20 Strongest Transformers of All-Time (Ranked)

Strongest Transformers Of All-Time

Transformers are probably one of the most popular sci-fi franchises in the world. As you probably know, the transformers are a race of alien robots that can transform into vehicles, animals, and other objects. They are able to do this because they have a unique ability called “transformation”, which allows them to change their shape and size.

Transformers are usually divided into two groups: the Autobots and the Decepticons and are often described with human-like characteristics. Optimus Prime’s leadership and wisdom and Bumblebee’s care for humans are truly remarkable. Besides the classic good vs. evil confrontation, the Transformer characters are incredibly powerful and provide us with some of the best robotic action sequences that the industry has to offer.

In this article, you can find the strongest Transformers of all time and get familiar with their blasting and smashing abilities.

20. Barricade


We start our list of strongest transformers of all time with Barricade. Decepticon Barricade is a transformer character that turns into a Saleen S281 Extreme police car. He is known for being a fierce fighter and an expert at using his weapon, which is a powerful laser cannon. He also often uses his interrogation skills and he interrogated Sam about the glasses. Barricade is one of those Decepticons that are ruthless and that take pride in their mission.

He will stop at nothing to achieve victory, even if it means sacrificing himself. Barricade is a powerful warrior who knows how to use his strengths to his advantage. He is always looking for new ways to defeat his enemies and will do whatever it takes to win. Barricade is a true fighter who will never give up or back down from a fight, even though he rarely comes out on top.

19. Soundwave


Soundwave is a Decepticon mostly known as an informant for Megatron and others. He is one of the few Decepticons who truly believe in the ideals of the Decepticon cause and stands by his convictions even when others waver. Even though he usually delegates his missions to his subordinates, his intellect makes him very powerful and dangerous.

When it comes to combat, Soundwave is a fierce opponent also. He possesses Twin Turbo Cannons, a Sonic cannon, and Small Shotgun cannon. He can also destroy cars using tentacles. Even though spying, monitoring, and informing are more of his specialty, he is still very powerful and does not back away from a fight.

18. Jazz

transformers jazz wallpaper preview

Jazz is one of the Autobots that has been alongside Optimus Prime since the beginning. He is an excellent military strategist and prone to adaptation and improvisation. Jazz is known for his chilled attitude and his love of music and Earth’s modern trends.

He is also an excellent fighter as well. Jazz is very agile and can quickly adjust to any form of danger coming his way. With his magnetic claw, he often disarms humans of their weapons and he also has wheels on his feet that help him rotate and move faster.

17. Ratchet


Ratchet is one of the Autobots. He is a wise and experienced Autobot who has seen many battles. He is also a skilled medic and often uses his skills to help his fellow transformers. Ratchet is always ready to fight for what he believes in, and will go to great lengths to protect those he cares about. Ratchet transforms himself into a Hummer vehicle.

When in battle, Ratchet uses various weapons such as Beam fusion energon guns, Energy Cannon, and machine guns. He is very agile and has the ability to rotate his upper body very quickly. He often uses lasers also either in a fight or in his medical profession.

16. Hot Rod

hot rod

Hot Rod is an Autobot and known as Bumblebee’s brother in arms. He is reckless and impulsive, but also courageous and audacious. He would rather rush into battle than retreat from it and is always looking for a chance to prove himself. Despite his brashness, he is a good-hearted individual who cares deeply about his friends and comrades. He turns into a red sports car.

Hot Rod uses Time Gun which creates bubbles. Everything impacted by those bubbles slows down and the time itself runs slower in it. So he uses his gun very often in battle in order to defeat his enemies.


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15. Mirage


Mirage, a.k.a. Dino is a transformer that is known for his infiltration skills. He is an excellent fighter and when in battle, he uses sniper rifles and powerful blades. He is very skilled with Grappling Hooks also as he often uses them in battle. Mirage is also known to use holographic powers as a form of deception.

Mirage is one of the Autobots that landed on earth millions of years ago and remained inactive until 1984 when volcanic activity woke him and others that landed on Earth with him.

14. Crosshairs


The next transformer on our list of strongest transformers of all time is Crosshairs. Crosshairs is an Autobot that can turn into a Corvette Stingray C7. He’s a self-loving, tough loner who’s more interested in being the best than he is in being a team player. However, he’s a great soldier and always delivers when it needs to be delivered. He is a paratrooper that can attack his enemies from the air or from the ground.

Crosshairs use powerful blasters and a Twin Turbo gun. He proved himself to be a very valuable Autobot during the battle of Chicago, helping to take down Decepticon enemies. He is a tough and skilled fighter.

13. Sideswipe


Sideswipe is a transformer that turns into a sleek, red sports car. He’s a speedster and a warrior. He prefers close-range combat rather than using long-range weapons and when in battle his retractable arm swords are his weapon of choice.

However, he is also familiar with using long-range weapons as he possesses Double-Barreled Shotguns, Double-Barreled Hand Rocket Launchers, Machine guns, and Back Guns. Sideswipe in an Autobot and one of Optimus Prime’s most trusted lieutenants.

12. Shatter


Shatter is a Decepticon that after Cybertroinian War had the mission to hunt down Autobots. She was sent to hunt down Bumblebee. Although she prefers to delegate her battles to other Decepticons, she is a fierce warrior as well.

Shatter is a Triple Changer, and is equipped with Neutralizer Guns, Eclipse Rockets, and Red Lightning machine guns. She is very fast and agile, and he is a dangerous opponent in battle.

