20 Strongest Female Superheroes of All Time (Ranked)

20 Strongest Female Superheroes of All Time (Ranked)

There are tons of female superheroes in Marvel and DC Comics; however, their respective strengths vary greatly. From Wonder Woman to Star Fire, who are one of the strongest female superheroes, their strength is immense, and they have been captured carrying out impossible tasks. Additionally, these badass superheroines are the toughest you can get, and they certainly do not just mess around.  

Although it may seem like Marvel and DC are primarily storming with male superheroes, some of the strongest are female. Also, these women do not just possess physical strength; they have abilities that they could have only dreamed of. So stay on, as I will walk you through the 20 most formidable female superheroes, ranked in order.

20. Jessica Jones

20 Strongest Female Superheroes of All Time (Ranked)

Jessica Jones got her powers after being exposed to radioactive chemicals as a teenager in an accident, she lost her family. However, social workers took her into adoption when she came out of a coma after the accident. It was in her adopted home that she realized that the chemicals had given her certain superpowers.

The superpowers had come in the form of superhuman strength and durability. Although Jessica Jones has never shown the actual extent of her strength, she has done several breathtaking things. She has lifted and tossed a police car, punched a hole into a metal hood, and smacked over a rooted tree. 

Her level of strength has peaked at the point of lifting at least two and a half tons of matter. However, Jessica Jones’s Netflix series has portrayed her as a weaker superhero, although she still has more strength than normal humans. 

19. Molly Hayes

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Although Molly Hayes is not as famous as the rest of the superheroes on this list, her strength is unmatchable. Nevertheless, fans of Runaways should easily spot her name.

In the comics, her parents being telepaths, tested her for the X-Gene at birth; however, the results were negative. Consequently, Molly has nicknamed Bruiser beforehand, although she was a mutant. 

She hasn’t let the fact that her parents were murderous supervillains hold her back from her potential.

Her prowess is super strength and invulnerability, and she has knocked out giant monsters as tall as a skyscraper. Additionally, she punched through solid Earth, creating a tunnel; as a result, she has also thrown a car.

One impressive thing she did was to hit Wolverine so hard that he flew across the street. Also, she has held up pretty awesomely against the wrecking crew, the punisher, and the invading aliens.

Although the limits to her powers aren’t known yet, she can lift 25 tons, although this isn’t the outright maximum. In addition, her strength increases as she gets older. 

18. Emma Frost

20 Strongest Female Superheroes of All Time (Ranked)

Also known as the White Queen, Emma Frost is an X-Men mutant with some remarkable telepathic powers. She uses her powers to create incredible hallucinations in the minds of her opponents. Also, she can read minds and place thoughts; thus, she Influences people to do her will.

Born to a wealthy, mercantile family, she parted ways with her family and started her financial empire. However, Emma Frost can also go into an organic rock-hardened state, becoming super solid and impenetrable to multiple attacks.

She gets more interesting when you realize that she started as a villain before switching sides to hero hood. Consequently, she also became an essential leader in the X-Men Universe.

Emma Frost is something of an academic, as she has amassed lots of degrees. But, not surprisingly, she also teaches at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Mutants, making her not only powerful but also extra intelligent.

Although Emma Frost didn’t play a big part in the X-Men films, I wish she’d have been more incorporated into the action. 

17. Mera

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Looking at the DC Universe, Mera is similar to Aquaman, but she might be more robust than he is for one reason. She has lived underwater her whole life while he lived on the land as a child. Due to this, she has more strength in the water and better understands how to survive in deep oceans.

However, she gets little recognition and is known as Aquaman’s wife. Mera is the Queen of Atlantis and the former Queen of the Aqua Dimension, a trained soldier and spy. Although she doesn’t possess psychic abilities, she controls the waves and tsunamis of the sea.

She turns water forms into terrifying creatures of the sea; nevertheless, this isn’t all there is with Mera. In addition, she can draw water out of most life forms, including humans, swiftly destroying all life that requires water. 


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After her son died, she was caught up in her grief, so she took off to battle her husband, whom she blamed. However, her husband accidentally killed her, or so we believed. Nevertheless, she rose from her death with her strength and indestructibility manifesting itself.

