Avengers vs. Transformers: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

avengers vs transformers

There are a lot of groups in the history of fiction, and that’s because the fictional characters need to work together to defeat some of the most serious threats that their planet or universe has ever faced. Two of the most prominent groups of fictional characters are Marvel’s Avengers and the Transformers. Both of these groups have powerful members that have unique abilities. But who would win in a fight between the Avengers and the Transformers?

The Avengers would win in a fight against the Transformers. It’s not even close because certain members of the Avengers could solo the entire core group of the Transformers without a lot of problems. That’s because some of the strongest Avengers are planetary in terms of their power, and no Transformer is that strong.

Even though it might be true that the Transformers are incredibly strong when compared to regular human beings, the thing is that the Avengers are so powerful that some of them are threats to entire planets. That means that there is no way that the Transformers would have a chance against the Avengers unless Unicron was involved. As such, let’s look at this fight in greater detail.


The strength of the individual members of the Avengers varies depending on the Avenger we are talking about. However, the two strongest characters in terms of pure strength are almost always the Hulk and Thor, who are both capable of leveling entire cities or even planets at their strongest states. While both of them aren’t the strongest characters in the Marvel universe, they are capable of holding their own against some of the strongest characters in terms of pure strength. As such, the strongest members of the Avengers in terms of physical strength tend to be incredibly strong.

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In terms of strength, the Transformers vary because certain transformers tend to be stronger than others. But the gist here is that the strength of a transformer is the product of its size, metallic mechanical body, and innate strength. As such, the strongest Transformers tend to be the biggest ones, and we can’t help but think of the likes of Unicron, who is basically a planet himself. However, other than Unicron, there are also other large Transformers, including Primus and Metroplex.


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Thor and Hulk could solo all of the Transformers, not counting Unicron and Primus, as they are simply stronger in terms of raw physical strength. Only Unicron and Primus are planetary level in terms of how strong they are, and they are the only ones that are threats to the strengths of the strongest Avengers.

Avengers 1, Transformers 0


Certain members of the Avengers tend to vary in terms of their durability, but we all know that a lot of them are very durable to the point that they are able to survive attacks that should kill other characters. Of course, the members of the Hulk family are the most durable out of all of the Avengers due to how nothing can seemingly pierce or hurt their incredibly dense skin and muscle tissues. However, Tony Stark also has his own fair share of suits that are capable of withstanding planetary-level attacks. And Thor himself has survived attacks that have killed Celestials.

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The Transformers are incredibly durable as conventional human weapons struggle to damage them. As such, throughout the Transformers continuity, the only weapons that are shown to be effective against Transformers are the weapons of other Transformers. Military weapons could damage them, but it depends on the type of weapons used, as there aren’t a lot of Earth weapons that are capable of piercing through the tough armor of the strongest Transformers out there.

As tough as Transformers may be, powerful Earth weapons can still damage them, especially if we’re talking about armor-piercing weapons. However, conventional Earth weapons don’t have an effect on the Hulk or some of the other durable Avengers, such as She-Hulk and Thor.

Avengers 2, Transformers 0


Some of the fastest Avengers tend to be very fast to the point that they are capable of traveling at close to light speeds whenever they are moving from one planet to another. Of course, Thor and Iron Man are capable of flying at incredible speeds whenever they’re in space. There’s also the fact that characters like the Hulk and Captain Marvel are capable of moving incredibly fast on the battlefield.

Transformers tend to have similar speeds, although some of them are faster because of the forms that they take. The fastest Transformers tend to be the ones that can fly, and that means that characters like Optimus Prime and Megatron are in this conversation. In the movies, we saw that Optimus could actually fly fast enough to move from one solar system to another without taking too much time to do so. Of course, in a fight, they are literally giant robots that can be quite clumsy but are still swift enough to move nimbly.

megatron jet

The truth is that someone like Thor could possibly speed-blitz the Transformers, as that was what he actually did to the entire Frost Giant race in the first Thor movie. While the Transformers could match the traveling speeds of the Avengers, they aren’t as fast in a fight.

Avengers 3, Transformers 0


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Powers and Abilities

Because the Avengers have different members with different powers and capabilities, it is difficult to actually account for all of them. However, some of the most powerful members of the Avengers have incredible powers that could destroy cities or planets or even alter reality itself. For example, Thor and Captain Marvel have enough firepower to level entire cities with their attacks. And Scarlet Witch, of course, is so powerful that she has the ability to alter reality using her magical abilities.

The power of the Transformers tends to vary on the innate power of a certain Cybertronian, but there is no doubt that someone like Unicron is an anomaly in the Transformers universe due to how he is capable of consuming entire galaxies. But the gap between the galaxy-level characters in Transformers and the regular characters is so wide, as Optimus and Megatron aren’t even city-level in terms of how destructive they are. Nevertheless, we know that Optimus and Megatron have enough firepower to reduce a city to rubble if they fought long enough.

apparently unicron might be too big to tackle in the transformers film franchise social

While the Avengers would have a hard time against the likes of Unicron and Primus, the other Transformers are no match for the raw firepower of Thor and Captain Marvel. And if we included Tony Stark’s Godbuster armor, which can be seen in the comics, it would be an entirely different ball game.

Avengers 4, Transformers 0


The Avengers have some of the most impressive feats in the world of comic books. Such feats include defeating universe-level threats like Galactus and Thanos, who are both capable of threatening entire solar systems due to their power. Of course, we have also seen the Avengers taking on a powerful primordial god-like Knull. In that regard, their accomplishments have saved entire planets.

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While the entire Transformers franchise is often a fight between the Autobots and the Decepticons, we have seen them accomplishing a very impressive feat by defeating a multiverse-level threat like Unicron. As such, this feat is actually one of the most impressive accomplishments of any fictional character, as Unicron is an incredibly powerful entity in the world of the Transformers. But, other than that, most Transformers stories detail the fights between the Autobots and the Decepticons.


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The Avengers have more feats than the Transformers but defeating a multiversal entity like Unicron is what allows the Transformers to bridge the gap here.

Avengers 4, Transformers 0

Avengers vs. Transformers: Who Would Win In A Fight?

In truth and in fact, the Avengers are simply stronger than the Transformers, as it is even possible that Thor or the Hulk alone are enough to take on all of the Transformers without Unicron or Primus. It is the fact that the Avengers have characters that are basically godlike that makes them incredibly superior compared to the Transformers. As such, there is no doubt that the Marvel heroes take this fight against the robots in disguise.

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