Asta vs. Meliodas: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

Asta vs. Meliodas: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

In retrospect, The Seven Deadly Sins were an intriguing anime series with way too much fanservice, in all honesty. The plot was somewhat thrilling and the characters were interesting, but we’re not sure that it’ll go down in history as one of the best anime ever. A similar thing could be said about Black Clover, although the series never had so much fanservice and was way more popular. Focusing on the two series, we have decided to compare the two protagonists from them, Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins and Asta from Black Clover, in order to determine who would win in a fight.

Meliodas, in his most powerful form, would easily defeat Asta, even in his full form. The power level that Meliodas has is ridiculous and while Asta is set to become the most powerful being in his own universe, it still wouldn’t be enough to reach the god-like level of Meliodas. Asta might have some chance with a bunch of power-ups and additional powers, but even that is a long shot and we wouldn’t really count on it, so we have to give this one to Meliodas.

Now that you know the answer, let us see what we have in store in the three sections we have written. The first two sections are going to bring you an overview of the two characters respectively, where we are also going to compare their powers. Finally, we’re going to bring you a detailed analysis of the two characters so we can explain our answer.

Asta and his powers

Asta is the protagonist of the manga and anime series Black Clover. Asta is a peasant orphan who was abandoned in a church, and aspires to become the next Wizard King. He doesn’t have any magical power, but he surpassed it thanks to intense physical training that allows him to wield anti-magical swords from the five-leaf clover grimoire in which a demon resides. He then becomes a magical knight, joining the Black Bull squad in hopes of achieving his dream.

Asta giving Liebe a hand

Asta initially had a rigid swordsmanship style due to his unconventional sword and the fact that he had only received basic training from Fanzell Kruger. Over time he has developed better skills through battle experience by fighting multiple opponents who used magic swords and witnessing their battles such as Licht, Yami, Mars, and Kiato, he has also managed to improve his skills with it thanks to additional swords and the perception of ki.

On the other hand, Asta has no mana and is unable to use magic. This allows him to use Anti-Magic without suffering its debilitating effects of it since he has no magic power that he can lose. This also makes him undetectable to people who sense the mana of others, and he is immune to the life-draining substance of the underworld.

Asta possesses a high level of physical strength, capable of performing a thousand push-ups with one hand. This strength allows him to hold heavy swords with one hand, as well as create holes in rock walls using only his fists without injuring himself. Asta can hold his swords with such force that his opponents go through rocks when hit by his weapons. The Queen of Witches further enhanced the strength of her arms using her blood magic.


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Asta is also able to move at above-average speed, leading William Vengeance to believe that he has used magic to help himself. In addition to that, Asta possesses high durability, as seen when he is able to stand up, despite taking numerous attacks from Heath Grice. He is even able to get out of Licht’s collapse attempt relatively unscathed along with Yami. Asta possesses a heightened level of instinct, as shown when he subconsciously moves his body in the best way to defend himself.

The Ki that Asta uses is actually a principle originating from the place Yami comes from. It allows Asta to use his sixth sense to perceive and react to attacks and people that he cannot see. His exceptionally strong willpower further allows him to never give up, no matter how difficult or impossible the situation is. Even when he lost the use of both hands, he steadfastly refused to give up.

By facing the demon within him, Asta was able to overcome his temptation of him. Later, he even temporarily resisted the Witch Queen’s Blood Puppet’s control. His stubbornness is a great inspiration to the people around him, constantly pushing them beyond their own limits. Asta has also been shown to be incredibly charismatic, his actions and words routinely rallying his friends and allies in even the most desperate situations. He is also extremely eloquent, creating inspirational speeches and constantly turning his opponents’ words against them.

Despite his hyperactive and opinionated nature, Asta has been shown to be intelligent and thoughtful in his own right. He understands many situations he finds himself in and can be tactical when needed, such as removing curses with his swords and thinking of different tactics in battle. He has shown that he is a quick learner, such as when he quickly learned how to use ki from Yami’s instructions in the middle of a fight, as well as being able to discover the hidden powers of the Sword of Danma simply by watching its original owner’s fight.

Meliodas and his powers

The head of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas represents the sin of Wrath. He has the physical appearance of a little boy, but in reality, he is a demon of thousands of years, the son of the King of the Demon Clan, and once head of the Ten Commandments. He was cursed with immortality for betraying his father, which is why his main motivation is to find a way to break his curse and live alongside his beloved Elizabeth.

best meliodas quotes

Meliodas’ abilities and power are mythical. He is the captain of the legendary Seven Deadly Sins and was once one of the most powerful warriors of the Demon Clan. He is best known for his sword skills and his sheer physical prowess, but he also has incredible magical abilities. An example of his combat skills was when he easily defeated Zaratras, the former leader of the holy knights of Liones, in a sparring match.

Like all members of the Demon Clan, he is capable of manifesting a mysterious power of darkness, which enhances both his physical and magical abilities as he is also knowledgeable of Demonic Spells. Before the start of the series, he was lost in his rage and destroyed the entire Kingdom of Danafor.

Merlin, sensing that his power was too great and dangerous for him to control, took most of his power from him before he could do the same to the Kingdom of Liones. However, Meliodas had a power level of more than 10 times the standard for a Holy Knight of Liones. After regaining all of his power, he is able to easily fight on par with the members of the legendary Ten Commandments.

The power level is the strength of a character converted into a numerical value; this is broken down into: Magic, which measures the extent of his magical power, Strength that measures his physical capacity, and Spirit, which measures his composure, determination, and perseverance in battle. . In his normal state (or nerfed as many would say) his power level reaches 3,370, however, during the battle against Galand, Hawk was able to see that by using his demon mark his power level reached 4,400 and later 13,000.


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Currently, after regaining his power from the Druids, his power increased to 32,500, though he himself admits that his power has not fully returned. After resurrecting from Purgatory and regaining his full power (apparently), his power level went back to 60,000. Upon entering his Raid Mode, Meliodas reaches a level of 142,000. Subsequently, the official levels of Meliodas are unknown after the first appearance of his assault mode and only unofficial speculations made by fans about him remain.

Asta vs. Meliodas: Who would win?

And now for the most important and interesting section of our article – the analysis. Here, we are going to use what we have found out about these two characters and analyze how all these facts would (or would not) help them in a fight against each other. Let us continue.

Ultimately, you can see that Meliodas and Asta are very similar characters. They both focus on magical powers and are overpowered when compared to a lot of other characters from their universes. But, what is relevant here is the fact that the power scales of The Seven Deadly Sins and Black Clover are completely different and almost impossible to compare. Where Asta is dealing with serious magic, Meliodas is fighting actual gods and has divine powers which far surpass any of the demons we’ve seen in Black Clover.


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In that aspect, Meliodas’ strongest form, Demon King Meliodas, is immensely powerful even for the ridiculous standards of his own universe. Asta hasn’t even reached his full potential yet – which is why Meliodas would trash the current version of Asta – but even if we consider the full potential that Asta could reach if he manages to master his Anti-Magic and gain several powerful weapons, it would still not be enough to defeat Meliodas.

Meliodas’ power levels are on a completely different scale than Asta’s, and although the Black Clover hero wouldn’t go down without a fight, Meliodas would ultimately be able to defeat him in a direct confrontation.

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