Batgirl vs. Spider-Gwen: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?

Batgirl vs Spider Gwen

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Batgirl and Spider-Gwen are among the most female superheroes. Batgirl is Batman’s famous protege, trained by the Dark Knight to excel in just about any situation. On the other hand, Spider-Gwen is Earth-65’s version of Spider-Man, gaining her powers much in the same way as Peter Parker of Earth-616. They have one more thing in common, as both are the daughters of police officers. Since both superheroines can be considered versions of their male counterparts, we decided to compare them in a fictional fight to determine who between Batgirl and Spider-Gwen is stronger and would win in a fight. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Spider-Gwen is more powerful than Batgirl and would likely defeat her in a fight. 
  • Spider-Gwen has superpowers and superior physical abilities, which non-powered Batgirl can’t compete with. 
  • Batgirl, however, excels in hand-to-hand combat, and her detective skills are unmatched, so if it was a fight of wits and raw martial arts skills, Batgirl would win.

Batgirl doesn’t have superpowers, and Spider-Gwen keeps getting more powerful 

Like her mentor, Barbara Gordon was born as a regular human being and relied on her martial arts skills, intelligence, gadgets, and other tactics to take down superpowered individuals. Although her resume of skills and knowledge is incredibly impressive, it can’t measure up against other superpowered individuals in terms of raw powers. 

Batgirl vs. Joker

Spider-Gwen was also born as a regular human, Gwendolyn Stacy, to be more exact, on Earth-65, and during a chance encounter, she was bitten by a radioactive spider and got the same set of powers and abilities as Earth-616’s Peter Parker. Since then, Gwendolyn Stacy has been depowered and lost the source of her powers. 

spider gwen uses symbiote tendrils

However, it was replaced by a Symbiote that allowed her to use her spider-based powers without having a connection to the Web of Destiny. Due to that, Spider-Gwen has the world-famous spider sense that warns her before the danger takes place. She has a notable wallcrawling ability, camouflage, and, due to her connection with the symbiote, she can generate tendrils and organic webbing that can take just about any shape that Spider-Gwen desires. 

It’s clear that Spider-Gwen takes our first point due to having superpowers, which Batgirl lacks. 

Batgirl (0-1) Spider-Gwen 


Batgirl vs. Batman: Who Would Win & Why?

Spider-Gwen has superhuman physical aspects, while Batgirl is simply human 

After being shot by the Joker, Batgirl lost her use of the legs. Some of the function has been recovered with the use of a Neural implant. Still, her mobility is severely limited, depending on the situation. Sometimes, the implant malfunctions, which puts her at risk of getting paralyzed in severely dangerous situations.

batgirl flips over a grown man

Despite everything, Batgirl couldn’t be a world-class martial artist if her stamina, speed, and physical strength weren’t operating at peak human performance levels. Batgirl is likely much more capable of caring for herself than Olympic-level athletes. But this is as far it goes, as Batgirl isn’t superhuman in any aspect. 

Spider-Gwen no longer has arachnid physiology, but her connection with the Symbiote grants her pretty much the same physical abilities. Spider-Gwen can lift up to 10 tons. She can tank unimaginable levels of damage and walk away unharmed. Magic-based and energy-based attacks would, however, severely affect her. 

spider gwen knocks out captain america

Spider-Gwen is also incredibly agile. Years of wall-crawling and leaping from building to building have left her with incredible coordination, reflexes, and reaction times. She is a superb acrobat who can easily outcompete even Olympic-level gymnasts. Spider-Gwen also has a healing factor. Just in case her durability fails and she finds herself in a situation where she suffers lasting damage, her healing can repair it.

Even though Spider-Gwen is weaker and less physically capable than Spider-Man, her enhanced physical attributes are above those of Batgirl. 

Batgirl (0-2) Spider-Gwen 

Batgirl is a world-class martial artist 

Batgirl’s training in self-defense did not start with Batman. It started while she was six. Being the daughter of a policeman, Barbara grew up with the thought that self-defense is extremely important living in Gotham City (and just about anywhere else in the world). Over the years, she also mastered Boxing, Eskrima, Judo, Karate, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo and became proficient with some weapons, most notably Batarangs.

batgirl martial arts

Before her accident, Batgirl was also quite proficient in athletics and had decent enough durability. And even though her mobility over the years fluctuated, she is still far more dangerous than you would have assumed, as she has incredible knowledge of pressure points capable of incapacitating humans with a single touch. 

Spider-Gwen was never properly trained as a fighter, and her technical knowledge of any kind of fighting skills is severely lacking. According to her own words, her moves are from various Kung Fu movies that she likes to watch, but generally, she is a freestyle fighter, which she is good at. Well, not according to Cindy Moon, who claims that Spider-Gwen can’t throw a proper punch. 

Cindy Moon says Spider Gwne cant throw a proper punch

Spider-Gwen has all the physical abilities on her side, which is why she wins most of her fights. It’s not due to her fighting finesse. Batgirl, on the other hand, is the opposite, relying on pure skill and knowledge. The point goes to Barbara. 

Batgirl (1-2) Spider-Gwen 

Both Batgirl and Spider-Gwen are fine detectives 

We’ve already mentioned that Gwendolyn is the daughter of a police captain, and due to that, she was exposed to detective work from an early age, some of it rubbing on of her, especially certain protocols and procedures that highly enhanced the approach to detective work. Spider-Gwen often relies on her knowledge as she utilizes detective work in her daily crime-fighting activities. 

Spider gwen detective

Still, Gwen can’t measure up to Batgirl’s legendary skills. 

Barbara is a genius in every sense of the world. Batgirl excels as a detective due to her keen intellect, deductive reasoning, and exceptional analytical skills. Barbara’s librarian background and photographic memory also contribute to her detective abilities. Batgirl is not without a clue in the digital world, as she is a skilled computer hacker and knows her way around various operative systems.  

Batgirl intelligence

She is also skilled in lock picking and has picked up on a thing or two about leadership from Batman, as well as his knowledge of tactics and gadgets. While unable to walk, Batgirl used her genius and analytics skills to perform as Oracle, a behind-the-scenes information broker and tech expert for the Bat family. 

Spider-Gwen has nothing on Batgirl in this department. 

Batgirl (2-2) Spider-Gwen 


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Batgirl vs. Spider-Gwen: Who wins? 

Well, as you can see from our analysis, it’s complicated. Spider-Gwen has powers and physical abilities on her side, and if the fight comes to that, she certainly wins. However, due to Batgirl’s skills and intelligence, if she had time to prepare and formulate a plan, like Batman, we’re sure that Batgirl would walk away victorious. 

Who do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments below!

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