Batgirl VS Spider Gwen: Who Would Win?

Batgirl VS Spider Gwen: Who Would Win?

Batgirl and Spider Gwen are both extremely talented fighters who easily hold their own in their respectful universes. However, if the two were to find themselves on the opposite sides in a fight.

While both are great fighters, Gwen would ultimately win since Batgirl would not have enough time to adapt to her enhanced abilities and the technological gadgets Gwen uses.

If you want a full breakdown that explains why we think Spider Gwen would win in this fight make sure to read this article all the way through since it offers a brief breakdown of both party’s skillsets and how they would impact the fight.

Batgirl And Her Powers

Batgirl VS Spider Gwen: Who Would Win?

Batgirl is one of the most important members of the Bat family and is often praised as the most competent one among the plethora of Batman’s allies.

She was trained by the Dark Night himself and that is a great advantage for her. Aside from that, a pretty big part of her training is what she received from her father, Jim Gordon.

All of this is paired up with her physical condition makes her an extremely dangerous opponent. She is constantly training and conditioning her body which makes sure she is in peak human condition.

She is regularly shown having no trouble keeping up with the rest of the Bat family while sparing relatively easily as well as keeping up with Batman, which is something not a lot of people can say. 

As a result of this, she is often shown as the most competent sidekick Batan has. She regularly keeps up with Gotham’s most notorious villains, such as Catwoman and the rest of the Birds of Prey pretty easily. 

Aside from receiving training in martial arts and firearms as well as different weapons and gadgets, Barbara Gordon was also taught to think like a detective. 

Barbara has studied forensics and problem-solving from the best, having been trained by both Batman and Commissioner Gordon. In order to solve any crime, she can build together a case, examine the evidence, and follow up on witness statements.

This is additionally aided by her photographic memory. This does not imply that she comprehends everything or is always considering connections, but she is capable of recalling even the tiniest information. This comes in useful since she can recall the face of a suspect or things she’s read in books.

This comes in handy quite often actually. Although there are so many instances where this ability saves the day (so much so that people refer to it as a superpower), the one that gets mentioned the most often is that one time she solved a crime with details she picked up the previous night after getting blackout drunk.

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However, as powerful as she is in her Batgirl form the one thing that makes her truly powerful is her computer skills. Oracle was the superhero community’s support line, searching up vital data on the internet and speaking into their earpieces as they fought criminals. She has even gotten through top-level government cybersecurity in many instances.

Many different superheroes mentioned that her impact as the person helping them behind a computer is far greater than what she achieved while physically fighting crime alongside them. 

Her training and approach to fighting make her an extremely skilled fighter. She regularly fights Gotham’s most notorious villains which is why she is respected by Batman and the rest of the superheroes. 

All of this would make anyone, regardless of their skills think twice about engaging in a fight with her. 

Spider Gwen And Her Powers

Batgirl VS Spider Gwen: Who Would Win?

Spider Gwen is Eart 65’s version of Spiderman. She made her first big-screen appearance in 2018’s Into the Spiderverse. In this universe she got bit by the radioactive spider rather than Peter Parker, making her that universe’s version of the web-slinger. 

This would mean that she has all the classic spiderman powers. The bit increased her regular human condition. She has increased speed, reflexes, and strength.

Although we don’t get any specific frames as to how powerful she actually is, comic books actually give us a few instances that can help us determine it approximately.

It was stated on a few different occasions that she is much faster than some of the best athletes out there. When it comes to strength the closest we get to discover just how strong she comes from an instance when she raises almost 10 tons relatively easily.

Despite the lack of evidence, we can conclude that she is as least as powerful as MCU’s Spiderman, although after the release of the already mentioned movie many would argue that Peter Parker isn’t a match for her.

All of this is additionally aided by her spidey sense. The sense makes her extra sensitive to her surroundings making her extremely agile and hyper-aware of her surroundings which makes her an extremely dangerous opponent.

One thing that separates Gwen from the rest of the Spider-people is the fact that she is actually a highly-skilled fighter. It is confirmed in the comic books that she got most of her knowledge from the Kung-fu movies.

This comes in quite handy during her fight since it gives her an upper hand in most fights since it paired up with her spidey powers creates a combination which very few can keep up with her.

One point where the two are actually quite similar is their detective skills. Both of them are pretty skilled in this area since both were raised in similar surroundings.

For starters, her father is a police chief, so Gwen grew up learning how to catch evil individuals from an early age. As Spider-Woman, Gwen is able to simply adopt the same tactics employed by police to her own investigations. All of this knowledge would only get amplified as she gets older. 

Up to this point, the two were quite similar, but there is one thing that separates her from Batgirl. Gwen possesses a gadget that permits her to travel through time and space. 

She uses the technology when needed, generally to recruit another spider-person or to give her own aid in another realm, which she received during the first Spider-Verse run. 

Even though this doesn’t make her any stronger the technology does offer her an edge because she can develop strength in numbers. 

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Furthermore, Gwen’s power to bounce back and forth between dimensions allows her to obtain anything she requires in any given scenario.

Although Gwen is pretty young and inexperienced compared to most of her opponents she can hold her own quite easily. All the skills she possesses make her an extremely skilled opponent.

Batgirl VS Spider Gwen: Who Would Win?

So if these two were to ever fight, who would win? Well, the question is actually quite complicated since the two have pretty similar backgrounds.

Both are extremely skilled fighters, although Batgirl is more proficient in more fighting styles but Gwen’s spidey sense makes up for her lack of knowledge making them pretty balanced out.

One could make an argument that Batgirl was trained by Batman and hence is able to fight and adapt to her opponents just like him, however, this simply isn’t true. Batman himself said that while she is a talented fighter, she is no match for him.

This is exactly what ultimately leads to her demise in this fight. She would not have enough time to apt her fighting Gwen’s enhanced abilities and even if she had preparation time, Gwen has the ability to travel to different dimensions. 

This means that in order to win against her Batgirl would need to take the device from her, incapacitate her enhanced abilities and spidey senses in order to make the fight even, and considering Gwen’s own skill that task would be anything but easy. 

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