13 Primes – All Original Transformers Ranked

all 13 primes transformers ranked

In the vast universe of Transformers, the 13 Primes stand out as the original and most powerful of their kind. These iconic figures have shaped Cybertron’s history and lore, each contributing uniquely to the Transformer legacy. Let’s delve into the world of these legendary beings and rank them based on their significance and impact.

13. Alpha Trion

Alpha Trion

Alpha Trion, one of the most revered among the 13 Primes, plays a pivotal role in Cybertron’s rich history. Not just a Prime, he’s often seen as the wise elder with vast knowledge across eons. His wisdom has been instrumental in shaping many key decisions and events, and he’s best known for his role as the mentor to Orion Pax, who eventually became the iconic Optimus Prime.

Despite his significant influence, much of Alpha Trion’s origins remain mysterious. However, his contributions are undeniable. Among the Thirteen, he stands as a beacon of guidance, always emphasizing the importance of knowledge and history in the journey of the Transformers. His role in ensuring the continued legacy of the Autobots cements his position as an integral figure in Transformer lore.

12. Solus Prime

Machinima POTP Solus

In the expansive lore of Transformers, Solus Prime represents the essence of creation. As the only female among the 13 Primes, she is revered for her unparalleled crafting skills. With her Forge, she created some of the most powerful artifacts known to the Transformer race, which played crucial roles in various sagas and battles.


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Solus Prime’s tragic love story with Megatronus adds another layer to her character. Their relationship, filled with love and betrayal, is a testament to the complexities of Transformer relations. Despite her untimely end at the hands of Megatronus, her legacy as a creator and her impact on the Transformer civilization is everlasting.

11. Quintus Prime

Quintus Prime

The world of Transformers is filled with diverse beings, and Quintus Prime is best known for his unwavering fascination with life. As a Prime, he’s credited with introducing various new life forms to Cybertron, always in the pursuit of creating the perfect life. His creations, while stemming from noble intentions, sometimes had unintended consequences.

Quintus Prime’s most controversial creation is the Quintessons, a race known for its duplicitous nature. They have been both allies and adversaries to the Transformers over the millennia. Despite the mixed outcomes of his creations, Quintus Prime’s desire to understand and nurture life adds depth to the multifaceted world of Transformers.

10. Micronus Prime


Among the Thirteen, Micronus Prime holds a special place for his bond with the smaller beings, the Mini-Cons. His unique connection with these entities showcases the diverse range of life forms and energies within the Transformer universe. He is often seen as the bridge between the grandiosity of the Primes and the more subtle energies of the Mini-Cons.

Micronus Prime’s role is vital in emphasizing that power isn’t solely determined by size or grandeur. The Mini-Cons, under his guidance, have played crucial roles in many battles, proving that even the smallest can make significant differences. Micronus Prime’s legacy is a reminder of the importance of unity and collaboration in the Transformer world.


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9. Amalgamous Prime

Amalgamous Prime

Fluidity and change are at the heart of Amalgamous Prime. Among the Thirteen, he stands out for his unique ability to reshape and transform in ways beyond the imagination of most Transformers. This ability is a testament to the limitless possibilities that exist within the Transformer realm, and Amalgamous Prime is its embodiment.

However, this gift of constant transformation wasn’t without its challenges. Despite his unparalleled abilities, Amalgamous often found it hard to find a true identity, a fixed shape, leading him to be somewhat elusive. Yet, his contribution to the Transformer lore is undeniable, reminding all that change is the only constant.

8. Alchemist Prime

Alchemist Prime

Delving deep into the mystic arts, Alchemist Prime is known for his obsession with balancing life and death. In the cosmos of the Transformers, he represents the duality of existence. Alchemist Prime always believed that understanding this balance was key to unlocking the greater mysteries of the universe. His pursuits often led him to explore the thin lines between science and magic, combining both to harness their strengths.

His fellow Primes did not always welcome his experiments and studies, often causing rifts and debates. However, the perspective he brought to the Thirteen was invaluable. Alchemist Prime’s legacy reminds all Transformers about the cyclical nature of life and the importance of maintaining harmony within it.

7. Liege Maximo


Liege Maximo stands out as one of the most cunning and manipulative among the Thirteen. His silver tongue and unparalleled rhetoric made him a master persuader. While he possessed the gift of speech and could inspire or deceive with his words, his intentions were not always noble, leading to many conflicts within the Transformer realm.

