Beau DeMayo Confirms Morph Was Confessing Feelings to Wolverine

Fans Rally Behind Controversial Romance in X Men 97 They Spent the Entire Episode Attached to the Hip

“X-Men ’97” emerged as an unexpected hit for Marvel Studios. From the release of the first episode, the show consistently garnered high ratings, with fans lauding its storyline, authenticity, and the faithful yet improved depiction of characters from the original series.

However, the show was not without controversy. The creators’ announcement that Morph is non-binary and the teased romance between Morph and Wolverine in episode 3 sparked considerable debate among viewers.

As Madelyne Prior unleashed horrific nightmares upon the team, one of the most intriguing sequences involved Morph. In his vision, he sees Wolverine in the shower. Instead of averting his gaze or reacting with shock, he continues to watch and jokes, “Need some help with those hard-to-reach places?”This scene quickly shifts into a nightmare as Wolverine responds, “Always with the jokes, eh Morph? As if I don’t know?”In subsequent episodes, the romance between Morph and Wolverine is subtly teased through their mutual concern and care for each other. In the final episode, which aired this week, a critically wounded Wolverine, suffering after Magneto removed the adamantium from his body, is comforted by Morph, who transforms into Jean and confesses love to him.

This might seem like something a very good friend would do to motivate you to pull through and recover when hope seems slim. However, Beau DeMayo took to social media to confirm that Morph was indeed confessing his own feelings to Wolverine.

At the moment, the romance appears to be one-sided. However, as I’ve previously mentioned, despite not being the most conventional couple, it would certainly be a refreshing change compared to the romance between Wolverine and Jean.

Regardless, it’s reassuring to have some confirmation that fans weren’t overanalyzing the situation all this time. Have anything to contribute? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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