways chain
0.5625beds, stonecutter
0.5slabs, sculk sensor, sculk shrieker
0.4375campfire, soul campfire, amethyst cluster
0.375daylight sensor, flower pot
0.3125large amethyst bud
0.25cauldron, medium amethyst bud
0.1875bottom trapdoors, small amethyst bud
0.125repeater, Redstone comparator
0.09375lily pad


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How many blocks is 100 meters in Minecraft?

It can become tricky to figure out how many blocks you would need to build a structure of a specific height or width. Below are some examples of how blocks would translate to real-world measurements:

Number of BlocksCubic MetersFeet (Estimate)

Minecraft Stacks Calculator

If you’re building a structure of a specific size using countless blocks, calculating exactly how many full stacks you’ll need can become quite a task. Some of the best Minecraft Stacks Calculators include Omnicalculator and Gamertools, both of which can help you out by converting the number of blocks you need into the total number of stacks required – in addition to a range of extra features!

How many blocks is a Minecraft character?

The average recorded dimensions mean that players can typically step up from one block to another block on the next level if the difference is 0.6 (3⁄5) of a block or 1.9685… feet (250⁄127 feet) at the very most. If the difference is anything exceeding this value, the player would need to jump in order to move up by a full block or climb up by means of another route.

On the other hand, a player character’s height equates to exactly 1.8 blocks in Minecraft, which allows them to fit through any space that is 2 blocks high in-game. But, players can still squeeze through spaces as tall as 1.8125 (29⁄16) blocks high, while sneaking will allow players to fit through slightly varying block spaces in Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition, as seen below:

Sneaking in Minecraft Java EditionSneaking in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
1.5 blocks high1.75 (7⁄4) blocks high
Players can fit through a 2-block space with a floor as high as a slabPlayers can fit through a 2-block space with a floor as high as 3 layers of snow

Similarly, players using a functioning pair of Elytra wings in Minecraft will take up less vertical block space. In these cases, players would be able to fit through spaces as small as 0.625 (5⁄8) blocks high since gliding players are only 0.6 blocks tall respectively.

Blocks in Minecraft are seen as the basic units of any structure in the game, all of which ultimately make up what players see as the Minecraft world. Many blocks can be mined or gathered for various resources in the game, while others can be collected and placed down strategically in order to create some grand and masterful designs.

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