Is Bakugo Dead in My Hero Academia? (Anime vs Manga)

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The final arc and epic battle in My Hero Academia was definitely one of the most challenging battles to ever be seen in the manga, and just about every fan was on the edge of their seat. But, the apparent and seemingly final defeat of Bakugo had fans shook, to say the least. Many now wonder – is Bakugo really dead? Will Bakugo ever be back?

Bakugo dies due to a fatal chest/ heart injury in Chapter 362 of My Hero Academia. The true cause could have been as a result of a deadly blow inflicted by Shigaraki, or as an explosive side effect of Bakugo’s Condensed Nitroglycerin Orbs. Bakugo could be resurrected through Eri’s Reversal Quirk, but his future return has not yet been confirmed.

Although it seems that Bakugo’s final blow is impossible to come back from, there may still be a way that this hero could surprise us with a fate-defying comeback. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about how Bakugo died in My Hero Academia, as well as whether or not he could make a return in the manga.

How Did Bakugo Die In My Hero Academia?

Judging from the overall feel of the final arc, it was evident that some of the most well-loved My Hero Academia characters would not make it out alive. The enemies being faced were simply too powerful, and the stakes were far higher than one might have anticipated.

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The slaughter of Bakugo was seen as the first major character death in My Hero Academia. Many fans weren’t expecting him to die, since the battle took place over a couple of chapters and Best Jeanist was seen trying to tend to Bakugo’s injuries at the end of Chapter 360.

He ultimately died as a result of his heart being blown into bits, as he was depicted with a hole in his chest upon his death. But, there is still some speculation as to what exactly caused the fatal injury – the obvious cause based on the manga panels, and one that may only be noticed when reading between the lines.


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Below are the most probable explanations for Bakugo’s death, with key snippets from the My Hero Academia manga thanks to Viz. Needless to say that there will be a ton of spoilers mentioned here – just a heads up if you haven’t gotten through the latest chapters yet!

Shigaraki Punched a Hole In Bakugo’s Heart

Bakugo died during a tough battle while attempting to take on Shigaraki – at least until Deku could arrive at the battle in order to continue the fight. He did have some good support thanks to UA’s Big Three, numerous classmates, as well as Pro Heroes, but it simply wasn’t enough since Shigaraki was dead-set on taking Bakugo out of the picture once and for all.

bakugo shi

It was implied that this powerful My Hero Academia villain intended to kill Bakugo in order to wound Izuku as deeply as possible, and Bakugo wasn’t showing fear by any means. Even after being near death with major wounds, he continued to fight this vicious villain to his end.

He did not show any intention of running or hiding, which may have ultimately led him to this fate. Most fans believe that the powerful Shigaraki was the one to strike the lethal blow at the end of the manga’s closing scene – after Bakugo had received a brutal and bloody beating.

bakugo hit

This is mostly believed since the frames depicting Bakugo’s final moments can be tricky to interpret. Shigaraki is shown landing a hit on Bakugo’s chest, which then reverberates throughout Bakugo’s body. This could very well have been the cause of his death.

Orbs of Condensed Nitroglycerin

Chapter 362 started off with Bakugo being back on his feet and ready to continue the battle, which gave many fans the idea that he would be perfectly fine once the fight concluded. He employed a new technique in order to move faster and dodge Shigaraki’s attacks, but it’s possible that this would later cause or contribute to Bakugo’s demise.


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Orbs of condensed nitroglycerin, which Bakugo would use to create his explosions, actually began to circulate throughout his body while exploding and inflicting damage with each use. The manga’s narration specifically states that Bakugo wasn’t aware of this potential issue at the beginning, and this side effect may have proven to be the tragic flaw that ends up causing his heart to explode.

Is Bakugo Really Dead?

Based on the events that transpire in Chapter 362 of the My Hero Academia manga, it’s pretty easy to say that Bakugo is really dead. The type of wound that this character got is something that would be impossible to simply bounce back from.

bakugo dead

His heart stopped beating and the final scenes show Bakugo laying bloody and lifeless on the ground with a giant hole in his chest, which would imply there is no hope for the hero. When looking at the context of the images in the manga as well as the events, there’s very little room for optimistic plot twists.

There were a few glimpses within several panels from the chapter that depicts Bakugo in a state that closely resembles the afterlife – or, at least an interpretation of it. In addition, Bakugo’s parents are also shown discussing the rain, which is odd considering the context but it does imply that Bakugo has passed away in a sense.

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Either way, the manga does not leave much room for ambiguity. There is next to no indication that Bakugo will simply bounce back, or that the scene could have been misinterpreted by fans – Bakugo is truly dead.

Will Bakugo Be Back In My Hero Academia?

With all that being said, there may still be a way for Bakugo to make a return in My Hero Academia later down the line. The manga does feature a rather unique detail and character that might be able to resolve this untimely death – Eri and her iconic Reversal Quirk.

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Eri, also known as Eri-Chan, is one of the most unique yet powerful girls in My Hero Academia. She is capable of reversing the state of living to an earlier point in the individual’s existence, which could potentially place Bakugo back to a point in time where he was still alive. Her ability was indicated in a few situations throughout My Hero Academia, namely:

  • When Eri erased her own father from existence entirely
  • When Eri reversed Deku to a point in time when his limbs were not damaged during the battle against Overhaul
  • When Eri restored Mirio’s powers after his Quirk was erased

However, the likelihood of this occurring has not yet been confirmed, although fans know that the resurrection of Bakugo is technically possible within the My Hero Academia universe. Only time will tell if the manga’s author, Kōhei Horikoshi, decides to bring one of our favorite My Hero Academia characters back from the grave.

To be fair, many classic mangas and Shonen stories are not complete without beloved characters and heroes falling for the cause. Some character deaths are bound to hit fans much harder than others – but, this is also what can make for an excellent experience. Still, we all have our fingers crossed in the hopes that we haven’t seen the last of Bakugo just yet!

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