16. Raven

20 Strongest Female Superheroes of All Time (Ranked)

The DC Comics barely used this Character; however, Cartoon Network’s ‘Teen Titans’ gave her a little bit of popularity. Nevertheless, this superheroine possesses an incredible number of unique strengths and abilities, making her one of the strongest female superheroes.

Raven heals herself and others almost instantly; her ability is practical even on near-fatal wounds. Also, she travels to different dimensions, teleports, and can fly within the atmosphere and in space. Additionally, she can Astral project, listen to distant sounds, and combat in her astral form. 

Raven Manipulates shadows and creates darkness. She is also able either manipulate any form of energy, such as human emotion and natural energy. Also, she creates hallucinations in people’s minds, induces unconsciousness with magic, and creates scary flames and explosions.

Oh, that’s not the whole story! Raven has extrasensory perception abilities, induces the seven killer sins into her opponents, and wields telekinetic powers. She is the true definition of a powerful superheroine. 

15. Caitlin Fairchild

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She initially started in the Wildstorm Universe as the leader of Gen. However; she leaped into the DC Universe after the Flashpoint event, where she met several powerful female heroes. She made alliances with these female superheroes that were in roughly the same class. 

Caitlin Fairchild’s strengths come with an effect of transformation where she increases her mass and strength. At this point, she lifts over 100 tons of matter, making her one of DC’s strongest. Coupled with her extreme unbreakable form and high intelligence, she is unstoppable.

14. Geiger

20 Strongest Female Superheroes of All Time (Ranked)

Not all Marvel Universe fans can identify Delilah Dearborn, called Geiger. Oh, she may appear familiar because her strength depends on a connection to Doc Samson from the Incredible Hulk Comic Books. Remember now?

Anyways, Delilah was struck by a particle accelerator just like The Flash. However, she retained the ability to imitate the powers of any close gamma-powered being. She maintains their powers for a long, and she can retain Hulk’s limitless strength if she stays around him for long enough. 

However, most of the time, she can only manipulate 50 tons of weight. This strength is because she carries Doc Samson’s hair with her to keep his strength levels. 

13. Wonder Girl

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Although there are two wonder girls, Donna Troy and Cassandra Sandsmark, I’ll talk about Cassandra because she falls within the strongest superheroines. Wonder Girl is the granddaughter of Zeus, the daughter of Lennox, and the niece of Wonder Woman. 

From the start, she had her powers because of a link with Zeus. But when Zeus left, and she temporarily lost her powers, Ares then helped her regain them and garner a few other extra strengths. So, in addition to her initial powers, she can now slam through walls, twist steel do some other pretty incredible stuff.

Her strength limit is not clearly understood; however, she has proven to be one of the strongest.

12. She-Hulk

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Here’s another big green Marvel superhero who’s just as strong as the Hulk. However, people may often think of her as the Hulk’s weaker partner, but that isn’t even close to the truth. This misconception comes because she’s female, so she is supposed to be the naturally weaker one.

She was a talented lawyer and the cousin of Bruce Banner, the Hulk. She was transformed after receiving a blood transfusion from Bruce after suffering severe injury from a monster attack. Consequently, his gamma-irradiated blood caused She-Hulk’s mutation, turning her into the green Character.

She-Hulk, whose real name is Jennifer Walters, was indeed the weaker Hulk counterpart, but right now, she’s just as strong. In addition, her transformation isn’t triggered by rage as opposed to the Hulk. However, later on in the Comic Tales, she eventually gains the ability to become stronger when she gets furious.

One step up for She-Hulk is that she possesses all the power and rage-driven abilities and retains her emotions. Consequently, even in her transformed state, she has complete control of her actions and keeps her intelligence.

11. Ms. Marvel

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Although Ms. Marvel possesses some pretty incredible superpowers, you cannot overlook her tenacity. Being the first Muslim Character to have their own Marvel comic book is a significant achievement, but it doesn’t end there. 

Ms. Marvel whose name is Kamala Khan is an unbelievably strong female character who represents the need for inclusion in the comic Universe. Additionally, her extended life span and incredible speed, strength, wits, and endurance are purely out of this world. 

After being exposed to Terrigen Mists and attaining the stage of an Inhuman, she became a shapeshifter. She gained the capacity to change any part of her body to different shapes and garnered the power of superhuman healing. Additionally, she can biologically fluoresce, creating colorful glows.