Throughout the ages, Liege Maximo’s actions often raised questions about morality and the power of influence. Despite the controversies surrounding him, there’s no denying his impact. His legacy serves as a reminder of the power of words and the responsibilities of such a gift.

6. Vector Prime

Vector Prime

As the guardian of time and space, Vector Prime holds one of the most crucial roles among the Thirteen. With the ability to navigate through various timelines, he ensures the stability and order of the multiverse. His ancient blade, Rhisling, further amplifies his control over time, making him a formidable figure in the Transformer universe.

His responsibilities often weigh heavy on him, as the tiniest change in one timeline can have cascading effects across others. But with his wisdom and dedication, Vector Prime stands as the sentinel, ensuring that the fabric of time remains untattered. His existence is a testament to the vastness of the Transformer universe and the intricacies of time itself.

5. Onyx Prime

Representing the primal and untamed side of Cybertron, Onyx Prime is deeply connected with the beasts and creatures of the land. His affinity towards these beings is unparalleled, granting him unique insights and abilities that others often overlook. With the legendary Triptych Mask, Onyx can peer into the souls of others, revealing their true intentions.


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While his beastly nature might seem intimidating to many, Onyx Prime’s connection to the wild showcases Cybertron’s diverse spectrum of life. His legacy serves as a reminder that raw power and primal instincts have their own place in the grand tapestry of existence.

4. Nexus Prime

RID34 enigma of combination

Unity and combination are the essence of Nexus Prime. Among the Thirteen, he stands out for bringing disparate elements together into a harmonious whole. As the first combiner, Nexus Prime showcases the strength of unity, proving that when individual strengths are combined, they can overcome insurmountable challenges.

His existence is not just symbolic of physical combination but also of the importance of collaboration and teamwork. Nexus Prime’s legacy emphasizes that even in a universe as vast and diverse as the Transformers’, working together is often the key to achieving greatness.

3. The Thirteenth Prime (Optimus Prime)


A beacon of hope and righteousness, The Thirteenth Prime, often known as Optimus Prime, stands tall as a symbol of leadership and heroism among the Transformers. While many regard him as the last among the multiversal Thirteen Primes, his influence stretches far and wide. With a strong moral compass and an unyielding sense of duty, Optimus Prime leads with compassion and wisdom, ensuring that freedom remains the right of all sentient beings.


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His journey from a simple librarian to one of the most revered leaders in the Transformers universe is a testament to his determination and commitment. While his battles against adversaries are legendary, Optimus Prime’s true strength lies in his ability to inspire and unite. His legacy reinforces the belief that even a single individual can bring about significant change with the right intentions and actions.

2. The Fallen (Megatronus)

TheFirstWhoWasNamed Megatronus

In the vast spectrum of the Thirteen, The Fallen, or Megatronus, represents the tragic descent from grace. Once a proud and powerful member of the Primes, his ambitions and lust for power led him down a path of darkness and betrayal. His name itself has become synonymous with treachery in the annals of Cybertronian history.

The story of Megatronus serves as a stark reminder of the fragile nature of loyalty and the devastating consequences of unchecked ambition. While his power and might were undeniable, his actions overshadowed his strengths, making him a cautionary tale for all Transformers. The Fallen’s legacy reflects the duality present in every being, highlighting the eternal battle between good and evil.

1. Prima

OneShallRise1 Prima

As the first-born of the original Primes, Prima embodies the virtues of courage and honor. Wielding the iconic Star Saber, he is a warrior of unmatched prowess. But beyond his combat skills, Prima’s leadership and unwavering commitment to the greater good set him apart from the rest. He’s often regarded as the beacon of light in the darkest of times, guiding the way with his wisdom and bravery.

His role in the early days of Cybertron shaped the course of its history, laying the foundation for a new era. The legend of Prima serves as an inspiration for all, emphasizing the importance of staying true to one’s principles and values. His legacy reminds the Transformers of the sacrifices and resilience required to uphold the ideals they cherish.

Multiversal Thirteen

The multiversal Thirteen is the group present through different incarnations within the multiverse. Most of the members were the same as the Covenant Thirteen, but there were three differences:

Autonomous Maximus

Autonomous Maximus

Autonomous Maximus is a testament to resilience and adaptability in the vast tapestry of Transformers’ history. Originating from the legend of the Last Autobot, his story is intertwined with the destiny of Cybertron itself. Billions of years ago, as Primus prepared to enter his eon-long slumber, he created the Last Autobot. Bestowing upon him a fragment of his own mighty power, he instructed him to await the arrival of the “chosen one.”