11. Starscream

starscream e1553900462712

Starscream is a Decepticon. He is also known for being very sneaky and always trying to take over as leader of the Decepticons as he thinks he’s more suitable for that role than Megatron. Starscream uses Lock-on Missiles and a Gatling Cannon. The cannon is extremely powerful and missiles can target three objects at once.

Starscream is one of the most powerful Decepticons and is a real threat to the Autobots. He is always scheming and is not to be underestimated. He even took over the leadership of Decepticons on occasions but didn’t manage to hold that position for long.


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10. Drift


Drift is a former Decepticon turned Autobot. He is a Triple-Changer that can transform from a robot to a sports car Buggati or a helicopter. He is an expert swordsman and a samurai warrior. During the battle, he uses powerful swords to defeat his enemies.

Drift joined Autobots when he received a message sent by Optimus. He became good friends with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

9. Hound


Hound is a gutsy Autobot and probably the one that likes going in battle the most. He enjoys using his various weapons to subdue his enemies. Hound is very confident in himself and always wants to be the one in charge, which can sometimes result in him acting impulsively and not thinking things through properly.

However, he truly believes in the Autobot cause and will do whatever it takes to help his team achieve victory. He has a vast repertoire of weapons such as miniguns, shotguns, pistols, and knives. He smokes a cigar that sometimes he also uses as a weapon.

8. Shockwave


Shockwave is one of the most powerful Decepticons ever created. A ruthless military strategist, he is always devising new ways to defeat the Autobots. He transforms into a Cybertronian jet plane, helicopter, and tank. Shockwave is sometimes considered to be even more powerful than Megatron.

He is also a scientist and an expert in weaponry. Shockwave was one of the first Decepticons to be created, and he has served as Megatron’s right-hand man since the beginning. Shockwave is a fierce warrior and a powerful leader. He is always looking for new ways to defeat the Autobots, and he will stop at nothing to achieve victory.

7. Ironhide


Ironhide is Optimus Prime’s sidekick and best friend. He’s a tough Autobot who likes to be in the thick of the action. Ironhide is always ready to fight and has much destructive weaponry at his disposal. He possesses cannons and produces shockwaves that are powerful enough to destroy several objects at once.


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He is also one of the sturdiest Autobots, thanks to his reinforced metal hide, because of that he made it to our list of strongest Transformers of all time. Ironhide loves a good scrap and enjoys nothing more than coming out on top in a battle. He’s a fierce warrior who will always fight to the end.

6. Bumblebee

collection bumblebee 2

Bumblebee is probably the most popular Autobot. At least, he’s the one that gets the most screen time in the movies. In the Transformers universe, Bumblebee is usually one of the first Autobots to be seen on Earth. His original purpose was to spy on humans. He’s since become more of a warrior and protector, but he still has a sense of humor and loves to have fun.

However, he is also a fierce warrior and will stop at nothing to protect his friends and fellow Autobots. He is armed with a pair of Ion blasters and can transform into a yellow Camaro. Bumblebee is one of the most loyal and trusted Autobots, always putting others before himself. He would do anything to save his friends, even if it means sacrificing himself.


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5. Grimlock


Grimlock is a transformer that turns into a robotic T-Rex. He is the leader of the Dinobots and is known for his raw power and brute force. He is an Autobot and fights on the side of good against the Decepticons.

Grimlock is one of the most powerful transformers and is feared by many. He is often considered to be a wild card, as he does not always follow orders and can be unpredictable. However, when in a battle he is a force to be reckoned with and is among the most powerful transformers.

4. Megatron

Transformers Megatron glaring at the camera

Megatron is the leader of Decepticons and is one of the toughest opponents Autobots had to face. He is a powerful warrior with a lot of weaponry at his disposal. He can transform into a jet plane and he is also equipped with Fusion Cannon. Fusion Canon destroyed and killed many Autobots and devastated material objects on Earth.

He is a fierce warrior and an excellent strategist, always thinking one step ahead of his enemies. He is ruthless in battle and will stop at nothing to achieve victory. He is also a master manipulator, able to twist even the strongest-willed individual to his own ends.

3. Lockdown

kunlin lee transformers2

Lockdown is a Transformer who is neither an Autobot nor a Decepticon. He was sent by Creators to hunt down the strongest Prime. He is a bounty hunter and a mercenary that despise Autobots and Decepticons equally so he can be pretty unpredictable.

He possesses a Face Cannon that is capable of firing powerful blasts, and it is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons and one of the strongest Transformers of all time. He also has a grappling hook that he uses to snag his prey and Shoulder-mounted missile launchers.

2. Sentinel Prime

Sentinel Prime DOTM

Sentinel Prime is a patriotic transformer and Optimus’s teacher. He is a wise and powerful Autobot who has been around for centuries, serving as both a Prime and a teacher. He is also a gifted strategist.

Sentinel Prime’s centuries of experience also make him somewhat arrogant and convinced that he knows what’s best for everyone. However, he’s a fierce warrior and has a double-bladed Primax Blade, a robust shield, and a Rust Cannon that is one of the most powerful weapons among the transformers.

1. Optimus Prime


Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and a powerful and courageous leader who always puts the safety of others above his own. He is a selfless hero who is always ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He has an unwavering sense of justice and is always fighting for what he believes is right. Although they were friends at first, the rivalry between Optimus Prime and Megatron is the stuff of legends.

Optimus Prime transforms into a huge semi-truck. He is armed with an ion blaster cannon and a pair of energy swords. This Prime also has a vast assortment of weapons such as blades and guns of any kind and possesses the Matrix of Leadership. His truck mode is equipped with a pair of missile launchers. Optimus Prime is a powerful and skilled warrior and is an expert strategist and tactician. He is a master of unarmed combat.

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