When Does Asta Get His New Powers & Turns Into a Devil in Black Clover?

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As the Black Clover manga is nearing the final parts, we got to see Asta at his most powerful state, even though he never really learned how to do magic. He was finally able to harness the power of his Anti-Magic abilities in what looked to be the most pivotal moment of the Black Clover storyline before an unusual event surprised all of us. Nevertheless, Asta and his Devil powers are still going to be the most important aspect of the storyline. But when does Asta get his new powers and turns into a Devil?

Asta got his new powers and turned into a Devil in Black Clover when he learned the Unite ability. This allowed him to assimilate with the Devil residing in his grimoire so that he could dramatically increase his own powers and become the very personification of his own Devil named Liebe.

Mastering Unite was how Asta was able to become a game-changing presence in Black Clover, considering that he was the only entity that could very well negate the powers of the other Devils, who are drastically stronger than all of the other magic knights in the storyline. Now, let’s look at how Asta got his new powers in Black Clover.

When Does Asta Get His New Powers In Black Clover?

Ever since the Black Clover storyline began, the one thing we learned was the fact that Asta was a boy born without magic. The Black Clover universe is set in a world where the most important aspect that a person can ever possess is the ability to use magic, and that’s why a person’s abilities as a magic knight are based entirely on their magical capabilities. But the problem was that Asta never had any magical abilities.

However, it was not until Asta was able to summon and acquire the Five-Leaf Grimoire that he attained the ability to fight as a magic knight because his grimoire allowed him to use a sword that could negate magic. This ability was called Anti-Magic, and when Asta eventually got the limiter on his Anti-Magic removed by the Witch Queen, it became apparent that he was able to use his powers because his grimoire was possessed by a Devil, which was the source of his Anti-Magic.

After Asta learned more about his abilities and learned how to use them (or borrow them from the Devil inside his grimoire), he was able to work in tandem with Yami to defeat Dante, who had the power of the Devil named Lucifero, one of the most powerful Devils in the entire series. However, it still became clear that Asta’s abilities were not enough because he and Yami both had to push themselves to their very limits in that first fight against Dante.

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After the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad kidnapped Yami, that was when Nacht, the secret vice-captain of the Black Bulls, appeared to train Asta so that they could rescue Yami and put a stop to the plans of the Dark Triad. And Nacht revealed that he was also a Devil host and was capable of using the powers of a Devil, just like Asta.

But the difference was that Nacht was in full control over his Devil powers because he was able to use them at will without having to sacrifice a part of himself or do something drastic for his Devils to give him the power he needed. As such, he was the right person to train Asta.


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In a sense, Asta never acquired new powers in Black Clover because the training he underwent with Nacht only involved allowing him to learn how to harness the powers of his Devil, who is named Liebe. It was only through subduing Liebe that Asta could completely harness the Devil’s powers, as Nacht summoned Liebe so that Asta could fight him and hopefully defeat and claim his Anti-Magic powers as his own.

After Asta was able to finally find a way to convince Liebe to become allies with him, he was able to perform the Unite ability, which allowed him to essentially fuse with his Devil and use his powers as if they were his own. Mastering Unite allowed Asta to gain new strength as he could now completely control Anti-Magic without having to force his Devil to give him power or give Liebe something in return. This happened in chapter 282 of the manga.

How Does Asta Turn Into A Devil In Black Clover?

As mentioned, Asta underwent a training regimen that involved having him fight Liebe, the Devil that he hosted in his grimoire. However, instead of being too aggressive and apprehensive in that fight against Liebe, Asta actually thanked the Devil for all of his help because he wouldn’t have been able to become a helpful magic knight had it not been for Liebe’s Anti-Magic abilities.

This goes way back to the time when Liebe was ousted from the underworld when some of the Devils threw him straight through the gate that connected the underworld with the real world. That was because they were bullying him due to his apparent lack of magical abilities. In that sense, he was the same as Asta, who didn’t have magic.


However, Liebe actually met a kind woman named Richita, who treated the Devil as her own son after the people of the real world shunned him for being a Devil. Richita was quite kind to Liebe, who she was able to openly accept because the Devil didn’t have any magical abilities. It was revealed that Richita couldn’t get near people without killing them because she was born with a mutation that forced her to absorb the mana of everyone around her.

But because Liebe didn’t have mana, he and Richita could live happily together. However, Lucifero eventually tried to take over Liebe’s body and plunged his arm straight through Richita. While Liebe was able to fight through Lucifero’s possession, Richita used her last remaining strength to keep him inside the Five-Leaf Clover, which used to belong to an Elf named Licht. Richita did this so that Lucifero could no longer touch him, as he eventually developed Anti-Magic while he was in the grimoire so that he could exact his revenge against the Devils.


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However, Liebe wasn’t touched by Asta’s kindness, even though he reminded him of Richita (who turned out to be Asta’s biological mother all along). This resulted in a determined Asta taking hold of Yami’s katana and using a similar technique to his Death Thrust to defeat Liebe in battle. And that was when Nacht told Asta that he could forge any contract he wanted because he had now subdued Liebe.


Instead of making Liebe his slave, Asta asked the Devil to become his friend because he wanted to get to know him as an equal. This act touched Liebe and made him remember Richita, as the two became friends but were yet to master the Unite ability that they needed to learn to become even more powerful.

After continuously failing to use Unite, Asta and Liebe were forced into a life-and-death situation by Nacht. When the duo realized that they were not willing to let each other die, they finally used Unite and were able to break through Nacht’s spell. But while they did perform Unite at that moment, Nacht noted that they still needed to master the technique. Still, Asta was now able to turn into a Devil himself after learning how to use Unite with Liebe.

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