10. Lady Shazam

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Being a member of DC’s Shazam Family, Mary Bromfield possesses the capacity to access the powers of seven gods. By simply saying the word “shazam,” she can access incredible power. However, she shared this power with Shazam and Shazam Jr. while the other family members accessed individual limits of each ability.

She was raised in an abusive household, a situation which thus pushed her to run away from home at a young age. Subsequently, the authorities were picked up and sent to an orphanage and later adopted by a kind couple. The first good thing she did was steal a rabbit from an owner who planned to sell it to a tab for cosmetic research. 


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Mary Bromfield possesses the strength of Demigod Hercules, which sees her ranked in the same class as Supergirl. Nevertheless, her magical origins and additional abilities give her an added advantage. 

9.  Jesse Quick

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Jesse Chambers, also called Jesse Quick, was born to two superhuman parents, inherited two different sets of superhuman abilities. Her parents, Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle bequeathed super speed and super strength to their beloved daughter. She activates the Speed Force with ease but using her super strength is another different story entirely. 

Her father taught her how to effectively harness her abilities on speed and use them to her advantage. However, the working of her super strength is a mystery to her, just like her Mom. 

She moves at absolutely unbelievable speeds and flies as well. This, combined with her strength, makes her unbeatable as she throws heavy objects at her enemies and escapes faster than light. Recently, she joined the Titans to stop a nuclear threat and worked pretty well with Wally West.

8. Big Barda

20 Strongest Female Superheroes of All Time (Ranked)

After undergoing training for her entire life to become Apokolips’ Female Furies, Big Barda fell in Love. Subsequently, she escaped the dark planet to become a hero with her lover and fellow New God, Mister Miracle. Eventually, she became an influential member of the Justice League. 

Being a New God, Big Barda’s body naturally increased her strength well beyond human levels. Also, through her enhanced physique and years of training, she has gotten near the same level as Wonder Woman.

When Big Barda wields her powerful Mega-Rod, no one crosses her path. 

7. Storm

20 Strongest Female Superheroes of All Time (Ranked)

Ororo Munroe is a fan favorite from the X-Men films, but her ability to control climate and natural elements is essential to her popularity. Storm’s heritage supports the use of magic, and witchcraft is made up of priestesses and sorceresses. Additionally, she moves at any speed as though it were without flinching, being protected from air friction.

She is a professional thief and skilled conman who is good at hand-to-hand combat, retaining herself as a great marksman. In addition, Storm is proficient in tons of languages as she speaks them as though she was a native.

Her Character is a black woman in the world of comics, so this drew great attention and effectively boosted her importance.  Her clutch leadership abilities and strength make her hard to forget, and her tough and inspiring nature takes her top of the list.

6. Captain Marvel

image 17

Captain Marvel isn’t as famous as the rest of the female superheroes; only staunch fans of Marvel would pinpoint her. However, Captain Marvel who’s name is Carol Danvers deserves many, many accolades; she’ll surely get it. Nevertheless, Marvel unveiled her as the first female lead character film in the Marvel Universe.

She obtained her powers after being exposed to the energy of the Tesseract when the Light-Speed Engine was destroyed. Consequently, she turned into a Kree-human hybrid through a blood transfusion from Kree, Yon Rough. Additionally, her old memories were all wiped out, and the Kree turned her into a weapon and a member of the StarForce. 

Captain Marvel later returned to Earth and began regaining her memories, realizing that the Kree had been using her for years. Thus she turned around and defeated the Kree invasion onto the Earth.


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Carol Danvers possesses the power of incredible strength, speed, and impenetrable defense. However, this is common for most superheroes, right?  So, she also absorbs energy and therefore obtains more strength and energy, becoming somewhat like a nuclear bomb.

Captain Marvel is also a spy and a talented pilot who flies into outer space without a fuss.

5. Rogue

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The member of the X-Men, Rogue, touches people to get their superpowers, memories, and psyche. Additionally, the more extended period she touches someone is proportional to the amount of power she absorbs. Therefore, the length of her touch also defines the amount of time she gets to keep these powers.

Rogue, whose real name is Anna Marie, was a rebellious child who ran away from home after losing her Mom. Sadly, she ran away from home when she was still a teenager. She, however, couldn’t keep up with her heartbroken Dad and Aunt when she was a strict disciplinarian.