When Cybertron faced apparent destruction, Autonomous Maximus revealed the truth. The planet wasn’t self-destructing but transforming. As the Last Autobot, he stabilized and guided this monumental shift, enabling the rebirth of Cybertron. His deep connection with the legendary Optimus Prime further solidifies his status among the multiversal Thirteen Primes. His story reminds every Transformer of the unwavering spirit that lies within and the power of unity.



Deep within the annals of Cybertronian lore, the tale of Solomus reflects the very essence of wisdom. As a member of the Guiding Hand, he was one of the inaugural Cybertronians, representing knowledge and insight. However, fate had other plans when his memories were wiped away by Adaptus, causing Solomus to become Tyrest, Cybertron’s esteemed lawmaker. Despite the amnesia, his intrinsic nature of fostering order and mitigating conflicts prevailed.


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Tyrest’s accomplishments were notable, but they merely hinted at the godly stature of Solomus. His story is layered with mystery and transformation, but one thing remains certain: his legacy has shaped the very foundation of Cybertron. In certain narratives, he’s also known as Arrius, showcasing the multifaceted nature of his existence.



As a deity rooted in the earliest epochs of Cybertron, Epistemus epitomizes the pursuit of knowledge. Part of the Guiding Hand, he was fundamental in establishing the Transformer Society. Yet, his destiny took a tragic turn when Mortilus betrayed him. This treachery resulted in him becoming the prototype for future Cybertronian brain modules, a bittersweet testament to his embodiment of knowledge.

Despite the tales of his downfall, Epistemus survived and adventured with the Knights of Cybertron, exploring the vast cosmos. His head, known as the “The Magnificence”, became an emblem of his enduring influence. While the specifics of his journey may differ across narratives, Epistemus’s essence as the beacon of enlightenment and knowledge remains undiminished.

Other Members

Particularly following the Shroud, different realities have included different Thirteen members. Most of them remained the same, but these three were added in certain universes:



Adaptus is not just a Transformer deity; he embodies metamorphosis within the Transformers’ lore. Created alongside Mortilus, Solomus, and Epistemus, he was entrusted with the profound ability to introduce the art of transformation to Cybertron. Bearing an “infinity” of shapes and sizes, he became the “teacher” of change. But with such profound power came the potential for darkness.

His concern over the eventual stagnation of an immortal, utopian society led him to introduce conflict to Cybertron. This decision, stemming from a wish to elevate the mechanical race, brought warfare to the peaceful land. Adaptus’s actions caused the other members of the Guiding Hand to forget their origins and unleashed chaos. But in the face of adversity, the Transformers united to halt his plans. In some universes, his narrative merges with Amalgamous Prime, highlighting the complexities of his character.



In the pantheon of the earliest Transformers, Mortilus stands as a symbol of the inevitable end – death. As a member of the Guiding Hand, he embodied the concept of mortality, a stark contrast to the seemingly immortal nature of the Cybertronians. However, when Adaptus sparked a rebellion, Mortilus too, faced the vulnerability of identity loss, leading him to adopt a new persona as Censere.

Taking on the role of recording every Cybertronian death, Censere became a mythical figure, the Necrobot. Legends speak of his unique ability to discern the cause of death by merely casting his shadow on the deceased. This dedication to chronicling the end of every Transformer showcases the profound depth of Mortilus’s character, a deity bound by duty and shaped by circumstances.

Sentinel Prime

Sentinel Prime

Bold and formidable, Sentinel Prime holds a unique position in the Transformers’ history. Often depicted as the predecessor to the iconic Optimus Prime, Sentinel Prime’s size might exceed an average Autobot’s. His supreme confidence, derived from his power and leadership abilities, often borders on arrogance. Yet, this self-assuredness has seen him lead the Autobots through countless challenges.


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Initially known as Sentinel Major, his origins trace back to the era of the Quintessons, where he was a combat slave. Surviving gladiatorial games and rebellions, he later became the Autobot leader. Under his leadership, the Autobots embraced stealth and the ability to transform, turning the tide of war in their favor. His legacy, marked by triumphs and innovations, serves as a reminder of the evolving nature of leadership.

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