How to Give Villagers Jobs in Minecraft? Step by Step

How to Give Villagers Jobs in Minecraft? Step by Step

Villagers in Minecraft became a part of the mob in 2011 with the Beta version. According to the biomes and trades they find themselves in, they get different attires. Each villager has a job which they perform autonomously in the daytime. According to your strategies to flourish a village can give them jobs. But how to give these villagers jobs?

Villagers get jobs by placing job site blocks in their vicinity. Each job has a corresponding block. There are 13 jobs available if you neglect Nitwit and Unemployed. For example, if you give a villager a blast furnace block he will become an Armorer.

Like the real-world, Minecraft depends on the material to build. For material, you need process and production. Villagers create and trade different materials from their inventory. This process is autonomous and takes time.

If you don’t want to spend time gaining experience and knowing the passive mob called the villagers. Then read below to understand different aspects of villagers. You will learn to give jobs to the villagers and troubleshoot the issues.

What do you need for villager jobs?

The most important things are job site blocks and villagers willing to take jobs. You can influence anyone to take the job even if they already have a profession. But remember, if you have traded with a particular villager they cannot change the job or get a new one. 

A village flourishes when there are homes available for villagers to spawn. Villagers will only spawn if there is ample space for them to sleep. Players can keep on adding new homes to see the village flourish. With every two villagers coming near each other an offspring is born. After 20 minutes these offspring become adults and are ready to take a profession.

How to give villagers jobs in Minecraft?

Giving jobs to villagers involves understanding the attire and different Job site blocks.

Step 1: Go to the Workstation

Based on their work locate the workstation of the villager and identify their work. Check the job site block they have out of 13. Navigate and look for workstations.

Step 2: Identify the villager Type

Depending on the work the villagers differ from each other. Furthermore right click on the villager will give you the option for trading with them. The trade options can further help identify the villager.

Villager typeAttire
ArmorerBlack Apron
ButcherWhite Apron
ClericPurple Robe
FarmerBrown Robe
FishermanBrown Robe
FletcherBrown Robe
LeatherworkerWhite Apron
LibrarianWhite Robe
ShepherdBrown Robe
WeaponsmithBlack Apron

Step 3: Allocation of Job Site Block

Give a particular job to a villager or bunch of them by placing the job site block in the village. As time passes on, the villager will take the block and start working. If you don’t have time and want the villager to take the job then destroy the block the villager already has.

What blocks give villagers jobs?

There are 15 villager types in the Minecraft world. Two of them have no jobs: Nitwit and Unemployed. The rest of them need different job site blocks to work in their unique professions. Each villager will have these blocks near their workstation.

Place these blocks near the workstation in the near vicinity of any villager. Villagers will see the block and if wanted choose the corresponding job.

JobJob Site Block
ArmorerBlast Furnace
CartographerCartography Table
ClericBrewing Stand
FletcherFletching Table
ToolsmithSmithing Table

How do you give a villager a profession in Minecraft?

Based on the villager types give professions. Here are three types of techniques involved.

Villager with a profession

Villagers with a profession already chosen are hard to change. You can try by placing a job site block within the 48 blocks range of a particular villager and wait. With time the villager might take the job or will keep on doing his previous job.

You can force a profession as well with little tricks. If your villagers are ignoring a specific profession you want them to take do this. Destroy their job site block and keep the new one in its place.


Use the potion of weakness to turn the zombies into normal villagers. Throw the potion of weakness on the zombie and wait for it to shake and become a villager. This villager will have the same profession as before becoming a zombie.

Not Spawned yet

Use Two tags “Profession” and “Career” to spawn a villager with the required profession. For example “/summon Villager ~ ~ ~ {Profession:0, Career:1}” will summon a farmer with a straw hat.

Why won’t my villagers get or take a job?

How to Give Villagers Jobs in Minecraft? Step by Step

There are many reasons for a villager to not take a job. Either the time is wrong or the villager already has a workstation or a profession. 


If the time is just before sunset or just after sunrise the villager won’t take the job. Minecraft’s world works like the real world they rest at night till the morning.


A villager who is  Nitwit by default won’t take any jobs. The Nitwits spawn in green cloths which makes them easy to distinguish. The best option is to kill the Nitwit because they are useless. Make sure there are no Golems nearby while doing so.

What is the best villager job?

The best Villager Job is farming. To trade with any villager you have to get emeralds. Farmers with farms are the best possible ways to get emeralds. 5 small farms grow enough vegetables to create emeralds. This way you can trade more and get the things you want for your village.

With potatoes, carrots and wheat farmers give you the option to buy emerald in plenty. Hence making the farmer most productive and useful of all the villager categories.

How can I get all villager’s jobs?

Most of the villagers have predefined roles as soon as they spawn. Unemployed villagers will choose the option of selecting the job site block. But if you want to change or assign villagers jobs in bulk. Then gather all the villagers in confined spaces or a room. 

Go to their workplaces and destroy the job blocks. After doing this for all job sites. Place the job site block near the villagers or at their workplace. You will see the change of attire once the villagers accept the given profession.

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