Her powers first manifested when she attempted to kiss a guy named Cody Robbins. Consequently, her mutant powers affected Cody, who went into a coma he would never recover. She was traumatized by this occurrence and concealed herself to avoid accidental contact with others because she couldn’t control these powers. 

However, when she later harnessed the immenseness of her powers, she permanently kept the powers of Captain Marvel and Wonder Man.

From Captain Marvel, she obtained the ability to fly; also, she gained top-notch strength from Wonder Man. Also, her keeping Wonder Man’s strength puts her in Class 100 regarding physical power. However, her maximum limits are not known.

4. Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman has immense strength and power. Coupled with what she represents, her powers seem very much unmatchable. Consequently, she is the Superman of the female superheroes. 

She doesn’t have a lot of weaknesses; in addition to this, she upholds a personal moral code that is awesomely inspiring. She advocates for truth in all spheres and doesn’t shy from a mission even if it means risking her safety. In addition, her ability to be calm and make the best choice when faced with a difficult circumstance is worthy of mention.

Her ability to fly, defeat almost any enemy, and carry out any task seems like additions to her unwavering personality. Additionally, her links with the Earth make her as strong as the Earth itself.

3. Supergirl

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Kara Danvers is the Kryptonian cousin of Superman who came to earth as a 13-year-old girl to protect her cousin. However, her spacecraft goes off course as a result of her planet’s explosion. At this point, she is stuck in the Phantom Zone for 24 years before she can reach earth.

She is one of the strongest superheroes which exist. There are tons of indications in the TV series, Supergirl, that she may be stronger than her cousin, Superman. And if this holds, she will be considered as the strongest superhero in DC’s Universe.

She is much younger than the rest of the superheroes due to her time in the Phantom Zone. Her flight, superhuman strength, speed, x-ray vision, enhanced hearing, microscopic vision, superhuman breath, heat vision, superhuman stamina, and others define her. Her superpowers seem to be endless.

However, many think she is far below her brother’s strength level in the comics since she is younger. I believe that she can lift more than 100,000 tons of weight or more, but this value isn’t constant due to certain variables. 

2. Scarlet Witch

20 Strongest Female Superheroes of All Time (Ranked)

Scarlet Witch, also called Wanda Maximoff, is a very powerful mutant with the capacity to alter reality. How cool is this? She was also alleged to be the daughter of X-Men villain, Magneto. However, it was later understood that she wasn’t a mutant but gained her powers because of her experiment.

Although her ability to manipulate reality is primarily unspecific, Scarlet Witch is very dangerous and powerful. She causes bad luck using hexes, lights flammable objects and removes air from a place. Additionally, she deflects objects, stops bullets midair, opens doors, causes explosions, manifests force fields, and warps reality. 

Despite the results of her powers varying, she destroys her opponents. She deleted the rogue Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey, and returned to her spot as the Nexus Being of the Universe. 

1. Jean Grey

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Jean Grey may seem an undeserving fan favorite, but she deserves to be in that spot for several reasons. In the Marvel Universe, the X-Men Character is known as an omega mutant. In essence, she is much stronger than Magneto and Professor X.

Her telepathic abilities were stimulated when she was a child after she witnessed the traumatic death of her best friend. For the years that followed, she was mentored by a mutant specialist, Professor Charles Xavier. Consequently, she developed telekinetic abilities.

Her telepathic ability reminds me of Emma Frost’s); however, Jean Grey’s telekinetic ability puts her on top. Additionally, she has combined with the Phoenix and thus, augmented her crazy superpowers. As a result, she can arrange matter at will, making things disappear and destroying things to woeful degrees. 


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However, combining with the Phoenix has made her very unstable and turned her into a significant threat. This phenomenon is surprisingly understandable because there are not many people who can deal with that kind of power. Also, just like the mythical Phoenix, she rose from the ashes to cement her place as one of the most original, engaging, and powerful female superheroes. 

Jean Grey became a member of the ‘Quiet Council’ on the mutant inhabited island of Krakoa. Also, she took part in recreating X-Force, being a staunch member of its intelligence sector. 

Jean Grey’s powers, combined with Phoenix Force are almost unstoppable, and that is why we have decided to rank her as the strongest female superhero of all time.

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